Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-25: Side Story 25

After finally reconciling with Callisto and return with him to the palace, he spent a hectic day. The first thing the Crown Prince did was to create an exploration team for national relics.
Marienne was quickly appointed as the head of the name-only department. Each official was also made up of colleagues who were supposed to be with her.
It also announced that it will provide support for cultural reconstruction projects over the next few years.
"Oh, my God! How could you have known that you would become a high-ranking official at the Imperial Palace?"
Upon hearing the news, Marienne ran to the Crown Prince's palace in a breath of surprise. "My father said to me, 'You have all the plans' and he praised me so much! Ho Ho Ho Ho!"
She looked back at me with a look of insanity and guilt, saying that her father, Count Terrosh, had changed his attitude by 180 degrees.
"As expected, those in the old Annals_Yes, and the behavior of the fallen tyrants in love is negligible." "Marieenne!"
Leaving behind me calling her with a red face, Marienne left with a grin. I pretended not to, but I felt good that day.
I think I know how he felt about a department he didn't really need in a day.
After a while, Callisto, who returned from business, added an additional explanation as he ate dinner. "You put the conductor right under the section chief."
I opened my eyes wide at the sudden news of the job. "I can do it? I'm fine."
"Then how do you send him to the remote land without any title?"
Callisto responded to my murmur as an enemy of nervousness.
Unlike Marienne, I had no experience, so I thought it was natural that I had no position.
I was just going to follow her, look around the world, and look around, but I felt something getting bigger and bigger.
"People don't call me a parachute."
"It's been half a day since I announced it. What's wrong with you? Say it." "No, I don't think anyone did… but I think the lieutenants were against it."
"Hick it out, if I say so. And your father questioned why I didn't appoint you as deputy chief."
His face was irritated by Callisto's words, which burst into laughter and declared the peacock's atrocities.
'Let's get out of here for the time being, you silly old man.'
It was only Calisto's passing words, but I still felt the peacock's heart that was on my nerves. I was about to feel a little strange.
"If you don't want to hear the parachute, work hard. If you don't have a track record, stop applying and the department is closed."
The crown prince gave a blunt scowl.
His daytime light was not very good, as he was very unhappy with this situation. 'You've done all sorts of crazy things to stop me from going there until yesterday…' If he feels cute like that, is he crazy too?
One side of my heart tickled.
It was when I was barely holding back my laughter at the sight of him doing everything he asked me to do, as if someone had forced me to do it.
"Do you like leaving so much?"
He asked suddenly with a disapproving look. I was quick to open my mouth. "No?"
"You keep smiling."
I felt a twinge and raised one hand to sweep down my face.
The corners of my mouth were really wide open without my knowledge.
"Hmm! Well, it's better to be formally supported by the state than to suffer for nothing." I made an excuse for being embarrassed and coughing in vainly.
"Penelope Ekart, "
Click. Suddenly, Calisto, who was looking at me, put down the knife he was holding and moved it with a grim look.
"It's all good, but don't forget we're engaged." "Of course."
I smiled and answered roughly.
If I let him go, he'd always be able to change his mind.
But when he found out that my voice was devoid of sincerity, he glared like a ghost. "You must come back once a week."
I knew I couldn't just let you go.
Sure enough, I replied reluctantly to the way he put up a conditional hit. " once a week? It can be hard if you go far away."
"Or I'll find you." "Oh, I see! I'll try."
I nodded quickly because he would really come if he says so. It was a reasonable condition.
'That personality doesn't mean that it's not once a day.
It's a place where magic and harnesses are developed, so I thought something would work out. "I'm going to put up a wizard by escort. Don't take it off and carry it around."
I really didn't think much of it, but he seemed to have kept many things alive in that short period of time.
I didn't really need a escort, but I nodded softly. Then Calisto went on to say the next thing. "Make sure to wear the ring anytime, anywhere." "Ring?"
"If you're in a dangerous situation, I'll have a superior magic to teleport to where you are." I stared reflexively at the ring on the meds.
Suddenly, I remembered the magic of tracking the location of an ancient map that I had caught without even realizing it, which made me feel strange.
Thanks to that, he appeared several times in an emergency, and was often stunned. 'No way. It's going to be a big deal.'
I wasn't hosting a game quest anymore.
"Don't try to come visit me all the time using this as an excuse. I'll leave it out. "
Against the crown prince, who said he was prepared for any possible threats, he blocked the situation in advance.
Then, the thought-provoking fellow became contemplative and said something else.
"As expected, shall I cast a summoning spell on you? That sounds good. Get the magicians together tomorrow right away…"
(Note: what a possessive boyfriend but i like it ) "…Ah, you'really!"
I couldn't stand it and shouted, poking my eyes.
"Your Highness, I'm not going to war anywhere. We're going to explore historical sites!" "I'm worried."
"What are you so worried about with the escort?" "Now my life is in your hands. "
He reached out and touched my hand that was wearing the ring.
It was true. The curse was brought on because I wore the ring of Mermaid Tears at the incinerator.
His life is now with my destiny because "The Tears of the Mermaid" recognized my companion to Calisto.
Unlike me, Calisto did not wear a ring.
I stood in consideration of myself wanting to leave the capital.
"The Emperor's life depends on the hands of a man who hasn't even married…"
Since Cedric and his aides would go wild if they knew, we decided to keep it a secret that only the two of us knew.
On the other hand, my body was still intact. It was very selfish and disturbing for Calisto. Of course, I have something to say because I gave up my original body and chose it.
Understanding what he was worried about, I replied in a more subdued manner. " So, even with the announcement of the engagement, You are still responsible."
"How can an engagement without an engagement ceremony be a proper engagement?"
He shouted with a tearful face. I answered in a nonchalant way.
"Think yesterday as our engagement day." "In front of the garbage incinerator?"
"What's the point of a place? Your Highness proposed to me, and the most important thing is that I accept it."
Callisto paused at my words.
I mumbled, holding my hand touching the back of his hand together,and smack a light kiss on his back hand.
"Why would you accept a proposal of someone you don't even love?" " I was weak anyway."
I laughed cheerfully as I looked at the reddened ears.
Soon after, Callisto officially withdrew his claim to go ahead with the wedding. I was adamant that I could turn the wedding into an engagement in the middle.
The very next day was the day I left the palace, so I didn't want to make a scene, and the coronation had to be concentrated on Callisto.
Instead, they agreed to match his coronation-like dress with the liquid sesery, because of the fuss that the procedure should be carried out properly.
He blew up the bomb as soon as he could tell the withdrawal.
– I'm engaged to Princess Eckart.
It wasn't even "agreed to make a promise," it was a notification that "it's already done." "What are you talking about?"
Cedric said with a slightly excited face, "The Duke of Eckart fell down after catching the back goal."
– I can't help it. We've already been tied to life because of that state.
– The ceremony has already been held, and we've decided to hold only a brief reception with our aides right after the coronation, so know that.
"What a madman "
When I heard from Cedric that Callisto had informed his lieutenants at the inquest, I couldn't stand it and murmured.
"Ha-ha, I agree."
Cedric replied with a clear face.
The maid-in-law, who helped cut the dress beside him, glared at him. Cedric quickly changed his words with a peep of face.
"Then why don't you wear the same color as the ring for the dress goes like this." "Please take care of it."
I shook my hand with the meaning of "stop."
Today was the day of the dress Gabon. I was so tired of wearing and taking off clothes early in the morning.
"Some might think I'm getting engaged. How can the two parties say the same thing?"
Since there are no more adults in the imperial family, Cedrick, who was suffering in many ways, smiled and spoke spitefully.
"There are times when the word compensation is creepy, hahaha."
"You talk too much. Mr. Assistant, you must have forgotten that you have a lunch appointment with your Highness a little later?"
"Sorry, Princess. I didn't mean to do that "
It was when we were exchanging jokes lightly. Suddenly the outside of the door became noisy.
When I looked at the door because of the shock, the maid quickly went to check. After a while she returned with an embarrassed face.
"Dear Princess, there's someone here who wants to see you…" "Who?"
When I tilt my head. The door suddenly burst open. "You can't do this!"
"Oh, I just going to see her for a second!"
The guards blocking the door and someone trying to get through them into the room were violently scuffled.
The wind saw lovely pink hair fluttering in the air. "Hey! Penelope!"
" Rennald?"
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