Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - Chapter ss-26: Side Story 26

On behalf of Derrick, who survived his death, he led the Hnights of Eckart to participated in the subjugation of magic every year.
I felt a little unfamiliar to see Rennald’s fair skin, which he had never seen before. "Hey, what are you doing? Say something!"
The guy who pushed the escorts and went to the room was a bit funny. 'When did you get close?'
Even when I thought so, I was delighted with the pink hair I saw for a long time. "Let him in. I know him."
I raised one hand and ordered briefly.
Then the maid-in-law whispered with a worried tone.
"But, Princess, your Highness ordered that no one can go into the palace…" "Oh, nobody! I'm the only one man in the world."
Rennald suddenly burst into laughter because he couldn't even handle it. "It's okay, let him in."
In my words, the maid reluctantly glanced at the escorts. "That's right! She going to let me in…"
When the hands of the escorts who pushed it out roughly fell, Rennald said,'Tak, Tak!' He stepped in and out, shedding wrinkled clothes.
He shouted out of my way as he walked straight to my side.
"Hey, what's going on? Engagement! You're really out-of-your mind.” "Rennald!"
I hurriedly stopped the guy who couldn't tell back and forth and spoke. "Sir Cedric, you've had a hard time. You can go out."
Luckily, Cedric replied,'Without saying anything, it was enough.
While saying hello to the expression of “What the Hell” is, while looking at the side of his mouth, Cedric couldn't find out who was the closest and most enemy of the prince.
Meanwhile, Rennald, who was getting closer to me, stopped suddenly, leaving five steps behind. "Is that true…?"
He murmured with a blank face as if he finally noticed me in a tight dress. "Please take care of the carriage, maid-in-law."
I even sent out all the maid.
Tak-, the silence closed in the room with the sound of the door closing. "sit down. "
I still recommended a position to Rennald, who was standing tall.
He, who looked at me without hesitation with a stupid face, just shook up and sat across from me.
"……Damn it. What happened in a month?"
Does my appearance in a gorgeous golden dress feel awkward?
The guy who glanced at me like it wasn't like it quickly shouted at my pink hair.
"You’re engaged! How hard did I spread the rumors before the subjugation, what kind of engagement! "
"What rumor?"
"What a rumor! It is a rumor that you may defeat the prince and become the next emperor." I opened my mouth to the answer that came back proudly.
'Crazy… Someone said that the source of the ridiculous rumors '
In the meantime, I tried to find the criminal in my own way, but it was rarely caught. I couldn't figure out why…
The criminal who left the capital for a while due to subjugation came to my feet. " Are you crazy?"
"You must be crazy!"
I asked with a cheeky face, and I wa asked. Then he screamed fiercely into the red face.
"If you have the Orb in your hand, you have to hide it well. Why do you save him?" "Huh "
"The people of the Imperial Palace also noticed that they all understood your ball! By the way, engagement?!"
I was stunned because I was shocked and couldn't say anything. Then, to me, it was like Rennald's rumor.
"Why do you kick your chance on the throne, this asshole!" " Please shut up."
I sighed and grabbed my forehead, which was painful.
"I don't want to be murdered by being rebelled with you."
I'm glad he didn't catch the killer because he wasn't in the capital.
What happened to the prince, who found the nobles related to the Marquis of Bina Ellen and who are destroying the old family, was thrilled.
In the meantime,'What's this going to happen to your brother?' Said Rennald, who cried alone. " I am against it."
I lifted my forehead and asked with a swipe of my head. "What?"
"This engagement!"
Somewhere,'I'll be glad!' And it seemed to be hearing howl. I was really stunned by the man's opposition declaration. "Well. My father seemed to have allowed it?"
"Your father is a my father too! I'm the only one brother who opposes."
The sound of man was a little annoying, but I couldn't figure out why he objected.
"What's your charge. He's going to be the emperor soon, so isn't it okay to be my husband?" He leaned his head and pretended not to know what was going on, and he opened his eyes. "What did he do to you! Have you already forgotten that he cut your neck with a sword?" "Slice."
What was it cut?
I was embarrassed by the past memories and stroked the nape. "That's… it's all past."
"Past? I'm still have a vivid memory of you! You've been bleeding and crawling!" "I'm not crawling. I came in a carriage with first brother?"
"Why do you have to do that, Penelope. Didn't you just want to live in the Imperial Palace?"
He just indifferently decides the words that keep twisting, but he suddenly lowered his eyes and moved to a depressed voice.
"That’s the reason you didn’t come back?…" " "
"Your brother is doing what you want, but you are engaged. Huh?" He made me emperor.
I knew I was going to shut up again, and this time he muttered silently. Of course, it was a dog sound that was not worth answering.
I pointed out something else instead.
"Rennald, I was bothered from the beginning. Why are you bother with it?" "Because you're my sister?"
Who's the hell right now? He burst into laughter as if Rennald was embarrassed. Anyway, it was easy to say that it was a simple guy.
"You haven't heard from your father yet." "What?"
"I've met your sister."
I was driving the momentum.
Anyway, as long as the duke continued to use Eckart Castle, he had to finish cleaning up with him at least once.
I didn't know if it would be this fast.
As expected, the face of Renald darkened immediately after a bad topic. " I heard about it."
After quite a long time, he answered quietly. He asked.
"You can't come back because of me?"
"How could that be because of you? Leyla, that rip that no."
"In fact, it's all because of me and my brother."
He embraced half of my face with a little trembling hand.
He, who had been silent for a long time as if he had lost his feelings, moved with a bitter smile. "It's not your fault, Penelope."
It was a comforting word.
I stared at him with a bit of amazement and opened my mouth slowly.
" She asked me to say that Yvvone loves you too. Thank you for continuing to find her without
Without an answer, Renald dropped his gaze down the table.
I always saw him shouting because he was full of blood, and this was the first time he was so submerged.
So I could understand again. " she was pretty."
"I can see why you hit me in the attic."
Why did Rennald behave like that so much to me?
I still think about the feelings of the past, and pass the same words as I said to Derick. "……You are my sister too."
It was a completely different kind. " Since when?"
"Damn, when did you start! Father said that you should never left! So we still "
"We are family. Even if you can't forgive us "
Rennaldd muttered helplessly, with his face twisted strangely.
"I forgave everything. You pinch and scratch me all the time, and I say and say 'hey, you'. And that
wish empty in the attic." " "
"So you can worry about my brother's brother."
He laughed and stared at me, looking at me.
I always thought he was a choding guy, but his face seemed strangely strange. I was a little confused.
" I don't know yet."
I carefully showed my sincere heart to Renald. "How to treat you and Derick."
My heart became heavy whenever I could hear the sound that I kept worrying about. However, I wasn't confident that I could just do anything.
One thing to understand my confusion was that Rennald made a loud voice. "Do you hate to see my face?"
"That's not it "
I stared at Renald's face without a thought.
I didn't feel like I didn't want to see that look like before. Did he notice my gaze like that?
"It's good."
Renald suddenly smiled and said. I was confused and asked. "……That's it?"
"That's it! What more do you need between family members? Sometimes you fight, you get angry after a while!"
It was really nice to see that the past years were organized in one room with the word 'fight'. 'That's nice to be simple.'
It was time to barely swallow the words that popped out. Renald suddenly hardened his face and said.
"If you still want to get engaged, tell me. If you don't want to, I'll threatened him." "Be careful what you say, here's the Prince's Palace."
"So you speak without a subject." He grumbled at my pinzan.
"Anyway, just tell me. I'll do it with my father somehow." "What do you do?"
"Whether you run away or do you really do it, eh? I'll do anything." His fist-squeaked rat was forced to burst into laughter in the end. "It's okay. Engagement… I want to do it."
"What? Crazy, what a waste of you!"
"It's better than marriage. Would you like me to get married and be empress?" " That's right."
When he talked to him in a primary win job, Renald nodded with a grim face. 'Anyway, a simple guy.'
As I looked at him with a pathetic look, I told him what had been hidden. "And, I like your Majesty. I like him, so I'm engaged."
" What?!"
On the return bomb, Renald's forehead was frowned upon again.
"Why the hell? With ancient magic, how did your head go? I don't really understand. How can you like him?"
Honestly, I nodded my head because I was sympathetic.
"That's it. And since the coronation, I'm going to be busy for a while. Have you heard? I'm starting a new study."
"…… whether it's archeology or something?"
"Yes. You won't be there anyway, so don't come here. No, don't come to the palace at all. "This is to my brother Am I an idiot?"
Nevertheless, the sound of breaking the tie did not come out to the person concerned. I said to the crying man a little soft.
"Anyway. Now, don't think about coming and taking care of each other, and let's get along." "Anyway, I've been talking about it since I was young…"
It sounded good to me, but the guy muttered dissatisfied. 'Because you're too busy!'
I was barely calming down what the childish words were about to pop out, and that was what I was going to say to him.
" I brought you to the Imperial Palace and the rest, and I was crying well."
Suddenly, Renald suddenly looked back at me.
"Thanks to the strange rumors, it's fashionable to keep spotted rabbits among noble spirits these days." “What ”
"Thank you for the gift. I'll keep it up well in the future. If you mate the blue-green rabbit that what you were hoping for may come out."
Of course I am not raising it myself, but the ladies are in charge.
When I heard that the ladies of the palace gathered a while ago, I quickly heard that the turquoise spotted rabbit, resembling my eyes, was bustling with the story of the second generation.
Right after the coming-of-age ceremony, Leyla had no spirit, and right after everything was over, it was too late for Renald to speak and chat.
In my words I couldn't think of, Renald looked still at me for a while. Pretending I didn't see that, I stared at the distant cabinet.
I was a little ashamed. The situation itself now comes and talks to him. "Hey, Penelope."
After some time, he called me suddenly. I reluctantly replied facing him. "Why?"
"Do you like to leave the house ?"
The answer came without delay. Renald wriggled fiercely at the eyebrows. "……Yes, then that's it."
But instead of sarcastic, he admitted my words neatly. "I'm going."
Then he prepared to leave.
To him who greeted me, I also bluntly answered. "Goodbye, brother."
I fell like, the most awkward 'real brother and sister' in the world
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