Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS33

Then came the dark night she spoke of.
After checking the research data, I sneaked out of the window to find out that the full moon was high up in the sky.
Early in the morning, everyone was tired from fighting with the devil, but the village was still without a house on fire.
I was greatly relieved to find that the lights were also off at Jean’s lodge right next to my quarters.
Fortunately, the location that Bobby gave was near the site where the excavation was currently underway.
‘If I get caught on my way back, I can just say that I took a walk and then came back.’
I got out of the entrance to the village and climbed a dark forest path.
Perhaps because it was a place I used to come and go often, the road was familiar to my eyes even though the city was not bright.
Has it been about a few minutes? I could see a flagpole marked with the work site.
I walked a little further up the slope past it.
At the end of the cliff, a gentle gorge of layers of large rocks emerged.
It was the place Bobby said.
–By any chance, do you know the moonshadow flower? A wild plant that grows in a crevice of stone, and the fruits under the petals ripen from yellow to black as they bloom every night. That’s why it’s called the Moon Shadow Flower.
-Normal people spit it out as soon as they eat it, but strangely, pregnant women with morning sickness eat it well because it’s sour.
“There it is.”
I soon found the moonshadow flower Bobby told me about.
A little down there, a bunch of yellow flowers bloomed all over the gaps in the large rocks.
‘You mean we can try that?’
The way she told me was simpler than I thought.
Like all folk remedies, it wasn’t very reliable, but it was hard to see right away.
“웃차.” (I really don’t know what this means. I use papago and google translate, but they both said ‘uchaka’ which doesn’t mean anything. I even searched it but couldn’t find any useful info. So yeah let’s just let it be like this haha)
I grabbed the rock and jumped down.
The rocks were bumpy, so it was a bit dangerous, but in my fifth year of remote exploration, compared to riding a cliff driven by a demon, this was nothing.
-Look out. It’s been a long time since young people had left the village, you’ve been out of town for a long time…. Often a stone snake appears.
Bobby’s last worry lingered in my ears, but it was all right.
Although I was originally a person who hated wriggling creatures, living in a mountain for nearly a year, made me feel used to them.
Mana was much worse than a small animal.
Still, I brought a lot of scrolls to prevent possible situations.
After climbing down the rock to the tips, I quickly reached the flower of the place where the flowers bloomed.
Hastely lifted under the yellow petals, tiny silver berries, the size of a black little nail, were all grown together.
“…. So I just have to rip it off?”
It’s nothing, but I was nervous for no reason.
I tore the berries with trembling hands.
About a handful gathered when all the flowers nearby were picked up.
I closed my eyes tightly and popped them into my mouth as if I were taking some bitter medicine.
I chewed and ate it.
“….Wow! it’s delicious, isn’t it?”
The sour taste that immediately popped into my mouth opened my eyes wide.
I said I would pierce it, but the taste of the sour fruit stimulated my tongue, making it easier than I thought.
The moment I realized it, I stopped chewing on the fruit and swallowing it.
I’ll have to double check with Madogu, but from the folk remedies here, it was clear.
‘I’m pregnant.’
My legs gave out and I sat down.
Looking at Marienne, I thought I wanted to have a whole family someday, but it was too sudden.
“There’s a real kid in there?”
I groped my stomach and murmured. It was hard to believe.
‘Can I…. be a good parent?’
When I thought I might have a child, I suddenly got scared.
I’ve never been loved by my parents in my entire life, and I wonder if I can have a baby and raise it well.
“….What do I do now?”
A stunned voice flowed weakly.
But even if I just sit on a rock and think about it, I already know the answer.
‘I’ll just go back and tell Calisto… No, let’s go to the capital and check it one more time, then we’ll talk.’
I struggled with my mixed feelings, and I got up from my seat, shrugging off.
Excavation or whatever, I’ll have to go back tomorrow.
Just when I touched the part that popped out to climb to the edge of the cliff again,
Currrrrr- Suddenly the palm of my hand vibrated and shook.
I was so confused that I just thought my vision was shaking.
But when the huge rock, which I was about to set my foot on suddenly rose up, I thought something was wrong.
The rocky mountain wriggled, accompanied by tremendous dust and vibration.
“What… uh, uh! Argh!”
Struggling helplessly, I managed not to roll down, but rushed over to the rock next to me.
But when the rock began to shake soon, I began to run like crazy.
It was time to climb on the rock like a cross over a stepping stone and go up like crazy.
“Shhh! coo-ooh!” (Now I realize what translators mean by strange sfx in novels)
A gruesome breath rang out from behind.
I didn’t want to turn around, but I slowly turned my head and checked.
“Crazy…” (Take a shot everytime she says crazy XD)
And there was the stone snake that Bobby had said
Like “Longstone,” a huge snake, really like a bar, stared at me with its head sticking out.
“Damn, you never said it would be this big…”
Originally it was a small snake, but it must have turned into a monster due to the influence of the relics buried around it.
I burst out crying and hurriedly pulled out the scroll.
At the same time, the snake ‘spread its mouth wide and rushed at me.
“Ahh! Freeze hands!”
I tore the scroll screaming out the spell. Then he jumped streight down.
By a hair’s breadth, the snake’s mouth was stuck where I had just been.
Fragments of dust and rock mixed with stone dust splashed everywhere.
It would have been a disaster if I didn’t tear the shield by tearing the defensive scrolls in time.
“Shh, shh, shh-”
Despite my attack, the snake’s head, looking for me, was still intact.
Maybe it was because the skin was as hard as a rock, but the freezing attack didn’t seem to work.
“Fire Pisson! Thunder Bloom!”
I rushed into other attacks before the demon came to his full senses.
Boom, boom-!
But he stumbled violently, only spouting terrible cries, and rarely fell.
‘What should I do? I didn’t bring my crystal ball.’
The barrier that Jean hit in the village not only prevented evil spirits, but also blocked even the sound of the monster’s cry for a good night’s sleep.
There was no immediate way to ask for help.
Once again, he opened his mouth wide and prepared to rush at me.
The sharp venom seen between them was reflected in the moonlight and flashed vainly.
*the sound of screaming*
I hurriedly chanted the spell and wrapped my hands around my head.
As I was planning to jump down like this, I wound the shield twice and three times on my belly.
As soon as I realized that the baby had come, I was scared that I might have a problem.
“Shhhhhhhhh. Cuwe-e-ek!”
Just then, the snake who was waving and threatening, began to jump at me.
*cutting sounds*
With a sharp sound cutting through the sky, the movement of the monster stopped.
A moment’s silence. And then…
The head of the snake, which was spreading its muzzle in the air not far from me, suddenly fell apart from its body.
With a huge roar, it rolled down the canyon like a rock.
“Wh, what…”
As I was preparing to fall down on the rock wall, I was still holding my breath because I didn’t know what to say.
It was then.
The black shadow swooped down close, and someone reached out to me.
“Are you okay…?”