Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS37

The giant canine of the stone snake was cast over its head.
I managed to bend my back to the familiar cry.
At the same time, swishhh–!
A sharp sound was heard cutting through the wind.
The head of the demon who jumped out of a stone gap and rushed towards me with its mouth wide open, was cut off by a sword wielded by someone.
It was like what I had just been through.
But the man who cut the throat and kicked the snake’s head roughly at the end of the rock where I stand, was not Eclise.
I looked at Callisto, in a state of confusion, as if he had suddenly fallen from thin air.
Perhaps he ran here right out of sleep, because he was dressed in casual clothes.
The sight of him with his hair standing up in the back and wearing black was a bit funny, and the tip of his nose was frowned for some reason.
“What the…”
The man, who had come close to me and looked at me, took a deep breath and asked.
“When did you stop being an archaeologist and turned into a mana hunter?”
His eyes were blazing in the dark.
I didn’t know what to say.
“Shh, shh, shh-!”
A small hippo water draped its cracked tongue behind his back.
“Y-Your Majesty! Wind Pisson!”
I tore the scroll I had in my hand before I could tell him to avoid it.
A sharp gust of wind shot against it.
Callisto, who managed to turn himself around and avoid it, shouted nervously, thrusting a knife under the jaw of the demon reeling under a magic attack.
“Ha, now you’re my fiancé and you’re just gonna shoot?”
“What do you mean shooting, I saved you! Watch out!”
Starting with the first one, the demons diligently crawled up the canyon one by one to where we were.
I quickly tore the new scroll without a break.
“Cover me from behind!”
Callisto, who had fixed the sword, hid me behind him, and began to deal with the stone snakes popping from below.
I tore the scroll one more time as he said.
There were only five left, and quickly the number decreased to two.
Whiskey, Whiskey-. (What a weird sfx haha)
At the same time, giant snake heads began to pop out from everywhere.
The rock canyon was infested with swarms of manure that it was hard to tell whether it was a stone or a stone snake.
“Why are these fucking monster bastards still under the spell?”
When the magic attack didn’t work, Callisto frowned irritatedly.
“It’s so thick that I don’t think the things I brought with me would have much impact! Fire Python! Prisson!”
“Jesus! It’s never going to end. Are there any moving magic scrolls?”
“….there’s no magic scroll.”
“Ha, it’s so fun, right? Come here!”
When I had finished scrolling, I raised my empty hand, and he gritted his teeth and approached.
And then he held me straight in his arms.
No wonder my field of view was suddenly reversed. I screamed briefly.
“Ah! Wh-what?”
When I came to my senses, Callisto was holding me firmly at the side like a pack.
“Try not to be uncomfortable, princess. You can’t do much if you swing a knife.”
“L-Like this? Just like a pack…?”
“So you want to be on my back and play as my shield?”
“Do you have to speak so vulgarly?”
“I’d rather be a vulgar emperor than a rascal.”
“I don’t want to hear that from you!”
I wanted to plug my ears in case the baby heard.
But because of Callisto, who jumps straight up, I couldn’t move.
The posture shook my view.
‘Oh, I’m going to throw up!’
Perhaps because of the fruit I ate earlier, I felt nauseous quickly.
But I couldn’t show discomfort to Callisto, who was holding me in one arm, wielding a knife in the other, stepping on the heads of demons and performing miracles by burning the canyon.
I tried desperately to keep my mouth shut, and before I knew it, we reached the top of the canyon.
“Princess, are you all right?”
Still, Callisto, who had me in his side, ran without even thinking of dropping me off.
“Ugh, Your Majesty, Your Majesty. Please drop me off now.”
When his body shook again, my insides became mixed.
So I clapped his arm in a hurry and shouted.
“No. Those fucking snakes are still chasing us from behind.”
I didn’t have to look back to find out.
The fact that swarms of mana are chasing us and persistently going up the canyon.
-I’m afraid you won’t make it well today.
Why does it remind me of what that asshole who ran away said at first?
‘Ha…… I came here to check if I was pregnant, but what the hell is this?’
I’ve been here dozens of times to explore the area for excavation, but still I couldn’t tell just when those stone-snake pups had turned into mana.
“…Your Majesty, did you threaten the palace wizards this time?”
I asked Callisto with determination to catch a straw. (?)
“You made me to always have them on standby, to summon me when you have time.”
“What do you mean you were forcibly summoned while sleeping? So you mean I told you to have a wizard all day and night….?!”
It was then.
The slight tremor that has been felt so far has wrenched the ground with a laughable amount of shaking.
Callisto stopped struggling in an unusual air current.
He turned backward, squinting his eyes.
Thanks to him, I, who was stuck in his side, also looked back.
And at the same time.
Something rose from the ground with a tremendous roar, as if the canyon was exploding.
In the large shadow of moonlight, Callisto and I looked up blankly.
One, two, three.
A super mutant monster with three heads of snakes, shaking three bodies, was staring at us with shiny yellow eyes.
It was so creepy that I got goose bumps.
“Jeez, what is that?”
It wasn’t a snake. It was kinda the end of the monsters that I have met so far.
It looked like a foreign mana on the verge of becoming a dragon.
When it shook as if it was measuring the distance to attack, it suddenly stopped moving.
Callisto and I screamed at the same time.
Boom, kuang-!
Shortly after he began to run downhill again, the snake-headed Riddle, in turn, sneaked at us and landed on the ground.
The heavens and the earth vibrated violently.
Callisto, who didn’t fall, hugged me tightly, ran towards the forest and asked me,
“Ha, ha! Where ar you! Quickly tell me which direction to go to get to the village!”
“There, there! To where the flag is!”
I quickly pointed to the excavation area.
To get to the village, you have to walk a little more through the woods, but before that we’ll be snakebite rice.
At the excavation site, temporary measures have been made to prepare for possible attacks of mana during the work.
The flagpole is a wand found in the area he stopped by before coming to Maltban, forming a weak barrier to prevent the access of mana.
The situation is a total impasse in which the amount of mana was too large and even a giant stone snake with three heads has appeared.
Honestly, I couldn’t figure out how long the defensive magical power would emanate from the worn out stick.
But right now, I have to buy time there.
Callisto shot his way there without a reply to my words.
Of the three snake heads, just before the middle mouth cuts us vertically and bites us,
We managed to slip down around the flagpole.
Kwaak kwa!
The snake’s muzzle stopped in the air as if there was an invisible membrane.
However, a pair of canine teeth as large as an elephant ivory was elongated just behind Callisto.
As expected, the barrier was broken.
Before we knew it, Snake monsters that had been chasing us began to fly around us and wrap up the barrier.
My sight was gradually obscured by the things that wriggled.
“Oh, my god…. Crazy…”
As I was soothing my breathing and crying stomach, once again I burst into fierce nausea.
“Your Majesty, what do we do now?”
I stood up and looked back at Callisto.
He looked at the flagpole with a serious face, like he was looking for a way.
“Princess, this flagpole.”
“…..I think it’s a little weird.”
I turned to the flagpole.
It was true.
It was usually fine, but right now it was shaking with a strange glow.
‘What, come on. Is it because it’s too hard to hold out?’
The inside of the barrier, which was overlooked, was completely dark.
This was because the swarm of snakes that had wrapped us around.
The only thing that glows is the bizarre white light coming out of the flagpole.
Looking at the flagpole that kept vibrating, I felt a sense of deja vu for some reason.
‘The mirror rod…?’
As soon as I tried to reach for it without my knowledge.
jazzy 一
White light scattered all over the ground around the wand.
“Princess, come here…!”
Callisto called me urgently. The moment I took my eyes off the flaglope and looked back at him,
Suddenly I felt a strange crossing under my feet. Callisto’s face was gone.
We fell into such a dark pit.