Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SS40 [END]

As expected. His face, looking back at me, was full of anxiety and nervousness. I soon wore an expressionless mask, but now I know quite a lot of him, and I’ve noticed that he’s avoiding his seat because he doesn’t want to be caught.
“Are you still afraid I’ll leave?”
“I love you and I’ll stay here, plus aren’t we engaged?”
His red pupil shook at the question. After staring at me with a stiff face for a long time, he opened his mouth.
“To tell you the truth, I know you hate it.”
“I thought I’d be okay if I promised. God damn it, nothing’s changed.”
He swept his head with a great deal of rough hand, and held my hand against him.
“Because. You’re still so beautiful, and I’m………”
“I have no choice but to rely on every bit of your affection.”
Callisto slowly lifted up my left hand with a colorful turquoise ring.
Then he put his lips on the back of my hand like a kiss, and whispered to me.
“If you don’t want to stay here like this forever, I’ve always thought about what to do..”
“… Your highness.”
“Then one day, when I hate myself, my line gets in a lot of trouble.”
His words made my heart flutter. It was five years. (She went to that academy)
During that long period of time, I also put a lot of effort into keeping him from being anxious. Although I’ve missed it a few times a week, I’ve been to the palace every day, and I’ve delayed it for one day or two because I’ve been busy, but I’ve been in touch with him constantly.
And the first thing I did when I had work…
Actually I haven’t done much.
‘That was the worst.’
He already knew most of it, because Jean (I don’t know who he is) had reported like a tentacle bird before I could even speak. But now that I see it, It suddenly feels like maybe Callisto would have wanted me to tell him even if he already knew it. Because I did, too. I’ve heard from Marienne that he’s under pressure to marry and succeed in every meeting these days. I was upset why he didn’t tell me that was happening.
” … Not long ago I found a child with a long-range of blood mixed in. I’m going to adopt them all soon.”
At that time, Callisto suddenly brought up a sudden topic.
“He says he’s about 15 years old. If you’re going to die for three years, it won’t be useful by the time you’re an adult.”
“I’ll be with him from then on after I give him the throne.”
He gave me an awkward smile as he spoke the words calmly. I felt strange at the sight of him laughing like a fool, as if he was looking forward to the day.
‘…Did you really do that?’
How did you get it?
I felt sorry for him, who even made such a plan because of me, and on the other hand, I was angry for no reason. I bit my lower lip and popped it out.
“I’d accept it if you told me to quit.”
“Why don’t you quit and come back, isn’t five years enough? That’s what you could say. But why’d you decide this by yourself?”
Callisto shut his mouth at my words. And then he said with a sweet smile:
“How dare I do that to you, who has given up everything to save me.”
I was a little dazed as if I had been given cold water by his words. As I stared at him with astonished eyes, he grinned and showed his teeth.
“You said it wasn’t enough. Until you don’t want to, feel free to do it. I’ll take care of the rest.”
“If I were to take care of him as soon as possible, those flies wouldn’t get a chance to come near me.”
“Don’t say that. I don’t want to give my child’s seat to someone I don’t know.”
Lost in thoughtless mood, when I came to my senses, I already spit it out.
‘I didn’t mean to say that.’
I was really trying to bring it up carefully through an intelligent conversation, after ending his anxiety, the fact that I seemed to be pregnant.
But the excited mouth and hands first shrank and began to point at him and pour out.
“How did you put it? Are you going to be a foster father for someone else’s good looks?”
“…….P, princess.”
“He’s going to have it all. Professor of Archaeology as his mother, and you too, our baby will enjoy your money and power, all of it!”
“Wait, calm down.”
When I almost poked his eye, Callisto backed off. As I talked, I gradually got angry.
‘Why would a man whose dream is to be a flawless emperor say he’s quitting me?
I never wanted him to do that.’
Callisto, who is not an emperor, has never won a prize.
I was even thinking about going back to the capital before I found the site here.
I was looking at the must-read that the empress had read through Marienne, and I was looking at it from time to time. What kind of nonsense is this now?
“So don’t say such nonsense as ‘I’m going to be a second lieutenant’ and work hard on your political affairs. Do you understand? I can’t stand my child bending over to others!”
“What… the hell does that mean?”
said Callisto with a puzzled look at my threatening remarks.
“We’re not married. Why are you suddenly talking about a child?… wait a minute.”
“Moonshadow flower, that.” (I have no idea what it means)
If I had controlled my surroundings so much, of course, I would have completed the investigation of Maltban in advance.
Now he was staring at me, wondering if he had guessed what I meant.
“…But, It’s a folk remedy in Maltban.. Women who are pregnant can’t eat fruits that they cannot eat.” (?)
“For your information, I didn’t spit it out and ate it well.”
Callisto opened his mouth in my reply.
Never had I seen his look so ridiculous.
When I burst into laughter, he groped, staring at me, and asked,
“Uh… when?”
“There was only one day without contraception..?”
“Are you speaking of the day when I drunk a lot of alcohol and… Shit!” (Ok the literall translation was “Oops” and another translating app also said “wow”. But considering what Penny does after this, I figured he should’ve said something bad)
‘Shut up!’
I hurriedly reached out and shut the mouth of a disgraceful memory-provoking man.
Then I clenched my teeth and confirmed what he said.
“It’s your birthday. (?) Let’s refrain from foul language and behavior in the future. Because the baby might hear it.”
His expression, which was choked by my words, unraveled again blankly.
I thought he wouldn’t talk nonsense any more, so I let go of my hand.
But Callisto held back his distant hand. And looked over my stomach with half-dreamed eyes.
“You… you’re pregnant?”
Still, it seemed hard for him to believe.
“The reason I went out today is that…I didn’t mean to see Eclise, I was just trying to make sure I was pregnant.”
‘That’s why I put the several shield on the boat.’ (?)
He muttered in a sigh as if he had finally understood.
“I was just about to go back to check.”
I couldn’t figure out how the hell I got here.
I nodded silently and held back my tears.
As I glanced, I could see Callisto, still standing firm. Only then did I notice, thinking it would be too sudden.
“You don’t want it?”
“What? Who doesn’t like it?!”
“You said you wanted to get your honeymoon reward for the time I was away.”
“No no that’s not what I meant…!”
The man, who was trying to curse unconsciously, suddenly stopped talking and raised his hand to close his mouth. (So cute omg >.<)
Because the child was listening.
‘I can’t believe the day he cares about this has come.’
The tips of bis ears, seen through his brilliant golden hair, were all red.
As I looked at him with fresh eyes, he covered his mouth with his hands and soon bowed his head.
“Your Majesty, are you crying?”
I asked, leaning slightly to the side of his face.
He answered back with a pack and his head turned to the other side.
“It’s not like that.”
However, the end of his voice trembled. It was me who was rather embarrassed by his appearance.
“I didn’t know you’d want to cry like this.”
“It’s not like that. You shouldn’t make fun of the emperor.”
“Then why do you keep covering your face?”
As he kept turning his head and hiding his face, he lowered his hand as if he had finally lost.
And glanced at me and answered in an unkind little voice.
“…I’m excited to imagine how pretty a girl like you would be.” (I’m dead)
The image of a man saying so with a bright red light in his eyes, was quite low.
At that moment, unbearable feelings filled my heart with stiffness.
To the extent that all the troubles have been overshadowed, and now the decision could be made at this moment.
I called him low. He looked back at me.
After five years, I was embarrassed and helplessly nervous in the eyes that still seemed to be crying.
“……I’ve been studying hard all five years, so I honestly don’t have the confidence to be good at being the empress.”
“You don’t have to be good at that.”
As soon as the horse was finished, Callisto answered like a knife.
“You just have to do what you want to do. If you want to keep studying, do it. Didn’t you say you wanted to spend all your money? If you want to turn on the ugly ones, do it.”
“Your wish is all that matters!”
I went on with my words, with a firm punch against the guy who was bringing up the things I wanted to do.
“It’s natural to make mistakes. One day, you can throw it all away and shoot like a free load. You’ll get annoyed sometimes. ”
I couldn’t help it. I used to go out on purpose to pretend to be Penelope, but it was my nature.
So what if I want to live like that?
Now I have someone to support me in whatever I do.
“If you don’t mind,”
“Please marry me.”
I took the ring off the ring and put it on Callisto’s little finger.
Callisto, who was looking at his hands with stiffness like a statue, muttered in pain as if his neck was tight after a while.
“…I thought I’d have another three years or so.”
He tried to use abusive language, but hurriedly closed his mouth again.
the tips of his flushed ear made me smile. A little later, the man held me in his arms as soon as he lowered his hand.
It was a bit heavy and hard because it was bare skin.
“…I love you, Penelope Eckart.”
I finally grabbed both the future and the happiness in that complacent embrace.