Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SSC1

Since returning to the capital, it has been a series of hectic days.
This is because the emperor had to hold a state wedding ceremony before my stomach got big.
What happened was more insane than when I caught up with monsters every day.
“What’s better?”
“For your bouquet.”
‘Here we go again…’
I was wondering why you dragged a bunch of people with bouquets into the bedroom in the morning.
His Majesty was always preparing for the wedding ceremony nowdays.
As I listened to the explanation of the flower languages with my eyes barely open, the words ‘You can pick anything’ filled my throat.
However, I tried to put up with the temptation a while ago and endure the trouble.
“I think this would be good.”
I pointed to the maid behind Callisto.
What she was holding was a red-colored, improved Bubardia.
It was pretty cute when round petals were lumped together like cotton candy.
“It means well, and the color…”
I barely endured the yawn that burst out momentarily, and turned my head to Callisto.
“It goes well with you.”
“Right? As expected, the Empress knows how to see things.”
His face, which was a little hardened by tension at my choice, softened and melted like spring snow.
‘If you were going to do this, why did you bring the other flowers?’
I was dumbfounded by his joyous appearance.
Standing in front of the flower like that, It was obviously a pressure to choose that one.
Looking at the bouquet of flowers, which resembled Callisto’s eye color, I slowly recalled the words I just heard about the flower.
The flower language of Bubardia was ‘I am your prisoner.’
It was so tempting for him to try to show off even these trivial things while he was getting married.
But at the same time, seeing that I found it cute, I must be on the same level now.
‘I’ve been trying to avoid it. But how do you get away with this guy…?’
I grieved a little inside.
“Your eyes are full of sleep.”
A warm touch suddenly reached my eyes.
“Did I wake you up?”
Callisto stared at me with a slightly sorry look.
Recently I slept more in the morning due to my pregnancy.
I looked at him discontentedly, with a feeling of ‘Stop it if you know’.
He burst into a small laugh at my sullen look.
“But it’s not much. You’re being a little… You know there’s only one wedding in a lifetime.”
He soothed me with a sweet voice as if he had grown up a child.
Unlike me, who was satisfied just by being tied up in the name of ‘family’, Callisto was so enthusiastic that he put aside political affairs and worked hard to prepare for the wedding ceremony.
Premarital pregnancy, and five years of standing up against the Emperor.
I wanted to proceed as small as possible so as not to offend the eyes of the nobility who disapproved of me.
But when I tried to tell Callisto that, It didn’t come out of my mouth.
His face looks so excited and happy to prepare for the wedding.
‘If I had known you’d like it this much, I would have married you instead of getting engaged…’
It was practically impossible for the Empress to open the palace and wander out of me within a few years.(?)
Nevertheless, I felt sorry for him so much that I regretted it.
I looked at his golden hair with pity.
“Stop thinking useless thoughts, and sleep more.”
Callisto gently rubbed my cracked beauty liver with his thumb. (Don’t ask me…)
I was amazed that he was quick to notice every time I thought of these vain thoughts.
In the bright red eyes full of affection, I smiled awkwardly after him.
“Your Majesty, see you off.”
“OK, don’t get up.”
As I reclined my bedclothes to stand up, he laid me down again.
“It’s not a scatter, but be careful at all times. You are a body with a royal family.”
The night I met Eclise, I was fine after all the fuss.
But Callisto treated me like a feather that would blow away after returning to the capital.
“I hear that my fiance is a tough-tempered woman who doesn’t even see me off at work.”
I was dumbfounded seeing him covering the blankets to the end of my neck.
This is what I’ve heard countless times during my long-distance relationship for five years.
It wasn’t until the night before pregnancy that I was able to barely asleep, and all the causes were provided by myself.
Even though we stayed up all night together, whenever he was the only one who said such a thing with a clear face, I wanted to give him a punch.
Callisto, however, bowed his head as if ignoring my disgruntled expression.
Then whispered in a small voice, bringing his ears to my lower abdomen.
“…are you moving now?” (Can he not be sweet for five minutes like-)
“It’s only been two months.”
“When will it move?”
“Maybe after five months.”
This, too, was an everyday act, just like wedding preparations.
I looked at the golden hair greeting me under my eyes and answered in a calm manner.
After a short deep breath, leaning on my still-flat stomach, he asked back, groping the blanket.
“…there’s really a kid in here?”
“If the court didn’t misdiagnose it, yes.”
“Why are you so cold? Don’t you have any feelings?”
“You said the same thing before you went to the inquiry. Even before I slept yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that.”
It’s for a day or two that you feel impressed.
I was (legit) bickering with him every day, and as expected, with an incredible look on his face he looked at me.
“I… beg your pardon, Your Majesty.”
Suddenly, someone stepped in between us.
It was Cedric, who turned pale.
“The meeting is being delayed. I think you should leave.”
“What kind of safety do you have to cut in? You’ll die…”
“Mouth, mouth! The baby is listening. Use only pretty and good words.”
Quickly blocking Callisto’s mouth, who was gritting his teeth, I secretly gave Cedric an apologetic look.
Looking at Cllisto, who immediately became a honeyed chick (?) when I mentioned the baby, Cedrick had a visibly sour look on his face.
Ignoring the arrogant servant’s behavior, I put a kiss on the ‘side’ of one of his palms.
Then, I stretched out my arm and said gently, sweeping the golden hair that scattered over my stomach.
“Be careful. I’ll wait.”
As he wanted, it was a good seeing-off.
“I’ll be back.”
Callisto, who raised his head toward me, looked at me with honey dripping eyes and smiled brightly like the sun.
Before marriage, the empress had the custom of going to their parents’ home to collect clothes and things.
I managed to calm Callisto, who was clamoring to go with me, and headed for the duke after nearly five years.
After five years, the duke looked so much older.
I could see grayish gray hair through the black hair that he had always combed perfectly.
“Long time no see.”
“Oh, come on, sit down. Did you eat? I told them to prepare a luncheon table in the glass garden.”
“I’ll just have a cup of tea and go…”
“Well, how come the palace doesn’t even take care of the hard-working man’s food? (?) Butler! We’ll go straight to the garden. So get ready!”
At my words the Duke grumbled dissatisfiedly and called the butler.
But he looked excited, unlike his irregular voice.
“I’ll serve you, Duke, young lady.”
Likewise, the butler whom I haven’t seen for a long time came out to guide the Duke.
I followed the two in a little awkward mood.
All the way to the glass garden outside the mansion, I couldn’t stop looking.
I could feel that the mansion was shaken by the return of the princess who returned after five years.
The glass garden was still filled with fragrant and green flowers and vegetation.
“Let’s hear it.”
The luncheon table was fairly well received.
A table set in the middle of a garden full of violets.
Around it, waist-deep vegetation enveloped the table.
I felt like I was surrounded by a flower fence, because of the colorful flowers that were spread over the branches.
It was a familiar flower.
‘By the way, was it supposed to be such a blooming species?’
“I’ve made some improvements.”
Suddenly, the duke shot out of the blue.
“So that more flowers can be planted on the branches.”
I took my eyes off the wooden fence and looked at him with a puzzled look.
Then the Duke added an additional explanation.
“However, if too many flowers bloomed on one branch, it would become heavy, and the branch and the line could break, so I had to limit the height.”
“…I see.”
I nodded silently, thinking that he had a new hobby.
A spoonful of steaming soup was picked up lightly that I was about to eat.
“I sent one or two broken branches to your place of work… Have you seen it?”
Suddenly the Duke asked. I paused and picked up the dog and looked back at him.
‘You sent flowers?’
I searched my head quickly, but couldn’t find any memories related to ignorance.
While staying in the capital city for work, I’ve never been sent anything by the duck before.
It was then. The image of one of the offices flashed through my mind.
Occasionally, it seemed as if I had come to see the elongated branches with flowers in the vase.
Every time I was busy so I didn’t have time to take a closer look.
I just thought that the assistant or the people underneath had made up a dreary office instead of the owner who frequently leaves for exploration…
“The boy who sent me an errand told me that you looked very busy, thus it couldn’t be delivered directly.”
In response to my late reaction, the duke smiled nicely and added like an excuse.
There was no stopping the question.
I couldn’t forgive him, so I said I’d get married.
No matter who I marry, I told him not to care about it anymore and then left.
So why send me flowers for those five years? There’s something good for each other. (?)
I asked about his intention of sending flowers, but the Duke gave me the wrong answer.
“I thought I’d send the flowers away, but…”
“Penelope, didn’t you say it’s good to see them blooming on a branch?”