Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SSC3

Judith Regulus.
The girl, who turned 3 years old this year, was pretty enough to take out my soul every time I looked at her.
I can’t believe I had it in me.
A dazzling blonde hair with red eyes, a symbol of the imperial family.
The duke burst into anger and shed tears again at the appearance that resembled the emperor.
Everybody said that it was like Callisto’s alter ego, but it looked different in my eyes.
Unlike her father, who had straight hair, she had cute curly hair.
Soft, white cheeks, and a tall nose with red lips.
Sometimes when the sun was shining, her eyes were just like the color of my hair, not as red and dark as blood, but a subtly dark pink.
It wasn’t just a feeling, it was what Callisto also admitted.
Except for a few unfamiliar elements, it must have been my little one.
‘Of course, it’s not like me, it’s just like her dad.’
As I searched the woods near the hunting ground where Judith often played, I thought.
The child was gentle and nice, but the scale was often beyond imagination when it came to making troubles.
One day she broke the pillars and ceilings of the palace, and another day she brought in all the small animals in the forest.
‘Maybe because it was the first time she went to see a hunting festival…’
I wonder if it looked cool to see people come to hunt.
On the last day of the festival, her red eyes staring at her father who won first place shined brightly.
The next day, I remember when I witnessed a rabbit, a pheasants, a bird, a fox, and a deer that were raving at the princess’ palace.
– I’m going to give it to my mom… Judy’s going to win first place just like dad…
I tried to blow it off, but I couldn’t get any angrier at the sight of the twinkling eyes shining in the dark pink under the sun.
Another day, she sneaked into Daejeon during the inquiry and then ran out, wielding the Emperor’s Scepter next to Callisto.
I couldn’t help but get angry because It was an affair that interfered with nothing else but government affairs.
When I scolded her to the point of tears, I was amazed by what she said while crying.
–Sampon is now Judi’s anti-agent. The antithesis has to be revealed… (?)
–Judi wants to defeat Dad quickly and be an opponent! That’s why my uncle… my uncle… is stronger than my dad.
Roynold, who had talked crazy to my child, was banned from entering the Princess’ Palace for the next three months. (Notice how they don’t mention Derdick at all?)
Thinking of my three-year-old daughter’s splendid records, I could not help but sigh deeply.
When she hid herself for a while, I was worried that someone would harm her. I didn’t know what else to do.
“Hyuk, Hyuk! Her Majesty!”
It was then.
“I’ve searched all the woods, but I don’t think the princess is here.”
One of the guards who was looking for the princess came up with a rough breath and reported.
After that, I could see the nanny and the maidens rushing in.
The hide-and-seek, which began at noon, had now made them all soaked with sweat.
This is why parents with children are called sinners.
When I saw them suffering, I felt sorry for myself.
“Shall we go down the waterfall and search a little more?”
“Okay. I don’t think she’s in the woods, so let’s just go around.”
“Ha, but Your Highness. It’s going to be dark soon… Dear princess, even if it’s ch-change, hasn’t it been long enough?” (It kept saying toilet. I think they thought she had to go to the waterfall so that she could pee? I’m not sure.)
When I turned my head around, the nanny was crying with excessive delusions.
“Who could harm the princess in the Imperial Palace. Rather, If they take a wrong turn and become a silent act, it’ll be impossible.” (?)
However, when I heard the word ‘change’, I started to feel uneasy.
‘What really happened to you?’
The pace of returning to the Princess Palace had now accelerated.
I bite my lips and thought about the forces that could harm the baby in the Imperial Palace.
‘Count Hannes?’
Some aristocrats opposed the emperor’s will to succeed the princess.
Because of the old-fashioned reason that Judith was a woman.
‘No, they don’t have the power.’
But I shook my head quickly.
They’re just flirting lightly. Callisto’s words were enough to cut off the lives of such flies.
No guts, aspirations, and decisive invasion of the imperial palace had the power to hire assassins strong enough to harm our child.
‘Or is it a rebel?’
It’s already been eight years since Callisto ascended the throne.
Most of the countries he conquered during his reign as Crown Prince were now attributed to the imperial empire.
But there are areas where conflicts often occur, so it was not the time to completely settle for the rebels.
‘But it won’t be easy to break through the chain and enter the palace.’
The security magic hanging over the entire palace was connected to the emperor.
As long as Callisto was healthy, the likelihood of damage to the barrier was extremely low.
Even if the decision was made, it would not have been unnoticed by palace wizards or the emperor.
Eight years ago, Leila, wearing Yvonne’s mask, easily occupied the palace because she killed the emperor while Callisto was absent.
‘You don’t think… Leila’s still alive, do you?’
When I thought that far, my heart suddenly sank.
There are no more artifacts to use the brainwashing beams anymore, but Leila would surely infiltrate the Imperial Palace at any cost.
‘So it can easily avenge our young and tender child…!
“Your, Your Majesty! Well, you’ll fall down. We’ll go first, so please walk slowly, okay?”
By the time I could see the end of the spire of the palace, my steps had become close to running.
The maid tried to dissuade me, but I couldn’t hear her.
‘Goddamn it, I should’ve gotten out in the carriage.’
All the way through the front yard, my head was full with thoughts sufh as letting Callisto know and mobilizing all the guards.
Because of that, I couldn’t see the stone that was stuck in the ground in front of me.
When I suddenly thought that the hem of my skirt was being pulled tightly, my body had already tilted forward.
“Hyuk! Her, her Majesty the Empress!”
The ground was drawing near.
The moment that the maids who were chasing me shouted with a new scream,
Someone pulled me around with strong force.
When I came to my senses, I was in the face of someone’s hard chest.
A familiar aroma penetrated my nostrils.
When I looked up, I could see golden hair dyed red at the end of the sunset.
It was Callisto.
“You almost got hurt. Why are you running with the palace just around the corner?”
With his eyes full of worries, my eyes began to darken.
“Your Majesty. Judith, our baby is missing…!”
It was a moment when I tried to hold back my tears and hurriedly announced the absence of the child.
Suddenly, the warmth that wriggled in my arms came to me.
I lowered my head. The child I had been looking for was asleep in Callisto’s arms.
As if it was frustrating to be stuck between us, the child tossed and turned with a small frown.
Following the move, the dainty golden wings, sticking out through Callisto’s arm gap, fluttered.
An unstoppable sigh of relief broke out.
To the surprise of my still wild imaginations, I seem to have had all sorts of thoughts throughout my return to the Princess Palace.
At that moment, my legs became weak and I stumbled. Callisto hugged me again while kicking his tongue.
“Tsk. You burned your mother’s heart again.”
“Where… where did you find her?”
“Under the Sun Palace.”
I opened my mouth wide at the unimaginable hide-and-seek place.
“How the hell did she get there…? There’s a seal magic on it.”
In the basement of the Sun Palace, the dragon’s body was hidden, as well as all kinds of enchanted treasures.
That’s why I put a powerful sealing spell on it so that no one else can access it except for the Emperor with the seal…
“Marquess Berdandi said it seemed she had broken the no-entry magic.”
Callisto calmly reported the child’s atrocities.
“I could find the room just now because I had that concoction.”
I clasped my forehead with one hand in a dizzying mood.
My stomach wad burning because of the child who had done many great things.
But I couldn’t wake up a sleeping child to scold her.
It’s not because she’s my baby, but because she’s really pretty like an angel when she’s quiet.
“Who do you really take after to make so much trouble like this?”
In the end, instead of getting angry, I gently stroked the child’s cheek and murmured like a sigh.
Then Callisto shrugged and replied,
“Not me.”
“It’s not me either.”
“Well, it’s hard to believe considering all the accidents we had before getting married.”
“Ha. Who the hell are you to say that…!”
We changed our steps in a fiery manner, as we did every day.
When I entered the palace and reached the child’s room, my body, which had been hardened by tension, gradually relaxed.
“Everyone had a hard time.”
“No, Your Highness. I’m glad the princess didn’t get sick.”
“It’s enough for today, you can stop and go back.”
Callisto laid the child on the bed while lauding those who had a hard time finding her till late at night.
As I approached him, I suddenly found his back hair standing up with a lot of twinkling.
“Did Judith catch your hair again?”
Sitting across from the bed, Calisto, who was patting the whining baby, answered me with a wink.
“She seemed to have a heartache after I forcibly dragged her away.”
I frowned.
It didn’t look like him at all, but Callisto was weak when it came to the child.
So although she was usually a gentle kid, but often she was rude to her father.
“You should have scolded her to not do that.”
“How so. If she doesn’t show her face again because she hates me, I’m the only one who loses.”
“She’s being rude because your majesty is so cheap.”
“You’re too hard on her.”
“Your Majesty must have stepped down.”
I wanted to give my child all the power and honor.
And it was going to be that way.
However, I didn’t want to raise her like a spoiled and reckless human who doesn’t know how scary the world is.
‘When you get up, you need to be very disciplined.’
It was when I looked at my sleeping child seriously and made a pledge.
Callisto soothed me and said playfully.
“At least she didn’t burn it (his hair) with magic like the other day.”