Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villain - SSC4

His words reflectively reminded me of that time.
It was when the child still babbled.
There was a time when Callisto and I got hit in the snow at the Princess Palace. After giving birth to a child, I slept with my hands on it for a long time, so it caught fire in an instant.
As Callisto who was carrying me around like a pack left the palace in a hurry, the baby suddenly cast a spell.
When I recalled that time, I burst into laughter.
“…I thought you would burn your head.”
“Well, It is the only pride of the Empire that the emperor is outstanding in his appearance, so it’s no use being bald.”
Callisto kicked his tongue and laughed.
Fortunately, the fire was quickly extinguished by me and Callisto’s scream. Instead, the palace was turned upside down.
The sound of a one-year-old child implementing and controlling magic was unprecedented for the imperial family throughout the entire continent.
It wasn’t just magic.
‘Is it because of the weird dream I had when I knew I had a child?’
Judith had a golden wing as big as a palm on her back from birth.
Although I was the one who had my stomach ache, but it was as if she was born from an egg.
A child born with wings did not exist in any ancient documents.
Only one, except for the founder of the empire.
Golden wings, a symbol of the golden dragon.
A child born with powerful magic that none of the imperial family ever had.
Those who saw such a child said that it was the second coming of the golden dragon.
So for some time, the one and only princess of the empire was rumored to have a ridiculous appearance resembling a dragon, and that fire blows out from her mouth.
‘Of course, it’s a good thing that she’s strong enough to protect herself…’
I didn’t know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing for a child to be born with special elements that were different from others.
It was time to stretch out the small, folded wings that had been crushed by Judith’s backstroke, and gently stroking them so as not to stir them.
Suddenly a warm touch touched my cheek.
“…your face is still pale.”
While I was paying attention to my child, did he watch over me all the time?
Callisto was soothing, sweeping down my dreary face.
“It’s not the first or second time it happens, what are you so worried about?”
“But…you never know.”
The bigger the child, the more interested her eyes became.
“What if someone tries to hurt Judith?”
Callisto burst out laughing at my murmur.
“Who would want to do such a thing? On the contrary, if Judith were to make a silent foot (?) for a healthy person, he wouldn’t notice.”
“That’s true, but…”
“Don’t worry too much. Marquess Berdandi seems to be teaching her well. Now she knows how to hide her wings in front of us.”
As if he didn’t really know what I was worried about, Callisto added.
I was a little relieved by that remark.
The child’s teacher was, of course, the supreme wizard of the empire, Vinter.
But even then, the child’s powers were transcendent to the point that he said the princess’ magical powers were already beyond his.
“I’m not really sure what Judith is thinking.”
Curious as a lizard, and as clever as it was.
Whenever I asked why she did it every time she caused an accident, she would answer it well, and never made excuses.
“Me too.”
At my murmur Carristo agreed, frowning his nose.
As a novice couple, we were still immature and clumsy.
It’s about time that I get used to it, but seeing how my heart drops once in a while when my child has an accident like today, I still have a long way to go.
A momentary solemn camaraderie lurked between us, taking advantage of the child’s sleep.
“…Every day is like a war.”
“But in a little while, she’ll be more mature. I don’t know how good she is at talking these days.”
“She can’t stop talking until she falls asleep.”
In my words, Callisto shook his head and touched the child’s nose with his fingertips.
“When are you going to grow up and reflect on all the troubles you gave your parents? Huh?”
Perhaps she understood it like a ghost that she was being scolded even in sleep, because her mouth was pouting as if she were crying.
The expression on her face made him feel scared so he hurriedly patted Judith’s chest to comfort her.
The sight mde me burst out laughing.
“But she did something admirable.”
“What admirable deed?”
“That fucking mirror I couldn’t break because you stopped me, she shattered it into pieces.”
“Don’t tell me… the mirror of truth?”
I opened my eyes wide.
The restoration work of ‘the mirror of truth’ was suspended after finding a vacant lot.
It was when the malaise and anxiety had reached its peak, so Callisto immediately tried to stop me, but he barely managed to dissuade me.
Had it not been for the accident that Judith committed today, I would have forgotten about it forever.
“She didn’t touch anything else, did she? Maybe the body of the Yellow Dragon…”
“Other things were fine.”
That was a good thing.
“Why the mirror of truth…”
“Maybe she knows that’s one of her mother’s stuff”
“What are you talking about? Could it be a monster?” (?)
“I’ll give her a compliment when she wakes up. She bravely defeated a monster.” (?)
I was dumbfounded by Callisto’s return, but I was relieved.
Seeing how he joked around, he seemed to put down a lot of fire lining that I might disappear. (I think she’s saying he’s now less worried about her getting disappeared.)
“That’s enough.”
Then Callisto sprang to his feet and woke up.
“The work is not done yet.”
“It’s almost nightfall… Still?”
I stood up in unison and followed him towards the door, asking anxiously.
“You’re looking for Judith, aren’t you?”
There was no answer. It wasn’t for a day or two.
‘I’ll scold you too when she wakes up.’
As if reading such a vow on my hardened face, said Callisto, frowning his nose.
“Don’t scold me too much. All fathers with children are like that.” (I’m not sure but I think he said Papa/Dad, although the app said father.)
I can’t believe the day has come when the immature prince says this.
I stared blankly at Callisto, who calls himself ‘father’, because he seemed a little strange and creepy.
“That word just now was very…”
“It’s very what?”
“….It’s very cheesy.”
“Why don’t we do something more cheesy while the child’s sleeping? Huh?”
The emperor’s red eyes suddenly flashed as he stretched out his hand like a lightning bolt.
jjok, jjok, jjok.
He hugged my waist, and kissed me randomly over my face.
“Oh, don’t. What are you going to do if she wakes up?”
I pounded his shoulder and whispered.
Then he squeezed me even harder.
“If you keep quiet, we can have a second child right away.”
“Are you crazy? You want her to burn your hair again.”
“Oh, no. That won’t be good.”
At my threatening remark he finally stopped the kiss attack with a low laugh.
“I… don’t want to go.”
Hugging me tightly, he mumbled, burying his face on the scruff of my neck.
After expressing his unfortunate heart with his tired voice, he grunted and reluctantly grabbed the door ring.
“I’ll be right back. You should also go back to the palace and rest.”
“I’ll wash up and wait in the bedroom.” (Is this what I think it is? Huh? Huh??)
Lastly, I whispered my farewell in his ears.
Then he kicked his tongue and grabbed me by the cheek, saying, “Your beauty is killing me.” (It actually said “I’m dying of beauty” but let’s assume this is what he said.)
After a pretty long kiss, Callisto who had been flirting, finally left the Princess Palace.
Click- I closed the door and walked back to the child’s bed.
The blanket bulged with a sudden rise. And a short voice came out of it.
The child cried as if she were done sleeping.
‘You can’t wake up completely…!’
She used to fly all night when she woke up half way through her sleep.
I ran to bed next to the child.
“Did you wake up from the sound of our conversation? I’m sorry. Sleep more.”
When she was relieved, the child opened her crying eyes and sighed a little.
The child, who took a short breath for a while, quickly moved into my arms.
“Mom… don’t go.”
“Yes. I won’t go until you sleep, so don’t worry.”
“No. No. Don’t go. Don’t go anywhere…”
“Okay. Then, do you want to sleep with your mom tonight?” (Poor Callisto)
Did she have a scary dream?
She seemed to be very childish today, but even that was lovely.
I kissed her soft forehead and swept over her baby hair.
Then Judith, with her little hand, clasped the hem of clothing and murmured.
“You can’t leave Judi.”