Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 220

Two Choices
“I ran into the CEO of our company having sex in the office.”
My words instantly got Cinder and Nick excited, so they pumped up their cars to hear the details.
My mind went back to that afternoon.
The light was dim at sunset. I saw two scruffy people crash into the gap between the sofa and the
flowerpot and heard them gasp and moan in lust.
I had to admit that the Germans knew how to restrain themselves and indulge themselves well.
I had come from the United States, which was very far away, so we had completely different languages
and lifestyles. But my work environment had hardly changed because I was in the lab most of the
After our group took over the new project, progress was rapid, but we soon encountered a bottleneck.
Our group was primarily responsible for quantitative proteomics and had developed a targeted analysis
technique. It could detect more regular changes in biomarkers in the liver cancer stage.
But we did notice some problems, the biggest of which was that there were
very few samples from animal experiments.

We summarize these problems, hold a meeting and internally find a solution. We decided to report the
problems to upper
management and request an increase in the budget to add new samples as soon as possible.
But after Charlotte calculated the funding we needed, all my colleagues raised their eyebrows and
made strange expressions.
“This is not a small number. I am afraid it exceeds the authority of Dr. Archer’s approval.”
“Then, we must also get Mr. Schutze’s approval, right?”
Eric Schutze was the CEO of TWH and I had gone to his office on my first day on the job. He was a
man in his sixties with a large nose and deep set eyes.That day, he had put on a well-fitting suit with a
tie, looking even fitter than my boss, Dr. Archer.
I looked curiously at my colleagues and asked, “Why do you react like this? Is something wrong with

Mr. Schutze?”
“The problem lies with the boss, Dr. Archer, rather than Mr. Schutze,” Kayden said bluntly.
Hearing his words, the others nodded their heads and told me the reason. Although Dr. Archer was
kind, he was a slow trainer and always strictly adhered to the approval process. If we gave him the
application today, he wouldn’t make it to the CEO’s desk for a week.
“But we can’t afford to wait a week.” I said with a frown, “Is there a way to push it?”
After a brief silence, Charlotte suddenly looked at me and said, “Maybe I can do it, Dr. Olive.”
Then I took the advice of my enthusiastic assistant and knocked on the door of Dr. Archer’s office with
the files we’d ordered together.
After listening to my explanation, Dr. Archer expressed his understanding and said, “I have something
to discuss with Mr. Schutze now. I’ll send you the files.”
So fast? He surprised me because what everyone in the lab was worried about didn’t happen.
But when Dr. Archer was about to leave with the files, a phone call stopped him.
Watching him return to his desk and set the files aside, I knew my colleagues were right.
“If you don’t immediately send the files to Mr. Schutze, he won’t remember this matter for several days.”
I waited at Dr. Archer’s desk until he hung up the phone, then offered to help him send the files to Mr.
Although he was a bit surprised, he still agreed, “Thank you.”
I didn’t expect to see such a passionate scene later or pay attention to my boss’s hesitant expression at
that moment.
God knew how surprised he was.
Her young and beautiful secretary, Mrs. Monica, lay prostrate on Mr. Schutze’s desk with her skirt rolled
up to her waist, revealing her plump, peach-colored buttocks.Mr. Schutze buried his head between her
buttocks, spread her legs with both hands and nimbly licked her pussy with his tongue.
“Oh! It itches…”
His breathless, soft voice made my toes curl.
I should have run away but I couldn’t because I was inside the office!

Hearing this, Cinder and Nick yelled at the same time.
“How did you do that?”
“Did they find out?”
Looking at my excited friends on the screen, I blushed and said, “I won’t be found out unless Mr.
Schutze checks the surveillance video.”
I shrugged, “When I took the files to his office, the door was open, but no
one was inside.”
Cinder chuckled gloatingly, “You shouldn’t have come in.”
I nodded helplessly, “Yes, and I learned a lesson.”
In retrospect, I admitted that it was my fault.
Seeing that Ms. Monica was not at the secretary’s desk outside the CEO’
I wanted to leave when I saw the office empty but I hesitated because I had gone with the expectations
of the entire laboratory No. 3. I hoped I could tell everyone that the files they had been delivered to Mr.
Schutze when I returned.
So, I decided to wait outside the office. The door was open, so I figured Mr. Schutze would be back
soon. But unexpectedly, when he was about to go out, I heard some strange sounds outside.
I was no stranger to such sounds.I heard the jumbled footsteps of two people and the sound of a
passionate French kiss.
“Oh my God! Can you imagine my feeling at that moment?”
Thinking about it now, he still wanted to scream.
When he was standing behind the door, the sound of two people kissing was getting closer.
The exit was blocked, so I looked around in a panic, trying to find a place to hide.
Cinder laughed unscrupulously: “Olive, you shouldn’t have hidden. They are the ones who should be
.” What done is done. Anyway, I decided to hide at that time.”
Fortunately, the office was big enough. In addition to the desk, there was a space between the black

leather sofa and the huge flowerpot that could accommodate an adult. There were two options in front
of me, and my heart was racing. It was more exciting than the roller coaster.
If I hid under the desk, they would discover me immediately as long as they went directly to the desk.
But if I hid next to the sofa, they would find me too. find me if they had reckless sex on the soft and
comfortable sofa.
I was running out of time so I bit the bullet and took a chance. I quickly hid behind the black sofa and
the large flower pot, took off my coat, and covered my too-flashy red hair.
I bet they couldn’t bring themselves to have sex on the couch in the office.

As soon as the office door was opened, I heard high heels hitting the carpet and the two people
gasping messily. “You hurt me, Mr. Schutze.” When I recognized the voice of Mrs. Monica. I gasped in
shock and screamed silently. Although he had only met her once, she remembered that she was in her
late thirties. But Mr. Schutze would be retiring soon! In other words, he was the same age as his
daughter! How had they come together? “Let’s go to the sofa. I’ll serve you, okay?” Mr. Schutze said
softly lustfully. But his voice sounded like a bomb in my ears. I’d be screwed if they saw me! When I
closed my eyes in fear and was ready to accept the execution, Ms. Monica refused, “Let’s do it on the
desk in case someone…” When they had recovered briefly, Mr. Schutze nodded quietly. Thank God!
My heart had almost exploded just now! Hearing the footsteps of him gradually moving away from my
hiding place, I was secretly glad that I hadn’t chosen to hide under the desk at this time.

After all, I didn’t want Mr. Schutze to find a reason to fire me.
But after a brief exhilaration, a new problem appeared. How should I leave this place?
Through the gap between the sofa and the flowerpot, I could see what was going on on the desk.
Mr. Schutze had unbuttoned Mrs. Monica’s blouse, pushed the fabric aside. with her big hands, and he
revealed her plump round tits.
“What beautiful tits they are!”
The huge dark red arcola of hers contracted rapidly after kneading her. And he tugged at her nipples
with his fingers to make them hard.

I closed my eyes in despair because it didn’t seem like fast sex. I may have to be there to see the
whole process before I get a chance to leave.
“Did they find out?” Cinder asked.
Before she could reply, Nick interrupted, “Definitely not. Otherwise, we would have received the news
that she was fired from her a few days ago.
On the screen, they were giggling.
I sighed helplessly, “Yes, I managed to slip away and they didn’t catch me.”
But I wasn’t sure either. Maybe our CEO was prudent and in the habit of reviewing surveillance video
after having sex. If so, I would have found myself hiding and watching them have sex.
However, since he had forgotten to lock the door when leaving the office, I didn’t think he was such a
“Tell us what you did next.”
My thoughts returned to the scene again.
They remembered that they were in the office, so they didn’t take off all their clothes but only exposed
their key parts.Mrs. Monica was lying on her back on the desk, revealing her huge round breasts. And
her skirt was up to her waist when she spread her legs and wrapped them around Mr. Schutze’s waist.
She took off her underwear, sniffed deeply and showed a delighted look.
“Come on, catch me.” Ms. Monica seemed a bit nervous.
She moved her waist, vigorously raised her p*ss and made a welcome gesture. And Mr. Schutze
seemed crazy about this.
Her gasping became faster, and the look in her eyes was haunted as he plunged her fingers inside her.
Then he let out a flirtatious moan with satisfied pleasure.
“Don’t grab it so tight. I will make you fully blossom for me soon.” Mr.
Schutze grabbed Ms. Monica’s hand, put it between her legs, and said, “Help me untie…”.
Then he unzipped her waist, zipped down, pulled her panties down a bit, and took the c*ck out of her.
I hadn’t seen too many d*cks, but I thought he was God’s favorite. After all, he was in his sixties.

After Mrs. Monica played with him for a while, Mr. Schutze was even more
He added another finger to her cunt and quickly pushed and pulled as he lowered his head to lick her
cunt, making her breathe fast.
“Oh my God! I’m c*mming…”
Ms. Monica’s voice gradually became higher-pitched.And soon, she gasped violently and reached
o*gasm from the constant thrusting and c*toral stimulation.
But the scream was swallowed by Mr. Schutze’s mouth the moment it rang. And the musky smell
gradually filled the air.
“Honey, now it’s my turn.”
Mr. Schutze couldn’t take it anymore, so he brought her c*ck up to her c*ck, rubbed his head against
the slippery hole, then pushed hard.
11:24 AM

A passionate kiss blocked her enthusiastic moans.
After Mr. Schutze held Ms. Monica’s legs with both hands and pulled her towards him, her round
buttocks were pressed tightly against her vagina with only her sex exposed.
And her buttocks were in the air.Soon, the rhythmic sound of physical impact echoed through the office.
Mr. Schutze was getting old. Although he wanted to show his power, his breathing was becoming
heavier and his movements were becoming slower.
After a while, he thrust hard and ejaculated in her. Then he sprawled across her body like an exhausted
donkey, panting heavily.
I raised my vigilance, intending to sneak away. I figured since they hadn’t even used a condom, they
would have to go to the bathroom to clean up later. And he could take the opportunity to escape!
But he did not expect that the matter was not over yet.
After a short rest, Mr. Schutze ordered: “Turn around and get on your hands and knees.”
Ms. Monica obediently lay down on her desk, kneading her tits with both hands.

11 24
Mr. Schutze then squatted down, spread her legs apart, stuck out his tongue and buried his head in her
“Oh! F*ck me! F*ck me!”
Enthusiastic moans soon echoed through the office again, making me blush.
He could fully understand why they had come together. Mr. Schutze not only had a younger dick, but
also a tongue that drove women crazy. He was good at serving his sexual partner.
After another ten minutes, the office game was finally over.
After confirming that they had gone far, I immediately decided to run away from this place of trouble.
But as soon as I got to my feet, I fell to the ground with a grimace. I had held still for so long that my
legs had gone numb. And it felt terrible when I suddenly stood up. But he had no time to waste! They
would be back at any time.
So, I endured the feeling of hemiplegia and left the office with a horrible face.
I left Mr. Schutze’s office. It took me a long time to calm down in the nearby bathroom.
I stayed in the bathroom until my legs were no longer numb.
I still had the unsubmitted documents in my hands. I was very indecisive.
God! He was very scared!
The smell in the office was very strong. He hoped they would think about ventilation when they got
back. How long used to take that vent?
Some memories flashed through my mind.
Suddenly, my phone rang in my pocket. I was surprised!
Damn! I had forgotten to silence my phone!
At this moment, I was extremely grateful for my good luck.
What if he had received this call earlier when he was still hiding on the couch in the office? I couldn’t
even imagine it!
I quickly took out my phone. It was Charlotte.

“Hey, Dr. Olive, you’ve been out for half an hour. We are all worried about you. Is there anything we can
help you with?”
She knew she was just asking for kindness on the other end of the phone, but she still wanted to
swear. Of course, he didn’t go against her.
I held back the excitement in my heart and tried to make my voice sound calmer.
“Sorry to worry you guys. I’m fine. I’m just… in the bathroom. Yes, I have had an upset stomach.” The
best way to lie was to give key information but vague details, and then change the subject as soon as
possible: “By the way, the documents are still in my hand.”

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