Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 225

Extramarital Affair Oh God! Why was it me every time?
I felt speechless.
Before coming to Germany, I had never had such an embarrassing experience in my twenty years of
life. But in one week, I experienced it twice!
I moved my neck carefully and observed the surrounding environment.
Unfortunately, I took a closer look and decided that unless I could climb onto the roof of Li’s house with
my bare hands, I would have no choice but to go back the way I came.
Right now, how I wish I could transform into Ant-Man, or Spider-Man, or whatever, just let me get out of
here calmly.
“You’re crazy!”
“Chloe, don’t reject me.”
“No, Lester, stop! This is outside!”
“No one will find out.”
I secretly sighed in despair and tried to shut down all my senses.
I didn’t want to see this kind of outdoor sex at all! Someone came
quickly and interrupted them!
But my prayers did not reach Gd’s ears.
No one would leave this lively party except me.
The two figures pressed against each other closely. Muriel tried to break free of her, but Lester’s hand
pressed hard against her chest.
The sound of panting and grunting made me realize where they were going.
I suddenly remembered the night I went to the auction with Aaron.
At the time, we were separated by trees from the landscape, and we did something even more exciting
when we learned that Jane and David were nearby.
It was one of the craziest sexual experiences of my life.

I had never been so nervous about being penetrated, either by fingers or by that thick cock. But I had to
admit that that experience seemed to be burned into my DNA, and even now I could remember every
detail of that experience.
He was completely in Aaron’s hands, forced to take every blow he landed. She couldn’t forget the
crazy, charming look on his face at that
“B*stard… stop…”
“Don’t reject me, Chloe… you know it’s counterproductive.”
Another moan came intermittently.
MY GOD!I finally understood what David and Jones were feeling at that moment. That feeling was so
I should have slapped Aaron firmly instead of being unable to contain my feelings.
The situation had gotten out of hand. Although I didn’t see the image again, just hearing the sound fired
my imagination. The risk of having sex outdoors in other people’s houses was too high. Based on
Muriel’s reaction, I felt that she probably didn’t want something to happen in this kind of place.
But, like me then, her body felt more honest than her brain.
I just stood there, trying to blank my mind as much as possible and not paying too much attention to the
outside situation.
Why did Muriel and Lester maintain this relationship?
It had been quite a while since I joined the company. I had roughly judged the personalities of my
colleagues in the lab and who had a better relationship with whom. I thought that in the laboratory, the
two had barely crossed paths!
Although they were both technical personnel, they were responsible for completely different directions.
Lester was responsible for
determining protein function, while Muriel was more responsible for finding drug target molecules.
Lester was a man with a relatively outgoing personality and got along with most people in the lab.

There was always a circle of people around him. Also, I noticed because he was dressed a bit like
Aaron. I mean everyday style, not night club shirts.
Thinking about it carefully, I found that the biggest intersection between the two in the laboratory was
just coffee!
They seemed to be the only two in the lab who liked the plans coffee, especially the unique caramel
When we talked about it before, we even joked. But since Muriel was married, no one thought of
that.Perhaps others had thought of it, but had never dared to say it out loud.
But I still leaned towards the former. After all, he had one of the most nosy assistants in the company.
He had even told us about the CEO thing as soon as he found out about it. If he had found out that the
two of them in the lab were having an affair, I don’t think he could hold back and not tell anyone.
Suddenly, the sound of music became louder, as if someone came out of Li’s house.
The passionate sex here suddenly stopped, and Muriel bit her lip hard to keep from making a sound.
“Get out… get that thing out.”
Then there was a crack. It looked like they were planning to leave!
I saw a ray of hope!
As long as they left and I went out when no one else was around, I would never mention it to anything,
like the Mr. Eric Schutze thing. No one would ever know.
“You go out first,” Muriel whispered.
The sound of footsteps gradually disappeared.
I breathed a sigh of relief and waited in silence for Muriel to leave.
Suddenly, a crisp ringtone echoed out from this hidden corner.
At this moment, I almost died of fear!
I unconsciously dropped the phone I had been holding onto the ground. The phone fell to the grass and
kept ringing

In a panic, I lowered my head to pick up the phone and frantically hit
the reject button.
A shadow appeared in my line of sight.
I looked into the shadow and met Muriel’s surprised eyes.
I couldn’t be more embarrassed right now.
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“Oh…I didn’t see anything”. I almost jumped on the spot, holding my phone and voicing my opinion in a
panic. I then quickly walked away from her and returned to the party scene.
Sitting on the sofa in the living room of Li’s house, I drank beer, briefly responded to Adenauer’s
message, and quickly began to dance with Charlotte.
It was getting late and people began to leave one after another.
I didn’t dare look at Muriel and Lester again.I got up to say goodbye when the party was almost over,
pretending not to notice that someone was watching my back the whole time.
Fortunately, Muriel didn’t catch up.
When I got home, I explained to Adenauer why I hadn’t suddenly contacted him. Adenauer laughed on
the other end of the phone for at least ten minutes before apologizing to me for being stuck in this
embarrassing situation because of him.
That night he was waiting for a message from Muriel or a call.
But she didn’t contact me until I fell asleep.
Even when I got to work the next day, she and Lester greeted me in the lab like always.
Everything was so calm as if nothing had happened!
It seemed like what happened last night was just my wishful thinking!
I thought that this matter had ended so tacitly, but Chloe Muriel took the initiative to approach me when
she was about to get off work: “Dr. Olive, a nice restaurant recently opened. Do you want to try it?”
She looked at me with her amber eyes and I knew what she was doing.
Secretly sighing in my heart, I nodded, “Of course.”

Turning around, I texted Adenauer, telling him that our date today had to be cancelled.
He had asked for it.

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