Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 234


It feels like cheating

A flood of memories from three years ago washed over me , and I felt as if an invisible hand had seized
my soul and thrown it back into the dark depths of the ocean from which I had barely managed to get
out .

No !

All that was left of Aaron in my mind was a dull ache of pain and sadness , but I had decided to move
on .

As my soul returned to my body , I instinctively turned around , ready to do

my exhaust

“ Stop ! Aaron ‘s voice echoed from behind me .

In the next instant , a powerful grip seized my wrist . The force was so great that he could n’t take
another step .

“ Ouch ! You are hurting me ! I cried out in pain , struggling to shake off my


The force was all too familiar . He was dominant and inflexible .

Her hand floated in the air as she looked down . I could n’t read her expression from her, nor did I care
to try .

“ I have nothing to do with Aaron anymore ! I muttered to myself , trying to stifle the urge to flee in
humiliation .

I didn’t need to run .

After all , she was now Adenauer Colston ‘s girlfriend , and this was his office .


With that thought in mind , I straightened my spine and puffed out my chest before returning to the
office and taking a seat on the sofa against the wall , directly across from him .

Why are you in Germany ? Aaron raised his eyes slightly and asked me in his trademark deep , husky
voice .

“ I’m working here . Is there a problem ? I replied , trying to sound calm as my heart raced .

Why did Aaron suddenly appear in Germany ? Did he know that he was now working with TWH ? What
was he doing here ? How did you meet Adenauer ?

Questions swirled through my mind , but I forced myself to stay calm .

I secretly studied the familiar but strange man before me .

He was still wearing faded jeans and the same black sweatshirt he had on when we first met . Her style
of hers had attracted me even then . Only that she seemed to have lost a lot of weight compared to her
three years ago . The sweatshirt dwarfed his body, and I could even see the outline of her collarbones .

As I looked at him , his piercing blue eyes met mine .

I quickly looked away in panic .

Aaron chuckled , the sound low and joyless . He was so anxious that he could n’t capture and interpret
any hint of any of his movements from him.

Had he caught me ogling him ? Would that send you the wrong message ?

I had decided to get away from him . It could no longer affect me .

Just as he was about to explain , he laughed again . “ This is too strange . I ca n’t believe Vincent quit
his cushy job on Wall Street for you . ”

This time I could feel the bitter mockery in his tone .

What an asshole !

He always knew how to reopen the tender wounds of my heart .

Vincent’s wedding had really been an accident , and I had walked away from him a long time ago . Still
, she had been so desperate to explain to Aaron three

years ago

But he had n’t given me a chance to . Instead , he had paraded around with a rich woman , proclaiming
that she was his fiancée . His.

It took me three full years to recover from the pain , but he brought up the past with ease .

Yes , he had always been terrible like that .

I swallowed my anger and fought to appear calm . After all , I hadn’t

I had the opportunity to explain three years ago .

Now this was my chance .

“ It has nothing to do with him . I came to Germany alone . and you ? What brings you here ? ”

“ Me ? His tone of hers oozed arrogance . “ I can go wherever I want . I am the second son in the
Morris family and CEO of a major public company .

anyway ”

” Can you talk like a normal human ? ” His antagonistic attitude towards him really made me sick . “ Do
you think being rich means you can do whatever you want , even play with people ‘s feelings ? ”

Unwilling to put up with more insensitive words , I changed the subject .

“ How did you and Adenauer meet ? ”

“ Adenauer ? Aaron raised an eyebrow and asked , ” Are they close to each other ? ” ”

He leaned forward , resting his hands on the desk , looming over me . I felt a wave of oppression and
disgust radiating from him .

For a moment , I thought he was jealous . On second thought , I felt that the idea was really ridiculous .

This playboy never lacked for female company . he was engaged , no

less In the three years since we broke up , he had n’t contacted me once , so how could he be jealous
of me ?

His annoyance was simply a display of possessiveness .

Men have always been like this . Although our relationship was history , I probably belonged to him in
some subconscious corner of his mind . His.

The thought infuriated me .

Strangely , I laughed instead of losing my temper . I straightened my spine . and faced him directly .

“ Of course . I am here today to have an appointment with Adenauer ” .

Pleasure exploded when I saw her face cloud over . My revenge had struck


” You seem upset . Don’t tell me it ‘s because I have a new date . ” I deliberately provoked it .

Aaron looked away , but snorted as the corner of his mouth turned up .

1. up

His gaze captured mine once more as he got closer .

Oppression descended once more . Instinct urged me to flee , but defiance and reluctance kept me in
place . I watched as she came closer , crouched down , and looked at me .


“ A married woman leaves her husband , travels alone to a foreign country , and comes here for a date
with another man . And you sound like you’re proud of this ? Though she lowered her voice , malice
gleamed in her eyes from her, impossible to understand .. ignore

I froze , stunned .

Did you think I had married Vincent ?

Wait … My mind reeled in confusion .

So three years ago , Aaron had believed that I had married Vincent before he announced his
engagement ?

Had he thought that she had abandoned him , toying with his affections all along ?

Our eyes met again . Anger burned in those blue eyes , but I caught a glimpse of something else .

He could still love me !

My mouth went dry , but a small flame of hope reignited in my heart .

“ Aaron , I … ”

“ What , it may be difficult for others , but you should n’t feel pressured to admit it . After all , you have
always been like this . She cut me off , standing up and looking at me .

I was stunned once again .

” What do you mean ? “

“ You know the answer . She shoved her hands into his pants pockets , a nasty smile twisting her lips
— the one I knew all too well .

My mind went blank and my eyes were wide as he leaned into me .

His familiar breath blew hot against my face , and he lowered his voice to the point that it sounded like
a demon ‘s whisper .

” Am I wrong ? Aren’t you always like this ? Do n’t you enjoy the thrill of cheating ? ”

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Chapter 234

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