Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 258

Aaron’s Purpose for Coming to Germany
Charlotte’s eyes swept over everyone in the room, stopping at each person before finally meeting Minc.
My heart was beating like a drum.
Run! Run!
Every cell in my body urged me to get out of there, and the coffee left between my lips had lost its soft
aroma, leaving only bitterness.
I blinked and avoided Charlotte’s gaze, hoping to avoid any
unwanted attention.
Luckily, everyone’s attention was focused on Charlotte, which was natural, since she had a knack for
gossiping in such a way that she aroused everyone’s curiosity.
Not many people would notice I was leaving, but I came up with an excuse just in case.
“I’m going to the bathroom.” No one could blame me for that.
“Dr. Chloe and you went to the Zephyr Bar last night, right, Olive?”
Charlotte’s comment made everyone turn their heads and focus their eyes on me.
For God’s sake!
Charlotte looked at me with emotion, like a cat that has hunted a mouse. “Our new CEO, Mr. Aaron
Morris, was also there yesterday. Did you see it? I heard that something wonderful happened there last
The inquisitive eyes around me were like torches and I became the piece of roast meat.
I had no idea what Charlotte meant by that.
How much did she know?
Dammit! Where on earth did she get all that information? If I were in the United States, I would have to
be part of the FBI.
God knew how helpless he was at that moment.
Chloe had left work early to go home and care for her son de ella.
So no one came to my rescue.

“Wait, did you go to the bar last night? With Dr. Chloe?” Intervened
Lester suddenly, eyebrows raised in surprise.
“Uh, yes,” I replied, grateful for the distraction. While Lester may not have thought much of it, he
somehow saved me.
At least, it made me less nervous.
I looked at the crowd and shrugged with feigned relief. “I saw it. There were many women around him.
However, we didn’t stay there long because of some accidents.”
I hoped my answer would satisfy Charlotte’s curiosity about her and end the conversation.
As gossipy as she was, she knew she had heard about the incident at Chloe’s house last night. It
wasn’t appropriate to discuss that kind of private thing in public, especially when the person in question
wasn’t there.
“That made you miss the drama afterwards,” Charlotte said, sticking out her tongue regretfully. His
eyes of him turned away from me.
“Stop holding us up. Tell us, know-it-all,” someone urged her.
“Well, well, here’s the thing,” Charlotte began, her voice filled with excitement. “I have a friend who is a
tattoo artist. She was drinking at the Zephyr Bar at the time, and towards midnight, someone not far
away broke a glass. People gathered around, so he didn’t exactly witness what happened inside ,
The overall picture is that a woman tried to flirt with our CEO and took the opportunity to drug him with
the drink.”
The crowd exclaimed.
“Does she have the guts to drug others? Was it poison or something?”
“Whatever it is, it’s horrible.”

I was already thinking about my escape routes.
Charlotte looked up smugly, took a sip of coffee leisurely, and then continued: “Since fate willed I have
it, your fiancee arrived on time.”

My spinning steps stopped again. What
“Fiancee?” I looked at Charlotte in surprise, my mind racing.
“That’s right! My friend clearly heard our CEO call the lady by her name from her at the time. It’s Olive,”
Charlotte said,
With a puzzled look on my face, I was about to say that I was nobody’s fiancee when Charlotte’s
laughter attracted everyone’s attention.
“Ha ha, not our Dr. Olive. They happen to have the same name,” Charlotte explained, her eyes shining
with amusement. “I Googled it and found that our CEO announced his commitment to him three years
ago. His fiancée to him is called Olive Porsche.”
“The daughter of the Porsche family? I can’t believe it’s her de ella,” exclaimed someone in the crowd.
I was momentarily confused as I tried to process what they were saying about the Porsche family.
He was the owner of the Porsche brand, the world’s leading luxury car brand and one of Germany’s
most famous car companies.
“Is it really Olive Porsche? How come I haven’t heard that he is going to engage?” The person who
spoke was a German colleague who had a keen interest in luxury cars.
Charlotte raised her eyebrows. “They probably had a fight. My friend said that Mrs Porsche and Mr
Morris argued on the spot. Still, you could see their deep bonds.”
TheDeep zos?
If I hadn’t been involved, I could have bought it.

Divide into pages how
My heart had been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but now I had regained my composure.
Charlotte’s intelligence network was really powerful, but fortunately, her sense of truth was still not
sharp enough.
It didn’t occur to him at all that the woman Aaron called was

“Obviously, our CEO has feelings for Ms. Porsche. After disturbing her, he chased after her. From a
distance, my friend saw him trapping her against the wall. Although Mrs. Porsche was very angry and
cursed vehemently, she took him away in the end.”
These statements by Charlotte were intensely personal.
I was no longer interested in listening, so I finished my coffee in three or two sips and tried to leave.

1 “Hey, Olive,” Charlotte called me once more, “now I understand why our boss made an exception for
you the other day. It looks like you rubbed off on that Mrs. Porsche.”
I was speechless, but kept a smile on the surface.
There was a lot of talk, but it was clear that Charlotte had led them down the wrong path.
Some people expressed disdain for the Morris Group playboy, who had a girlfriend and kept fooling
around. They felt sorry for Miss Porsche, but others said their engagement was based on simple
interest. Otherwise, their romance would have been reported all over the world.
“But does the Morris Group need to be linked to the interests of the Porsche family?” Someone asked a
soul-searching question.
There was a moment of silence in the lab as everyone seemed to consider the idea a bit far-fetched.”
The Morris Group was involved in many areas, but it had no obvious intersection with automobile
manufacturing. Although the Porsche family was well known, It seemed to be one step below the
Morris family.
“So, it seems that our CEO still has feelings for that Mrs. Olive,” Li said, grimacing when he mentioned
Mrs. Porsche. 2

That makes sense!” Charlotte’s eyes flashed. “Although our boss has an elegant reputation in the
United States, his business acumen from him are very strong. If it were not for special reasons, I could
not have been exiled to this distant place.”
“ What does that mean?” Someone didn’t get it.
Charlotte almost jumped. “Didn’t you know that Olive Porsche, our boss’s fiancée, is currently studying

at the Ulm School of Design?”
Was this a coincidence?
Or could this be the real reason for Aaron’s sudden arrival in Germany?
Not wanting to hear it anymore, I quietly walked away from the scene as everyone talked about the
historical connection between the Porsche family and the Ulm School of Design.

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