Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 260

He was asking for help
“Well… would you feel more at ease if I said I didn’t hear anything?” Lester gestured awkwardly with
his hands and looked more uncomfortable than me.
“Since when have you been standing here?” I asked.
“Since… he’s the new president of TWH now?” Lester’s tone was a little weak.
He had been eavesdropping from the beginning!
I looked out the window speechlessly and suddenly became irritable.
He had worked very hard to keep the secret, but he had made such a stupid mistake in this situation!
“I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep it for myself!” Lester walked over to me and added, “I won’t even tell
Chloe if you want.”
“Since you’ve heard everything, she doesn’t matter.” I had no choice but to allow myself to accept the
result as related as possible, “We’re even now.”
I thought she understood what she meant.
Lester smiled, showing his white teeth, “So luckily it’s me, isn’t it?”
“Are you here to ask me about Chloe?” I didn’t want to dwell on my problem anymore and I saw
Lester’s intentions.
Sure enough, he immediately kept the smile from him and turned scrutinizing.
He nodded, looked around her, then lowered his voice, “Did something happen last night? I mean,
something about her.”
Regarding this question, he did not know how to phrase it correctly.
But Lester didn’t seem to react, quickly explaining, “Ever since she filed for divorce, I’ve been told that
she and I should stop seeing each other in private until she gets a successful divorce. So now I don’t
know the progress.” absolutely. But she went to the bar with you yesterday and left early. It was
unusual for her unless something happened to her family.” Lester said a lot quickly and then continued.
“I’m worried about her.”
I looked at the tall and burly blonde man in front of me and sighed, “You are deeply in love with her.”

He didn’t need to explain.
Last night I asked Chloe if she wanted to tell Lester. Chloe explained it to me at the time, and I
understand her considerations.
Germany was a country where the cost of divorce was extremely high.
Mr. Muriel was a man who easily lost control.
He had been violent towards Chloe for a long time. After she filed for divorce from her, he threatened
her with her newborn biological son when she was drunk. Who knew what else he could do out of
If there was a conflict between the couple, Lester would show up because he was worried. Even if
there was no evidence, Mr. Muricl would think they were having extramarital affairs.
This was not good for this divorce suit.
Even more seriously, it wasn’t good for Chloe’s safety.
“Lester, I’m sorry I can’t tell you much about Chloe. Since she doesn’t want you to know something,
she is afraid that you will worry and cause unnecessary trouble.”
“He hit her again?” Lester cut me off.
I froze.
“Okay, your reaction has already told me the answer.” Lester lowered his eyes and pressed his lips
L quickly comforted him, “All I can say is Chloe hasn’t suffered any physical injuries. The situation has
stabilized and everything is going well. Don’t think too much about it, okay?”
“I understand. Thank you for comforting her. I know what I’m doing”. Lester lowered his head and
played with his fingers.
Seeing him like this, he gave me a little pity.
He loved Chloe, so he held back from doing nothing, enduring the pain of being alone without power.
Although her love was morally flawed, she couldn’t help but feel envious.
That was all I had ever wanted in my life.
Why did God seem to be against me, taking Vincent away and giving me Aaron?

Oh, I had reached out to Aaron myself.
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I deserved it.
“Don’t worry. Let me tell you a little more,” I tried to look happy, “Your impotence won’t last long.”
Lester looked at me with a gleam on his face. He smiled
slightly, “Won’t it Will it be for a long time?”
That’s good…” Lester was about to laugh but suddenly thought of something, “By the way, I came to
talk to you today. I’m afraid you’ll worry. And, if necessary, give him a hint to take it easy. I can wait. His
safety and his emotions will always come first.”
“Okay I will.” I let out a long sigh of relief. “If you continue, I think I’ll be jealous of Dr. Chloe.”
Lester smiled along with me.
“You will also reap true love. You will do it”. He looked into my eyes honestly.
“Thank you.” I watched Lester leave in a delicate mood.
It seemed like all my friends had found true love. Chloe had Lester. Cinder had Eliott. Nick had David.
I picked up my phone, reopened my contacts, and sent
Nick a message.
Me: Hi Nick, it’s been a while since he’s heard from you. How’s everything going with you and David?
Contact me when you are free.

But I waited five minutes and Nick didn’t answer.
“Is it the time difference?”
He maybe he was experimenting right now and he didn’t have time to check his phone.
I didn’t think much of it and went back to the lab to get back to work.
Contacting Nick was on my whim. After all, he didn’t answer my last FaceTime call and he wasn’t
looking good during our previous calls.
His explanation at the time was academic pressure and a nuisance on the team.

But I knew Nick. The fact that he had not contacted me for so long showed that he had not recovered
from that bad state.
This worried me a bit.
I was wondering if David had taken good care of him!
With such worries, I finished the overtime job and went home.
Nick still hadn’t contacted me.
He still hadn’t contacted me when I woke up the next morning!
This was not normal!
I sat on the bed thinking for a while. Then I downloaded FB again and found his account.
“There is a problem!” Looking at his latest post, I was finally able to say for sure that something must
have happened to Nick.
His last post was a week ago!
God! No one loved posting on FB more than him! When he was at Columbia, he could post 10 FB
updates a day at the highest frequency!
Besides, what the hell was he posting now?
“I hope everything goes well tomorrow.” The accompanying image was still graffiti with no clear
Oh please! With all due respect, he was someone who would take a selfie even when he was taking a
shit! Besides, he had been cut off from art all his life!
I looked at the graffiti with black as the main tone and my heart sank.
In my opinion, Nick was asking for help!

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