Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 261

You Can’t Help Me
Regardless of the time difference, I immediately FaceTimed him.
Nick and Cinder had always been there for me when I was at the lowest point in my life. Especially in
terms of academics, Nick had taken care of a lot for me. He couldn’t sit idly by.
I waited for a long time, but no one answered.
I didn’t give up and called again but this time he refused to answer directly!
There was a problem!
I wanted to try again, but stopped suddenly before pressing the button. I decided to leave him a
message on Messenger.
I didn’t understand why he didn’t want to contact me, but at least on Messenger, text messages could
be confirmed as read.
But unfortunately, my messenger was not read quickly.
I washed up, had breakfast and went to the company. When I got on the elevator and checked the
status of the message again, I finally saw that the status had changed to read.
When the elevator reached the floor where the lab was located, I couldn’t wait to go to the bathroom
and quickly tapped my fingers on the screen of my phone.
Me: I see you’ve read it.
Me: what happened?
Me: Contact me! Good! Now!
Three messages were sent in a row, and soon the status was read again.
Well, it looked like Nick wasn’t busy at the moment. I FaceTimed him again.
But he refused again!
I left a message on his messenger again: If you want me to ask your permission today to harass you,
please keep refusing.
After confirming that he had read the message, he was ready to FaceTime again.
Suddenly my phone screen lit up.

Nick took the initiative to send me a FaceTime invitation.
I accept it!
After quickly accepting the invitation, I finally saw Nick’s face again after two months.
“It’s not easy to see you now. Ha ha”. I was a bit sarcastic and couldn’t help but complain: “I thought
had kidnapped you.”
“Is it necessary to speak like that, ma’am?” Nick was speechless and rolled his eyes.
It seemed to be his normal reaction, but the premise was to ignore his thin face in the picture.
“I didn’t know you had a hobby of losing weight, Nick. You look thinner than me.” He was still a bit
unhappy, but concern prevailed at the moment, “What happened?”
“What happened? Olive, don’t make such a fuss, okay?” Nick sighed deeply: “It’s just normal academic
pressure and some small problems that I’ve run into often. I know you care about me. But to be honest,
it’s even more stressful for me right now to take some time off to calm down your emotions. .”
I looked at Nick on the phone screen and took a deep breath to calm down.
Indeed, my insistence was correct.
Only by seeing Nick’s face with my own eyes through a FaceTime video was I able to confirm how he
was doing at that moment.
Nick was nothing like what he said.

“Nick, do you know you’re not normal right now?” I seriously asked. In the image, Nick’s face darkened.
“Don’t think that everyone is like you!” He looked me in the eye with irritability and other negative
things. I didn’t know what to say for a while.

This was a Nick that was unfamiliar to me.
Nick and I had known each other since college. Later, we were admitted to graduate school together,
but our research directions were different at that time. But he still came to see me often. I had met her
ex-boyfriend Tim, my fellow graduate student, at the time.
In my impression, Nick was certainly an outspoken person, but he had never made any malicious or

offensive comments.
He seemed to be a carefree person,
I never expected that I would hear such comments about me from him.
“Oh… that’s not what I meant…” Nick seemed to realize what he had just said, but I cut him off.
“Nick, if that’s what you are, I’m sorry you’ve been wronged by being with me all these years.”
God, that wasn’t what he meant either.
Besides, he didn’t want to cry, okay?
I wiped away my tears and looked at Nick in the photo calmly: “The reason I insisted on seeing you is
because I haven’t communicated with you for two consecutive months.And you weren’t in a good state
during our previous FaceTime calls. I’m worried about you!”
“I know.” Nick seemed even more irritable, “but I just want to contact you after everything is resolved.

“Come on, Nick. Do you still remember what you said when I had a problem? Sharing cuts the pain in
half.” “The situation is different. Now I am in the United States and you are in Germany! There is even a
6 hour time difference between us. Do you understand what this means?” Nick suddenly got excited, “It
means that even if I tell you, the problems will only multiply! You can’t help me, and I even have to take
the blame for worrying you!” Nick had always joked in the past. Now he was serious and terrifyingly
real. I couldn’t say a word.

At that moment, I heard the sound of a door opening on the other end of the phone.
“Now I’m back.” It was David’s voice.
“I am very grateful for your concern for me. Now that you’ve seen that I’m safe, let’s call it quits. I can
take care of everything myself. Bye bye”.
The video cut out and Nick left in a hurry.
I looked at the chat interface on the phone screen and felt quietly sad.
But it was almost time to go to work, and I managed to contain my emotions. After washing my face in
the sink, I left the bathroom.
On the way to the lab, I regretted my decision to come to Germany for the first time.

She shouldn’t miss the chance to cherish the friendship she still had for the love she had lost!
Maybe I should have gone to Harvard with Nick to continue my studies. In that case, at least he would
have been helpless and sad like he was now.
“Oh, dear Dr. Olive, what happened to you recently? Is it because of the dog? Charlotte yelled at me as
soon as I entered the lab.
“No, my friend found some things difficult.” I waved my hand, not wanting to say anything else.
But Charlotte was not someone to be easily dismissed.
“Can you tell me about it? Maybe a smarter brain can help your friend more.” She came closer to me,
lowered her voice and became serious.
I stopped.
Charlotte was right. And now she really couldn’t think of a better way.
If she could, she’d take a vacation and fly to Boston right now!
I described the general situation.
“Well, the distance is a big problem. Do you have any friends in the United States who might know

I wanted to tell Cinder about the situation just now.
But a second before I sent the message, I thought about Nick’s words.
His words certainly shocked me.
Cinder had been very busy and I worried a bit about adding to her burden.
“By the way, professional things should be left to professionals. You can ask your boyfriend for help.”
Charlotte said.

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