Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 268 The Broken Heart

After hanging up the phone, I got up and slowly approached the lab door.

Soon, I discovered the source of the disturbance: there was a spill

Sealed reagent bottle near the fume hood closest to the door.

Someone must have been here!

Yet there was deathly silence around them, not a single person in sight, save for the flickering
overhead lights that gave off a pale glow.

Although the lab was heated, at that moment I felt an eerie chill.

” Hello ? Anyone there ? ” My voice changed slightly with nervousness

I certainly did mind being spied on, but what worried me most was that there shouldn’t be a third
person here other than me and Charlotte right now.

“Charlotte? It’s you ? I tentatively called out Charlotte’s name, and slowly made my way to the lab door.

The moment I opened the door, a black shadow suddenly entered.

“Oh!!! I yelled.

“Oh!!! Another scream followed.

I took a closer look.

“Charlotte? It was Charlotte standing in front of me.

” You scared me ! ”Charlotte patted her chest in lingering fear, and the documents of her in her hands
scattered on the floor.

“You just scared me! I refused to take the blame, “Why did you keep quiet? ”

Charlotte quickly apologized to me.

I bent down to help pick up the scattered documents, feeling a sense of relief. _

At that moment right now, who knows how many horror movie scenes went through my mind!

Luckily, it was only one person.

But then my head hurt again.

Info page split now

I swear I will never make personal calls at work again!

First, Lester listened to me last time, and now Charlotte!

It was Charlotte!

Looking at my assistant, who couldn’t meet my eyes, I could already feel the discomfort.

She must have thought that after all this time, I should have ended the call. But she didn’t expect to
hear about me and Aaron the moment she walked in.

Because it was too unexpected, he made a panicked noise and then fled the scene.

Unfortunately, at this time, it was just the two of us here. _

His escape seemed completely unnecessary.

“I’m so sorry,” Charlotte said again.

It seemed that she was also feeling embarrassed now.

I sighed. _ “Stop apologizing. Let’s talk about it.”

Documents in hand, Charlotte and I headed back to our work stations

The silent laboratory was filled with shame again.

I bite the bullet and brought up the subject.

“Actually, things aren’t what you think…” I wanted to mention Aaron’s name, but found I was too
embarrassed to tell fast update.

Charlotte looked at me, as if expecting my follow-up.

“I mean, even though it happened, it’s over and done with. I hope you don’t mention it again, not by

Charlotte slightly widened her eyes, showing a puzzled look, “Why? This is indeed my problem ”.

“Although it is your problem, I am also to blame. And, don’t apologize for that in the future, otherwise I’ll
feel like you’re constantly reminding me, which makes me feel uncomfortable.”

” I understand ” . Charlotte’s expression turned serious: “From now on, I will concentrate on my work
and never make that kind of mistake again.”

I nodded with satisfaction.

Charlotte was pretty smart. She probably saw that she didn’t want to mention Aaron, so she didn’t ask
any more questions, instead she changed the subject.

However , he still had some concerns .

Charlotte had the greatest penchant for gossip I had ever seen in a person. This unexpected incident
made her aware of my relationship with Aaron. If she were to seek information in private, it would be
troublesome for me. _ _ _

After pondering for a moment, I patted him seriously on the shoulder.

“Relax, I never wanted you to be on edge all the time. You can still gossip and share interesting news,”
I leaned closer to her, “just don’t focus it on me. Do what you want ” .

Charlotte met my eyes, thought for a moment, and then suddenly her eyes widened.

” I understand ! She sighed with relief, “Don’t worry. Although I am very interested in gossip , I have
absolute respect for the friends around me .With his promise, I was relieved.

I hugged her and threw myself back into overtime work.

However , it took me a long time to realize that Charlotte did not understand anything that day . The
carefully crafted words that occurred to me had completely changed their meaning in her interpretation.

She thought she just wanted him to completely forget about that low-level lab accident!

Of course _ I couldn’t blame her. _

Because she wasn’t the one who overheard the conversation between me and Nick!

She didn’t know anything.

We were talking about two completely different topics at the time!

It was just that I didn’t mention Aaron and she didn’t ask, so the conversation on the two channels
continued strangely, revealing no flaws.

Aaron’s point of view:

It had been two days and one night since I received the news of the accident involving Olive and her
research assistant from Giancarlo.

It was a special order that he had given to Giancarlo: inform me of any accident involving Olive.

“It appears that your research assistant, Charlotte Charles, made a basic mistake and caused this
accident. The people below have already lost their temper. The two have been working overtime at the
company for the past two days.”

I regretted not having come to the company sooner.

After waking up hungover, every time I remembered Olive’s cold attitude towards me, I couldn’t muster
any energy or motivation to do fast update.

But what was even more upsetting was that someone , I did not know who , spread the news , and
Miss Porsche , whom I rented for a while , found out that I had come to Ulm and actually applied to the
company .

After firing Miss Porsche, I heard from Olive from Giancarlo.

Without even taking a sip of water, I headed straight back to TWH.

When I came to my senses, I was standing in front of the door of Laboratory 3. _ _ _

When I reached the door, a wave of shyness prevented me from rushing in directly.

“I’ll just take a look, just to make sure he’s okay.” When did she really need to find such a ridiculous
excuse to get things done?

I chuckled self-deprecatingly, stepped forward and quietly opened the door to Lab 3.

“Yeah, it’s a complete disaster. In the past two days, I only closed my eyes for a few hours, to clean up
the mess that my subordinate created.” fast update.

Olive’s voice was unusually clear in the empty lab.

With her back to me, she was holding the phone in one hand and pressing her temple with her free
hand, looking very tired.

It sounded like he was talking to one of his closest friends, Cinder or Nick.

Before I knew it, I took a few steps forward.

However , the next moment , Olive ‘s voice came back on .

“There is no chance for Aaron and me. We will not be together again. As for Adenauer, I haven’t made
up my mind yet. Actually, he’s a great guy, but if Aaron continues to pester me in the future I may have
to resign.”

At this moment I heard the sound of my heart breaking into pieces.

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