Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 474: Extra Chapter- A New Life

She returned to this place.

Public opinion was like a ferocious beast, not letting her go even for a moment.

Even though Hunter and Joseph were working together to cover it up, the rumors would not vanish.

It was exactly as she had expected.

So what?

She had a family that loved her, a husband who doted on her. As her grandfather said, as long as the
family was united, would there be anything terrifying?

At this moment, Emily was standing in front of the French window, enjoying the bright sunshine.

Her family members were all in the courtyard.

Grandpa’s condition was very good. Ever since she returned, his health improved day by day.

Previously, he was so sick that he had to sit in a wheelchair, but now, he was able to jump around in
the courtyard.

"This lantern doesn’t look good. Milo, what’s wrong with you? Hurry up and fix it. It’s not symmetrical!"

"Don’t you know that asymmetry is prevalent now?" Milo was reluctant to be outdone, so he retorted,
"Old man, you are old and don’t understand the trend."

"It sounds like you’re very young."

"Ten years younger than you."


"Dad, today is a joyous day. You can’t swear." Lottie stopped him at the right time.

Only then did the old man realize that. He immediately slapped his own mouth and apologized, "Yeah,
yeah, it’s all my fault, I won’t say that, I won’t say that. Well, Milo, hurry up and fix it."

"I know. You are so nagging."

"Watch your words!"

"Young miss told you to pay attention to your words."

"You …"

"Dad, today is a good day. You shouldn’t be angry." Lottie’s voice sounded again.

"Yes, yes, yes, I was wrong again. I’m not angry, how could I be angry? Look, I’m smiling so happily!"
The old man had no choice but to put on an amiable smile.

"Great-grandfather, monster."

Basia struggled down from Joseph’s arms and ran towards the old man with her short round legs.

Chester was afraid that she would fall down, so he followed behind her.

The old man instantly became sad. "Great-grandfather is so good, how could he be a monster?"

"Monster, monster." Basia changed her direction halfway and headed straight for Milo.

"He’s a bad guy. Basia, don’t be fooled by him. Great-grandfather is the good guy." The old man
chased after her.

Two kids and two elders chased after each other in the courtyard.

Under the sunlight, grandpa had grey hair, but his face was rosy and shiny. He looked like he had
gotten younger for more than ten years.

Joseph came in from the courtyard and looked at Emily, who had put on her makeup and wedding

Today, she was going to get married!

Just a few days after returning home, Hunter the bastard would take her away. The reunion was too

"Grandpa has decided to set up a large-scale enterprise in Bentson City and he will personally take
charge of it." Joseph walked to her side and looked at the people in the courtyard with her.

"Will he be personally in charge, or he finds an excuse to stay in Bentson City?" How could Emily not
understand her grandfather?

Joseph smiled and said, "Whatever the reason is, he just wants the family to be whole."

Emily did not say anything, and she smiled brighter.

Yeah, as long as the family was whole, she would be happy no matter how she lived.

Suddenly, Joseph’s gaze was turned to the distant sky and he said, "Here he comes."

In order for today’s wedding, the front yard was cleared to serve as a temporary apron.

Right now, the helicopter for taking the bride was approaching.

Emily’s eyes reflected the plane, but what was in her mind was the sturdy figure, the face that could
make women infatuated the moment they saw it.

Here he came.

From today onwards, she was going to start a new life.

For the rest of her life, she would not part with him again.

The end.