My love never ends

Chapter 233 An Annoying Kiss

After a busy day in the company, it was time to get off work.

The afterglow of the setting sun penetrated the glass window and spread on the smooth floor. The
dazzling light reflected almost made people unable to open their eyes.

Lily stood up and walked to the French window, staring at the sunset in the sky, lost in thought.

It seemed that she hadn't seen such a beautiful sunset for a long time.

Her tiredness seemed to have been swept away, and all the troubles had been driven out of her mind.
Now she was completely relaxed.

She lowered her head and saw the reinforced concrete city under her feet. The magnificent buildings
appeared in front of her one by one, which made her suddenly feel ambitious.

Then the phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. She looked down and found that it was Kevin calling.

"Are you off duty? I'm downstairs of your company now." Kevin's deep voice came from the phone.

Lily looked downstairs subconsciously and said, "I'm going downstairs now."

Kevin's car was very low-key and parked in an inconspicuous place, which saved a lot of trouble for

She was afraid that there would be an ambush from the reporters nearby. After all, the news hadn't
been over yet. So she quickly walked to open the door and got in the car.

After getting in the car, Kevin didn't hurry to drive. He looked at her tired face and frowned, "are you
busy today?"

"Yes, I am very busy. After all, such a thing happened." Without saying anything more, Lily turned
around, fastened her seat belt and said to Kevin, "let's go."

Seeing that she didn't want to talk more, Kevin didn't ask and started the car.

Leaning against the back of the chair, Lily smelled a familiar scent from Kevin.

It was undeniable that when she smelled this familiar breath, she felt much more relieved. Even she
herself did not know why she still had a deep attachment for him in her bones after he had done so
many things to hurt her.

Maybe it was because he had reached out his hand to her and provided his shoulder for her to lean on
when she was helpless.

How ridiculous.

Lily looked out of the window and closed her eyes silently.

When the car stopped in front of the villa, Lily had fallen asleep.

Kevin didn't want to disturb her. He gently unfastened her seat belt and carried her into the house.

Knowing that Lily would come to see him today, Tyler was excited for the whole day. When he saw
Kevin coming in with Lily in his arms, he was about to rush over.

Kevin shook his head slightly and said in a low voice, "mom is too tired. She's asleep. She'll play with
you when she wakes up, okay?"

Although Tyler was a little disappointed, he nodded and said, "okay."

Kevin took her back to his bedroom, gently put her on the bed, tucked her in, and sat down by the bed.

The dark circles under her eyes were a little obvious. She was asleep very well. Even when she was
asleep, her eyebrows were wrinkled, and her delicate lips were watery and shining in the light,
somewhat attractive.

Kevin's eyes gradually became deep. He slowly bent down. When his lips were about to touch her lips,
Lily suddenly opened her eyes.

The two of them looked at each other, and they could feel each other's breath. The atmosphere
suddenly became very ambiguous.

Surprised, Lily tried to dodge, but Kevin suddenly pressed her shoulder and kissed her on the lips.


Without any precaution, Lily instinctively resisted, but she still couldn't resist the hot kiss from Kevin.

His breath filled her nose. The kiss made her dizzy and weak. After a long time, Kevin finally let go of

She took a few deep breaths and her lips were still wet, which made Kevin's eyes deeper.

She suddenly pushed Kevin away, covered her mouth and glared at him, "are you a rogue? Don't do
this to me without my permission."

"Do you hate my kiss?" Kevin looked at her with deep eyes and was dissatisfied with her resistance.

"Or what?" Lily sneered and wanted to get out of bed, but her arm was suddenly grabbed by Kevin. He
pulled hard and she fell into his arms defenselessly.

Her face suddenly darkened. She struggled to get up, but was firmly held in Kevin's arms.

"Let me go." She looked at Kevin angrily.

"What's wrong with the scars on your body?" Kevin looked down at her. His deep eyes were like the
endless night.

"What does it have to do with you?" With a self-mockery smile, Lily continued, "at this point, don't
pretend to care about me anymore, okay?"

Kevin frowned, "don't speak like that to me. Answer my question."

"How can I speak to you nicely?" Lily's face turned cold. She struggled to get rid of his hand and said,
"if you really want to know, won't you investigate it yourself? Aren't you omnipotent? "

She got out of bed and left the room without looking back.

Kevin sat on the edge of the bed with a sullen face. After a while, he took out his phone and dialed a

Seeing that Lily went downstairs, Tyler immediately ran towards her with a smile. "Mommy!"

"Tyler." Smiling, Lily bent down and held him in her arms. "Did you behave well at home today? Mom
said I would come to see you today. Did I break my promise? "

"No." "I'm good at home today. And I'm good every day," said Tyler lovingly.

Looking at his pretty face, Lily was in a good mood. She kissed him on the face and all the gloom in her
heart was swept away.

Tyler liked to stick with Lily. Children at this age were born with attachment to their mothers.

During the dinner, Lily ignored Kevin and focused on taking care of Tyler.

After dinner, she played with Tyler for a while. It was almost time. She touched his head and said to
him, "it's late. Mom is going to go back. I'll come to see you when I'm free, okay?"

Tyler grabbed her hand and asked in a sweet voice, "when will you be free in the future?"

After thinking for a while, Lily said, "I don't know when, but I promise you that I will come to see you as
long as I have time, okay?"

"Why doesn't mom live with dad and me?" Tyler looked at her with a disappointed expression, "in this
way, mom can stay with me every day. Is mom still angry with dad?"

Lily frowned and looked at Kevin subconsciously. As usual, Kevin said calmly, "Tyler is so young now.
He can't live without his mother at this age."

His words touched her heart. Did she want to be separated from her child?

"In that case, would you consider transferring the custody?" Lily said in a low voice.