Keep you in my arms

Chapter 1 Do You Want A Date With Me, Sir

At 11:30 p.m., in Room 708, DC Hotel.

"The water– Christa... You..." Once Angela Xu drank the water, her body was starting to feel all hot and

"You definitely won't be a virgin tonight!" Christa Yang's delicate makeup could not cover the sneer that
had crossed her face.

"Why?" Angela Xu gasped out. She could already feel her surroundings becoming hazy. How could her
friend do it? They had already known each other for more than ten years!

"Why?" Christa Yang snapped back, feeling tears welling up her eyes. She felt the hatred that she'd
squeezed in her chest for so long came rushing back out. "I trusted you so much that I told you a
secret, but now everyone knows I'm not a virgin! Do you know what I've lost? And now you're asking
me why?" What?

Angela Xu shook her head desperately, trying to claw at her. Something about it just didn't seem right.
There had to be a misunderstanding!

However, Christa Yang was already fully convinced. "Someone will come to help you alleviate what
you're feeling later. In fact, it's not as painful as you think it is. You might even enjoy it." Her eyes
glinted coldly. "I've even selected the most handsome man. Have a good time, Angela."

"Christa!" Angela Xu tried to grab her but she failed. Seeing this, Christa cackled as she slapped the

Angela felt the heat crawl around her skin as if a volcano was about to blow up. She felt so hot that she
wanted to tear off all her clothes in one go. As soon as her fingers trailed her skin, she couldn't help but

Although Christa said that the man would be good-looking, it didn't mean that she wanted to fuck him!

Angela managed to calm herself down even for a few moments and slowly opened the door.

Under the dim light of the corridor, she saw a figure standing in front of a guest room. The man was
wearing a suit. He looked as if he had just gotten off the runaway. He looked incredibly handsome that
she couldn't take her eyes off him. He inserted his room card in, and his simple movement made a wet
pool right between her legs.

No way! She couldn't stand it anymore!

This man was so handsome that he was way better than those pimps!

Just as he was about to close the door, she rushed over, sweat oozing out of her skin.

"Do you want a date?" She managed to squeeze out those words, despite the surging heat in her body.

She'd never been so bold before.

'Is she another one of the women coming for me?' Enough!

Edward Yan shoved her away and turned on the light, staring at her with his sharp eyes.

Under the light, she recognized the man's face! However, she couldn't help but be disgruntled when
she saw how his eyes were shining in disgust.

She swallowed greedily, looking at him as if he were a piece of pork. "Do you want to spend a night
with me or not?" she demanded.

"Do you think I want to?" he snarled. He hated the women who throw themselves at him. They didn't
have enough respect for themselves. "Get out."

His refusal was ruthless and without mercy. She blinked, surprised that a man could actually refuse her
at such a state. However, that would mean that she needed to find another one. Where else could she
find another man as handsome as he was?

Seeing that she had no intention of leaving, Edward Yan grabbed her arms and tried to drag her out of
the room. His lips curled.

'I may not be pretty, but I'm a woman too!'

Angela scowled. "Just because you're gay, it doesn't mean you get to be so rude!"

She couldn't think of any other reason for him to refuse her.

Edward Yan was speechless, raising his eyebrows up in the air. 'Did she really think I was gay?'

Thinking of all the events that had transpired today, he gripped her even tighter.

These types of women were a menace to society!

"Why don't we try one more time?" Angela tried again, fixing his collar. "You don't even have to be
responsible for me after."

"GET OUT!" He resorted to shouting exasperatedly, waving his arms up in the air.

Angela gritted her teeth. "Sir," she insisted. "I was drugged. I was hoping that you can help me."

'She was drugged?' His eyes widened, giving her another once-over.

Her cheeks were flushed and her pupils were dilated. From the looks of it, it seemed as if she wasn't
lying. Edward narrowed his eyes.

However, this could be another trick!

"And why should I trust you?"

'Can you believe this man?' Angela felt as if her body was about to explode. Her face turned into a
brighter shade of red. "If it weren't for the drug, you think I'll even go for you? I won't be taken
advantage of so easily!"

This woman was pretty, and there was a certain charm around her, but she wasn't that gorgeous!

His eye twitched. "Take advantage of you? Do you even have a mirror?"

Angela scowled at the insult, her nails digging deep into her palms that they might just leave marks.
She had enough of this man! "Look, even if you think I'm not that good looking, you can just turn off the
lights. Take it like a dog will."

A dog? Was she serious? He'd never met someone so uncouth in his whole life!

Normally, Edward wouldn't waste his time to talk to someone like her, but he was also in a bad mood.
"Even dogs would learn how to choose."

He shoved her out of the room. However, Angela wrapped her arms around him mercilessly. "Please!
Look, I'm sorry, okay? Help me out here!"

She could already feel her vision blurring from the heat that enclosed around her body. All Angela
wanted to do was rip her clothes off.

However, Edward just didn't buy it.

Seeing as there was no other choice, Angela decided to resort to other plans. Noticing that there were
several people passing, she hid a smile. "Please! Don't you want me anymore? Am I not enough for
you? You said... you said you'll be there for me! I promise, I'll even let you cheat on me! Please,"

she sobbed out.

Edward didn't expect the change of situations.

Seeing as he finally loosened his grip on her, tears were already running down her cheeks. Angela did
her best to hit another home run. "I won't abort our child!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

The people were already starting to take interest, peering over to see what the fuss was about. Noticing
the trouble she was causing, Edward quickly pulled her into the room and shut the door.

The women surrounding the area were impressed.

"What a jerk! And he was so handsome!" One of them rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Poor girl. She's already being cheated and the bastard forced her to have an abortion!"

"It's bastards like him that should be exposed to the internet! Maybe then, he'll stop fooling people!"

"But doesn't he look familiar though?"