Keep you in my arms

Chapter 2 I'm So Uncomfortable

Edward shoved her to the ground, shaking in anger. However, Angela already bent her legs. The heat
was already unbearable that she couldn't even stand up. "I– There was no other way... Pl–please, I
don't feel well,"

she stuttered out, trying to feign innocence. Although she wasn't completely out of her mind, she knew
that she needed to do something, anything to relieve the heat coursing through her veins. Hopefully,
the man standing in front of her could help relieve that.

She was already panting as if she'd just run a marathon. Beads of sweat traced down her neck, as her
eyes wandered down his chest. Feeling his gaze on her, Angela pulled her blouse down, to give him a
good view of her cleavage.

Right at that moment, many thoughts flashed in his mind, but he shook them away.

He wasn't going to sleep with a woman he hadn't met!

Seeing as he still wasn't inching, she decided to sprawl out over the carpet. Without giving it much
thought, she trailed her fingers down her stomach, groaning and moaning seductively.

Finally, he lifted her off the ground.

Angela clasped her arms around him triumphantly, feeling as if he'd already compromised till he pulled
her in another direction–

into the bathroom. 'Does he prefer to do it in the bathtub?' she thought. However, Angela didn't really
have much of a say in these types of situations. Besides, all she wanted was to get rid of the arousal
she had been feeling for the past minutes. She wasn't asking for the whole deal.

Angela was about to take off her clothes when cold water splashed her face.

"Ah!" It was March. Since it was just entering Spring, it was still very chilly outdoors. Freezing cold
water wouldn't help in these types of situations.

Angela screamed, trying to avoid it, only to be held down by him.

She sputtered and coughed out as the water was thrown at her. "Hello!" she yelled. "Please, stop!" Her
limbs might be weak and she might be horny as hell, but that didn't mean that she wanted to die

Angela choked on the water being poured at her. Her limbs were weak from the drugs, so she had no
other choice but to accept what was coming for her.

What was wrong with this man? She was a woman! Not an ugly one! Would he rather drown her than
fuck her? Angela wanted to resist, but she was inevitably useless under his hold.

She didn't like him anymore! All she wanted to do was punch him to his deathbed! Seeing that she had
finally calmed down,

Edward thought of it as a good sign that the effects of the drug had finally worn off.

He released her, turning off the shower head before turning on the tap of the bathtub. As he turned his
back to her, Angela fumed, stomping over to him to try and kick him into the bathtub.

Did he think it was funny to try and drown her? Maybe she should show him how it felt to be suffocated
like that!

With adrenaline rushing into her veins, Angela grabbed the back of his head and tried to push him into
the bathtub. However, she forgot one small detail. She was a girl. No matter how tough she was, she
wouldn't be able to push a man into the bathtub! Plus, she was drugged!

'Does she want to die?' Edward whirled at her, fuming.

He had thought to turn the tap on and let her soak in cold water to get rid of the drug's effects, but he
didn't expect that she'd try and drag him into the water!

He seized her waist.

Angela screamed as she bumped into his chest. They were already centimeters apart. Angela decided
to take this chance to seduce him once more. She leaned in closely, till he could see no one but her.
She widened her eyes. "Please, don't leave,"

she purred. If he wasn't affected by that, then he was impotent!

Although Edward was known to have such a strong will, he was also a man! The woman coiled around
him like a water snake. Before he could react, she rubbed herself against him. He groaned at the
contact, feeling his eyes dilating in intensity.

However, just as she was about to kiss her, he pushed her away and left the bathroom.

'Almost... almost there!' he thought.

After being pushed into the bathtub, her back bumped against the tap. She groaned. "Are you insane?"
she roared.

"You'd better be awake by the time I come back or else I'll wheel you right out!" he snarled before
shutting the door behind him.

Dumbfounded, Angela buried her face into her hands.

It was her first time with a man, so maybe she wasn't seductive enough. Or maybe, there really was
something wrong with this man.

Angela glanced down her cleavage and trailed her hands across her flat stomach. Even then, why
wasn't he affected by her? He must be gay. There was no question.

'What a bad luck! All I wanted to do is to fuck him!' Angela snorted, soaking into the cold water.
Although this method was much slower, it still did the job.

Outside the bathroom, Edward looked back at the door with a straight face before going into the
wardrobe to change into some clean clothes.

Just as he headed out, his phone rang.

"Is this Mr. Edward?" A seductive voice came from the other end of the line.


"Come over."

"In ten minutes." Before the woman could respond, he hung up the phone.

He didn't have much interest in this woman, but there was no point in delaying it any further. He walked
straight out.

Twenty minutes later.

Angela felt much better. Her chest wasn't heaving anymore, and now she could feel the coldness of the
water enveloping her. She got out of the bathtub and wrapped herself with a towel.

As she didn't see the man in sight, she was about to open the door and leave only to see him standing
in the doorway.

"Shit! You scared me." Angela jumped back, placing a hand on her chest.

Although she was angry at him for his rudeness, she still had him to thank that she'd finally gotten rid of
this arousal. "Sorry to disturb you," she apologized. "I'll be on my way then."

She wore a white shirt that clung to her skin. Her figure could clearly be seen. Edward felt his
temperature rising at the sight of the little skin she was showing.

God knew how he could take this anymore! His gaze lingered at her bath towel.

Angela shrugged. "My clothes are wet, so I'll go back to my room and send the towel back to you later,

He couldn't even find it in himself to talk.

His face was already filled with beads of sweat. And his lips were pressed on a thin line, his hands
balling into fists.

It was then that Angela noticed the uncomfortableness of his behavior. Was he drugged?

"You..." He could feel his body heat up at the sound of her voice. Angela snorted. "It seems karma bites
you right up in the ass, huh? Too bad for you, good sir." She chuckled.

Edward could only stare at her as if she had just grown two heads. Was she out of her mind? Didn't
she know how little control he had over his actions? Was she planning on helping him?