Keep you in my arms

Chapter 3 It Is Really Painful

"Since you helped me, I might as well return the favor! I'll run the shower!" Angela jumped up giddily,
like a child who had just been told that Christmas was coming soon. She thought of all the things she
could pull, now that he was the one being compromised.

As she touched his hand, he immediately recoiled. It was as if an electric wave had thrown him over,
and he was shaking more than ever.

"Damn it!" he spat out.

Was she even thinking? How could she touch him at a time like this? He was a bomb about to explode,
and she'd just lit the fire!

However, Angela didn't think of that. Instead, she had an inkling that he liked men or was impotent.
Those were the two reasons she figured out why he strongly disliked her touch. She didn't realize how
dangerous the situation she was in. Angela could only see how humiliated and tormented he was, and
her eyes glinted with mischief.

"You'd better get out now!"

Edward warned. Although he only took a few sips of the coffee he had been served, it felt as if his
entire body was burning with desire. If he hadn't been better at controlling himself, he'd be fucking the
woman who'd just served him the coffee!

However, the desire to have someone was getting stronger and stronger. Edward didn't know how
much longer he could keep his sanity.

"Get out now!" he commanded again, his vision already blurring.

Angela thought nothing of this, shrugging. 'He doesn't like women anyway, so this would be the best
time to retaliate!'

Ignoring his warning, she skipped happily into the bathroom and turned on the tap. "I'll help you open
the water, so you can take a bath slowly," she instructed as if she were talking to a two-year-old boy.
"Don't worry, I won't disturb you."

She was about to leave, when she turned around. "If you don't like this method, you can go to Room
708. Don't worry! It's already paid. Plus, it's a man who'd entertain you."

She stressed out the last sentence.

'A man?'

His eye twitched.

The moment the words left her lips, Angela was so pleased. She was about to go when the door
slammed shut. Edward pressed her against the door, his breath fanning her face.

"It's a pity I like women then." Angela stepped back, her hand trying to find the door handle. Her eyes
widened in fear. She screamed as she was pulled into his arms. Angela tried to struggle but it was to
no avail. She was stuck here. "Hey! You..."

He clasped the back of her head with the other hand and forced her to face him. Without another
thought, he sealed her mouth with a searing kiss.

He wasn't gay, and he had no problems proving her that.

Angela struggled under his touch. If she had known of his bisexuality, then she wouldn't have asked for
this. However, it was too late now. He had torn his way through her clothes and towels, ravaging her

He almost tore her body apart. He wasn't even trying to be gentle as he squeezed into her.

She was just a virgin, and it wasn't because she was conservative.

It was just because she hadn't met the right guy she could give it to. Angela once fantasized of people
doing impulsive things for the name of love, but she wasn't expecting that she'd give her first time to
someone she barely even know!

He didn't even made love to her. All he did was use her to cure his arousals!

It was terrible!

She lifted the quilt angrily and sat up. In the corner of her eye, she could see a stack of cash on her
bedside table. It was probably worth around eighty thousand. There was a piece of paper on top of it
all, and when she took a look, it read, 'If it's not enough, call me.'

Angela's fingers curled into fists.

'Was I worth that price? Did he think I'm that cheap?' She fumed. This was not how her first time was
supposed to go.

She angrily rummaged through her clothes and fished out her phone. She quickly dialed the number.

He picked it up very quickly. Without saying who she was, she blasted out at him. "Not enough?" she
demanded. "I'll show you who's not enough, you son of a bitch!"

Edward's eyes widened upon hearing her voice. He smiled. "How much do you want?"

She gritted her teeth. "I want to meet."

There was silence for a few seconds before he finally responded, "At the cafe on the first floor of the
DC Building. I'll be there in thirty minutes."


Half an hour later, she arrived at the cafe. It was lunch time, so the area was already crowded with
people. However, it didn't take her long enough to spot him. He was sitting in the corner. Occasionally,
someone would pass by and nod at him. However, the man only returned the gesture with a cold smile.

As soon as she walked over, he stood up. "Let's talk at another place," he offered.

It was the first time he'd been here, so he wasn't expecting that many people. When there were so
many people, they were bound to hear their conversation.

"That's not necessary! I don't want to waste my time for you." She sneered, slamming the bag filled
with money onto the table. "Explain. What the hell does this mean?"

Edward looked around to see that this had attracted a lot of attention.

He could even hear their faint whispers.

"Isn't that Mr. Edward? Why is he here?"

"What? Is he with a woman? Who is she?"

"Woman? Yeah! Holy shit! Look at her!"

"There's also a stack of money on the table!"

There were even some who stealthily snapped a shot of the two on the table.

Edward rubbed his temple helplessly. "Is this really the best place to talk? Can we change?" he asked

Change to another place? Why? She had been tossed up all night. All she wanted was to eat, and she
didn't want to go anywhere else.

"There's absolutely no need. I'm hungry." She beckoned the waiter over and was about to order.

"What can I do for you?" the waiter asked respectfully.

As she was about to order, Edward pulled her up. "No thanks," he said roughly.

"What the fuck? Let go of me!" She tried to shake off his grip but to no avail.

Although Edward was a little disgusted by her act, he leaned close enough for him to whisper, "Do you
really think this is the perfect place we can talk? Look around!"

Angela looked around to see that there were already groups of people surrounding them. She was
already agitated due to her hypoglycemia, so she shrugged them off. "You know what? Let's eat first.
We can talk about it later."

Seeing as the people had not yet finished spanning their photos, Edward grabbed the money on the
table and grabbed her arm.

He could feel her thin body beneath her clothes.

Edward couldn't help but remember what happened that night. She was so thin, and he then became a
little bit gentler with her.