Keep you in my arms

Chapter 4 She Only Values This Price

He didn't loose her until they went out of the door. She turned around and wanted to go back to the
shop because she was really hungry. He dragged her back and took her aside regardless of her yelling.

"We can talk here!"

She was on the verge of being mad, "I have told you, I want to eat first!"

He put his hands on her shoulders and pressed her down, "talk before you eat!"

Although she was angry, she had no choice but to compromise. She glanced at the money in his hand.
Edward realized and explained, "I had no choice last night. I didn't mean to take advantage of you. This
is my compensation."

Make it up to me? Was this the money for her virginity?

She looked him up and down, held her arms and sneered, "Do you know that this might affect my life!
Do you think you can make it up? "

Her eyes reddened as she said this.

He just took her virginity. They lived in the modern society now. How could it be so serious? Did she
want to take the matter too serious so as to blackmail him?

He had no choice, but asked patiently, "what do you want?"

Only if she was willing to accept compensation, could his heart be more peace. And it was also a good

What a tone? Did he mean she asked him for a blackmail? But it is he who touched her! Besides, what
could she do? She wanted him to pay her back. Could he? If she met someone she liked in the future

and she was estranged from him because of such things, it would become a lifelong regret.

As soon as she wanted to take it out on him, she thought she was not qualified. After all, it was she
who entered his room at that time. She could only turn her anger into staring at him, but she could not
say a word even she gritted her teeth.

She didn't even know who should be to blame for this. The more she thought about it, the more
aggrieved she felt. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Although Edward didn't like to deal with women, he didn't want to see a woman cry. He would be very
whiny when she cried.

He looked down at his watch, and the appointed time with Aaron Chen was approaching. He had no
way but added, "How about this? You can come to me again after you figure out how much I should
compensate you."

"I don't want the money! But who can compensate me for my virginity? !" She cried sadly.

He smiled bitterly, "How to compensate for this?"

No matter how much money she asked, he could give her. But how to compensate for what happened?

Could it be compensated?

Wiping away her tears, Angela was in a daze and murmured, "How to compensate..."

"You can have a surgery," He suggested and handed the money to her, "Send me your account and I'll
give you another three hundred thousand."

What's done is done. Does he think the truth can be changed by doing a repair surgery?! How dare he
despise her like this! What's more, did she come here for money?!

She took over the money and threw it at him. As soon as she wanted to be rude, she didn't think she
had any reason. After all, it was she who had come into his room that night, and she could not take it
out on him. She had to turn away with red eyes and sulked.

The wind in March was a bit chilly, and the angry woman's long hair floated in the air. Her slender and
helpless figure suddenly cooled his anger.

After a while, he squatted down to pick up the money. Right then, a pair of shoes appeared in his sight.

"Mr. Edward, I can't believe that there is money to pick up downstairs of your company!" The man was
dressed in a light Khaki dust coat. When the wind blew, he looked elegant and graceful.

Ten minutes later, on the sixteenth floor of DC Building, in the CEO's office.

After telling Aaron Chen the whole story, Edward prepared the second pot of tea. Aaron Chen still
couldn't stop laughing, "Ha-ha... You are the CEO of DC company. The girl didn't do anything wrong
and she was implicated by you, why did you just give her one hundred thousand? "

"She only values this price!" Said Edward lightly.

"Didn't you say that you don't know what kind of person she is? She is not from my sister's side. How
could you be so sure that she is only worth this price? " Although Aaron Chen was only two months
older than Edward, he was still Edward's uncle. They had been congenial to each other since
childhood. They were more like friends than an uncle or a nephew.

"If that happened because of me at the very start, she is innocent. But who broke into my room and
asked me to help her? So it could be seen that we help each other, but in a different way. " He

Aaron Chen said with a smile, "When it comes to business, I am a poor bookworm. Of course I am no
match for you! But she was the first one who dared to smash you with money! Just let her go like this,
it's unlike you! "

Edward poured him a cup of tea and smiled. He was not willing to talk about the sense of compassion
in that time. He switched to another topic, "How long will you stay this time?"

"Two days. After this semester, I will go back to S City for my career development. "

Edward knew that Aaron was having an academic dream, so he was a little surprised, "Did my
grandmother force you to do that?"

"Yes! She gave birth to me in her old age and give me more love. Of course she want to control my life.
There is always something that needs to be compromised in life! " Although he felt uncomfortable, he
still smiled elegantly.

Edward lowered his head while drinking the tea, trying to cover the sadness in his eyes.

After a long while, he still had a lingering fear, "The women in your Chen Family are so terrible."

Aaron Chen also had the same sense, "To get what she wants, she will use all kinds of means," he

They both sighed in agreement.

As the night fell, the bustling city was haunting by people and cars, revealing a lively life as usual, as
well as some abject life story.

At the door of room 304, on the sixth floor of the Happy Apartment, Angela was squatting. She checked
the cellphone and it was 7:35. She thought Christa would be back soon. Sure enough, not long after,

she heard the familiar footsteps.

Christa went upstairs without any guilty conscience when she saw her. Angela held back her anger.
Although she didn't say anything, she had put it on her face.

Because of what happened last night, she was not in the mood to go to work. Besides, it was already
two o'clock in the afternoon after she met the man. She simply asked for leave from the company and
came back for a rest. But unexpectedly, Christa even changed the lock.

Angela called her and sent her messages, but Christa didn't respond.

Exhausted, Angela kept squatting at the door until she came back.

Christa glanced at her and went straight to open the door, as if she hadn't heard what Angela said.

Seeing the door open, Angela wanted to go in, but Christa stopped her from going in and pushed out
the suitcase that was prepared behind the door. She said coldly, "Your things are here."

"What do you mean? !"

"You know what I mean!"

Then she was shut out of the door with a bang.

Half a month ago, she ran away from home and came to S City. Christa still welcomed her happily.
Now Christa set her up and want to drive her away. The key point was that she had spent a lot of
money and rent on this house ever since she moved in. How could Christa drive her out so ruthlessly?
Was she wrong?

Now it was at night again. Where should she find a place to sleep?