Keep you in my arms

Chapter 6 This Is My First Time To Cook!

Exactly as what Miss Li said, Anna wanted to know if he liked women or not. But she couldn't totally
trust what Miss Li said. She knew that Edward must be drugged so that he was so angry. It is
impossible to release the medicinal if no one help him. As for he have sex with man or woman, or...

She looked at her own hands and shivered.

Her son is such an oddball, did he really just use his own hands in order to preserve himself purity?

She couldn't help shivering and shaking her head. She didn't want to believe that her son would
masturbate rather than having sex with a woman.

She thought that she needed to investigate.

Edward put the suitcase into the trunk, got on the car and drove to the Glory City International Garden.
His mother's words reminded him of what happened last night.

Groovy? Complicated thoughts asides, she was really a charming woman. How long had it been since
he experienced such a feeling? Eight years? Or ten years? Hustle and bustle, more than ten years had
passed. He wondered whether she was having a good life.

Recalling from last night to ten years ago, his expression changed from chuckle to frown.

Early in the next morning, Angela got up and went to look for a house to live. She browsed apps and
found a roommate recruitment, which is a famous community located in downtown district —— Glory
City International Garden. There were two bus stations from her company and the rent was only 800
dollars. It seemed that it was a good deal. But the landlord wrote that there were special requirements.

'I'm short of money now, ' she thought and made a phone call.

At the other end of the line came a sweet and lovely voice of a girl, "Hello."

"Hello, Miss Chen, I have read your rent information on the Internet. Do you still need a roommate?"

The girl was polite but asked directly, "Yes. Can you cook?"

"I can cook some home cooked dishes."

"It's hard to explain clearly on the phone. Why don't you come to my house directly! I happen to be at
home now. "

Glory City International Garden was located in the prime location of the city. People living there were
either rich or noble. In spite of somewhat restless, she thought for a while and replied, "It's necessary
for me to discuss with you face to face."

"I'll text you the detailed address. Call me when you get there. I'll ask the security guard to open the

"Okay, thank you, Miss Chen."

"See you later."


After hanging up the phone, according to the address sent by the other party, Angela arrived at room
1206, building A6, Glory City International Garden. She rang the doorbell and the landlord opened it.

The girl who opened the door was wearing a shirt and a package hip skirt. Her makeup was naturally
exquisite, just like her voice, sweet and pleasing. When she saw Angela, she looked her up and down
with her big round eyes. She seemed to think about something. Finally she nodded and invited her in
with a beautiful smile. "Come in! Please take a seat. Do you want coffee or lemon tea? "

"Lemon tea, thank you." Angela sat down, restrained. When the landlord turned around and walked to
the kitchen, she looked around the room again.

The decoration was simple and elegant, with pink and white as the theme, very warm.

The landlord brought two cups of lemon tea, but Angela was so vigilant that she didn't dare to drink.

The woman smiled and asked, "Can you cook?"

"I can do some home cooking except too difficult."

"Can you make a curry potato?"

Angela frowned. She didn't want to lie or lose the opportunity. "I haven't done it before, but I can have a

But this was a roommate recruitment, why did she ask about it?

The woman looked at her up and down for a while, touched his jaw, and analyzed seriously, "You are
good at looking and etiquette. Now I want to see if you can cook or not. ." While saying, she walked to
the bookshelf in the hall and took out a document. Then she walked over again and put the document
on the tea table in front of Angela. "And whether you can accept the agreement in this document or
not," she said.

She picked up the agreement with confusion. It didn't have many requests, only three:

NO 1. Clean up the lobby, kitchen and rubbish every day;

NO 2. Cook dinner for two people at least five days in a week;

NO 3. Taking an outsider home for the night is prohibited;

In addition to these three terms, there were also some articles, such as that it was better to be able to
bake, Party A or the landlady had the right to ask Party B, the customer renting, to move away at any
time. These seemed to be all unreasonable terms.

Although these rules were a little harsh, they were not too much for Angela, because she was a slight
neat freak. She cleaned her residence every day and didn't let the rubbish stay overnight. Moreover,
she didn't like to eat takeout and she preferred to cook by herself. She didn't mind others cooking for
herself or for two people.

The point was that she could afford such a comfortable place to stay with just eight hundred and that it
was even so close to the company. What a good deal! It would be perfect if she could live here!

"If you can accept these conditions, the rent can be free." The woman continued.

"! ! !" No charge? This was a windfall!

However... Could it be a trap? Upon hearing this, Angela couldn't help looking her up and down. 'She
doesn't look like a liar, ' Angela thought. And she had nothing to be deceived.

Angela had noticed the watch on her wrist. She found the watch was made in Switzerland. If it was
salable product, it would spend at least 100000. It seemed to be reasonable that she didn't mind eight

"But we need a try for a month before we sign the contract officially." The woman was also alert.

Because she was in a hurry to find a place to live and the environment was good here, Angela thought
about it for a while and said, "I can accept all these conditions."

Hearing this, her eyes brightened and she clapped her hands happily, "Okay!" She looked at her watch
and said, "It's half past eleven now. Or you can cook a curry potato chicken, I want to have a try! If you

pass the test, you will be my roommate! "

Angela didn't act unconvincingly and began to cook. Since the ingredients were all dealt well, Angela
cooked according to the requirement of the cookbook, a curry potato chicken finished in twenty-seven

"It's my first time to cook. I don't know if you like it." Angela was a little nervous, because this dish
decided whether she could live here or not.

The landlord was poker-faced just now, but her face lit up with excitement and childishness after she
had a bite of potato. "Oh my God! Is it really your first time to make a curry potato chicken? It's even
more delicious than Kay! "

Her expression made Angela very happy. She smiled and said, "It's my first time to cook!"

It seemed that it was hopeful.

The woman didn't stop until she had finished half a bowl. With food in her mouth, she stretched out her
hand and said, "You are qualified! My name is Hilda Chen. We are roommates from now on! "

Hearing this, Angela's stiff body relaxed and shook hands with her happily. "My name is Angela. Nice to
meet you!"

Afraid that Angela would go back on her word, Hilda Chen asked her to sign the contract in a hurry.
"Don't I need to pay the deposit?" Angela asked.

"No need! As long as you cook nice dishes for me every day, you don't have to pay rent. " Hilda Chen
was pleased about that she didn't need to eat out anymore. Such taste of Home cooking was
something that could not be eaten outside!


Do not collect the rent just because of this? Angela frowned.