Keep you in my arms

Chapter 5 I Did Not Touch Her At All

Angela held back her tears and took out the key. She remembered that half a month ago, Christa
happily gave her the key. "Angela! Hold it, here will be our home from now on! When you find a job, we
can divide the rent equally! "

But a week later, Christa got a little angry. She happened to see the messages hat Christa sent to
others told that she had lived there for a week without paying the rent.

Seeing this, Angela didn't say anything. She thought, 'Christa is also under great pressure. I can't live
here for nothing!' So she borrowed two thousand dollars from others and paid the rent for Christa. She
was afraid that Christa might be under too much pressure, so she paid half rent at the beginning of the
month. She had just lived there for three days, but Christa drove her out.

The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. Her eyes were blurred.

At that time, she received a message from Christa, which said, "The money I paid for the pimp and the
hotel was even with your rent. "

"Huh!" She sneered as her chest was blocked by those words all of a sudden.

Gritting her teeth, she squatted down, stuffed the key through the crack of the door and sent it back to
her. Then she walked out of the apartment with her suitcase.

The night lights in S city were as bright as daytime.

Walking in the dense crowd in such a big city, Angela felt unprecedentedly lonely. After thinking for a
long time, she gave up calling her friends for help. She didn't want anyone to see her down and out.

It happened to be weekend tomorrow, so she decided to find a hotel first and hunt a house tomorrow!

She could led a live well even being alone

The housing price in the central downtown of LH District of S city was so expensive that an average
person could not afford it for five hundred years.

In the No. 23 villa of LH Garden, a variety of delicious foods had been served on the dinner table.

"Kay, put the fried eggs with tomato in front of Edward. He likes it best. By the way, have you prepared
the medlar soup? These are supplements for Edward! " A lady of early thirties asked with a radiant
smile on her face.

Wearing an apron, Kay said respectfully, "Madam, everything is ready. Hilda's favorite curry potato is
almost ready! "

"That's it!" Anna smiled with satisfaction.

Just then, her phone rang.


"Mom, I'm not going back for dinner. "

"That child Hello? Hello? Hello? " Anna glanced at the phone with a bit of anger.

Just then, the door was opened and Anna saw her son coming back. She walked over happily.
"Edward, you're back? "

Edward stared at her with a straight face, but didn't respond.

Although Edward was taciturn, he respected his mother very much. Kay had been the housekeeper of
the Yan Family for most of her life and watched Edward grew up. It was her first time to saw that
Edward stared at his mother so angrily.

She tried to ease the situation with an eye-catching smile on her face. " Moo moo, Madam has
prepared a table of your favorite dishes. "

Moo moo was his pet name.

Thinking of what happened last night, he was full of anger, but he did not vent it. He turned his head
and looked at Kay in a slightly softer way. "I don't want to eat anything. "

Then he went straight to the second floor, leaving Anna calling him "Edward " and "Moo moo several
times. "

Edward packed several clothes and put them in the suitcase. Outside the door, Anna was afraid that he
would move out, so she rushed in and pressed down the luggage he was about to lift, nervous and
aggrieved, "my son! Where are you going? "

"What do you think?" He asked coldly.

"All right, all right! I was wrong! " Anna felt wronged and said, "you are almost thirty-five years old. You
haven't had a girlfriend. How could I not worry about you? "

Every time those rich ladies talked about their sons' marriage, Anna felt upset! It was okay if his son
didn't get married. In the past ten years, Edward didn't have any women around him. He was so
dissolute that he didn't look like a man. People outside said that he liked men.

Edward is the only son of the Yan Family. If he only loves men, the Yan Family will have no offspring?

Anna could not help but tremble in fear as she thought of it! That's why she went that far!

"I swear! I didn't mean to ask you to have a blind date with that woman. That woman was just sent by
me to verify whether you like women or not. Fortunately, my son is all right! " Anna patted her chest and
felt relieved, not noticing at all that Edward's face was darkened.

"Verify?" He sneered, "so, you are trying to verify your son by that kind of woman? Your biological son?

In fact, it was not only that woman, but also the men he met yesterday. It was she who spent money to
send them to seduce him, but fortunately he didn't touch those men. But since he was so angry, she'd
better not to mention the men's things.

Anna didn't realize that she had already touched her son's bottom line. She even got close to him and
raised her eyebrows. "That woman is so hot with her figure protruding. She was carefully chosen by
me, so How did you feel last night? Isn't it wonderful? "


Edward was outraged. He lifted the suitcase in a sudden and said, "sorry to disappoint you. I didn't
even lay a finger on her. "

Then he walked out of the room. Anna ran after him and asked, "how could it be possible? She said
you are good at it! "

If the woman standing next to him wasn't his mother, he might have killed her a hundred times.

With a gloomy face, he turned around and said, "I didn't touch her! "

After taking a step, he turned his head back to warn her, "and also those men I don't hope it happens
again! "

With a guilty conscience, Anna didn't dare to retort. She even didn't dare to stop him. Seeing that he
left in anger, she was more concerned about another thing. So she took out her phone and called that

She smiled softly, showing tenderness across the screen. "Hello, Miss Li. About last night, I want to ask
you a few questions. "

"Excuse me, Mrs. Chen." Please.

"Mr. Edward, who dated with you last night, is there a red birthmark on his hip? "

"Mrs. Chen, why do you ask me this question all of a sudden? "

"I'm worried that you may date the wrong person. "

"Oh! I see! There is indeed a birthmark on Mr. Edward's buttock, and it is red. I guess it is indeed Mr.
Edward! "

Anna stopped laughing immediately and said seriously, "well, Miss Li, don't lie. You didn't have sex with
my son yesterday. "

Because there was no birthmark on his buttocks!

Realizing that she was seen through by Anna, she quickly said, "Mrs. Chen, I admit that I am lying. He
was indeed drugged at that time, but he refused to go with me and ran away. I followed him and heard
a woman in his room shouting. Didn't you say that as long as Mr. Edward's sexual orientation is normal,
it will be okay? As long as who sleep with him is a woman, it doesn't matter, does it? It doesn't matter
which woman he slept with, does it? "