Keep you in my arms

Chapter 7 Meeting Again At The Party

Afraid that she would be startled, Hilda said nervously, "you don't have to do it every day. If you don't
have time to do it, we can go out for dinner. I mean, according to the contract, at least five days a week.
Of course, it is not a compulsory rule. Sometimes I have to go on a business trip or when I'm not home,
whatever you cook or not.

'Perhaps she doesn't know how to cook and she doesn't like the food outside. That's why she asked
me to be her roommate, ' Angela assumed? If so, I don't need to worry about the safety issue. She was
so lucky to meet such a landlord!

Angela signed the contract without hesitation and asked, "when can I come?"

"As soon as possible!" As soon as Hilda finished her words, she realized that Angela might be startled
by her enthusiasm, so she hastily replied with a smile, "at any time. I mean at any time. "

"I Can I come this afternoon? " She had no place to live now, and the hotel was too expensive.

"Of course!"

Hilda told her the password of the gate. After sending Angela away, she couldn't wait to make a phone

As soon as she heard that the phone was picked up, she was complacent. "Guess what? I'm such a
good person. How could it be possible that I can't find a roommate? "

"Have you got a roommate?"

"Of course! I'm beautiful and kind-hearted. How can't I have no roommates? "

"Signed unequal treaty?" The man on the other side of the phone seemed to be a little surprised.

"She must sign it! I need to eat! As you know, I'm extremely short of money recently. I can't even pay
for the maid. So I've added another rule in the contract which she must do some cleaning for me. " She
sighed all of a sudden, "Alas! What choice do I have? I'm just a little girl, wandering outside all by
myself. Dad doesn't love me, Mom doesn't cherish me, and even brother is cruel to me... "

She said while pretends to give a sob.

After a while, there's a pause, the man on the other side of the phone changed the subject. "Send a
scanned copy of your roommate's ID card to Lucas. "

After finishing his words, the man on the other end of the line hung up.

"Hello? Hello? " Hilda stared at her phone angrily. How cruel her brother was!

She muttered, "as the CEO of DC Capital Group, you are even reluctant to lend your sister 30 million
dollars to start a business. You are so mean! "

At 3:20 p.m., in the DC Building.

Edward went back to his office after the meeting. Lucas came in with some papers in his hands and
said respectfully to Edward who is looked down at the papers: "Mr. Edward, I've arranged the files
about Angela Xu. Do you want to check it now? "

"Angela?" Edward raised his head and frowned. He couldn't remember there was such a person for a
long time.

"She's Hilda's new roommate." Lucas reminded.

"Oh, put it aside." After saying that, he lowered his head to continue reading the documents.

There were many projects for the DC Capital Group recently, and Mr. Edward had been working
overtime for several consecutive days. To avoid disturbing him, Lucas put the documents aside and
was about to leave. Edward suddenly looked up and asked, "did the partners of L City respond? "

"Yes, they have. They ask if you can meet them tonight? "

"Put it off till tomorrow." Edward said without hesitation.

Mr. Edward had put a lot of efforts on this project since last year, and it didn't have any opportunity until
last month. If it weren't for Hilda's birthday today, he wouldn't have put off the date.

"Okay, Mr. Edward. I'll arrange it now. "

Edward thought of something and asked, "have you found that woman in the cafe? "

"The surveillance video is a bit blurry, and it seems that she rarely appear around our company, so we
haven't found her yet. "

"Okay!" Edward did not realize that his tone was a little disappointed. He said: "keep looking. "

Then Lucas walked out of the CEO's office. After returning to his office, Lucas still couldn't recover.

He had worked for Mr. Edward for more than eight years, but he had never met any woman around
him. Many people in the Department were betting about his marriage, and some of the employees had
even resigned for several years, but Mr. Edward was still a bachelor. Why did he suddenly want to find
a woman?

'Mr. Edward was very intimate with that woman from the surveillance video of the coffee shop!' And
there are a lot of rumors about them in the company! So it's not from out of nowhere.

Angela was in room 1206 of the Glory City International Garden. She had also cleaned up the living
room, including the lobby and the kitchen. Just when she was about to open the refrigerator to cook,
Hilda came back and said to her: "you don't have to cook tonight. It's for celebrating my birthday and
for us officially sharing a rental! By the way, you should wear something beautiful! "

Before Angela could respond, Hilda walked towards her room and said, "we will leave at seven o'clock.
Get yourself ready, too! "

Although there was still ten months left before the postgraduate entrance exam, time was precious. At
first, Angela wanted to study hard after dinner, but she couldn't refuse because of her kindness. She
had to take a bath and prepare to go out with her.

They set out at seven o'clock. Angela didn't expect that Hilda was driving a sports car, and the so-
called celebration was a big party in a villa! It was the birthday girl. As soon as they entered the room,
they were surrounded by a group of young men and women.

"Hilda! Happy birthday! "

"Hilda! Why are you so late? "

"Our Hilda is still so beautiful! "

Surrounded by so many handsome men and beautiful women, Angela felt a little dizzy. Hilda handed
her to a girl and said, "go and play with Helen first. I'll call you when I'm done. "

The girl whose name was Helen, wore heavy make-up and answered, "okay." After all the people left,
she asked, "why didn't I see you before? "

Angela generously reached out her hand and said, "Hello! I'm Hilda's new roommate! "

"Okay," She didn't stretch out her hands to take it. Instead, she looked at her up and down
meaningfully. That looking makes Angela felt despised by her. It had been a long time since Helen
stretched out her hand, so Angela had to put her hand down awkwardly.

"Oh, so you are her roommate! Helen said idly. How about this! I'm busy. Why don't you hang around
by yourself? "

"It's okay. Please go ahead with your work." Angela responded with a smile, thinking that being alone is
more relaxed.

As Helen just turned around and took a few steps, a girl ran to her and asked, "who was that? Why I've
never seen her before? "

"It's Hilda's new roommate! "

"Oh! Is she the housekeeper who was cooking for Hilda? "

"You can say that! "

Angela was frozen and her face turned ghastly pale in an instant. 'what does she mean by that? How
could she say something so impolite

Although Angela felt humiliated, she didn't care much about it. She found a quiet table and sat down to
read the information on her cell phone. Time is precious! Besides, Hilda had no time to talk to her. As a
result, during these days, she'd better study hard!

She was so concentrated that she didn't notice that there was a pair of eyes staring at her on the
balcony of the second floor of the villa.

From got out of the car with Hilda, then Helen started to talk to her. Later, she found a place to sit down
and began to read the papers intently. Edward saw everything. Edward sipped the wine and stared at

her with a slightly smile on his face.