Keep you in my arms

Chapter 8 Throw Yourself Into His Arms

"Brother! Where is my gift? !"

All of a sudden, Edward's neck was wrapped around by someone, but he didn't move. He still fixed his
eyes on Angela, and asked Hilda, "who is that woman?"

What? It was the first time that her brother, who had always been cold to women, asked about a

"Really? Hilda felt a little excitement, she followed his line of sight, then asked in a puzzle, is she? My
roommate! What? Do you have a crush on her? "

Looking at the innocent look on her face, Edward frowned, "your roommate?"

It took no effort to find her!

"Yes! What? Did you take a fancy to her? Would you like me to pack her up and bring her to your
room? " Hilda kicked up a fuss and asked, but she was really looking forward to it. It was the first time
for her brother Edward to ask about women. It was so interesting!

He drank the last mouthful of red wine, turned around and put on a stern look. "Pack and send it to my
room? "

With a guilty conscience, Hilda snickered, "I'm just kidding. "

Afraid that he would ask more, Hilda asked, "how did you know Angela? "

"Angela..." He repeated her name and didn't answer Hilda right away, "maybe..." He paused, and with
interest in his eyes, said, "nothing."

Hilda was confused as Edward came into the room. He said, "I have transferred your birthday gift to
your account."

On hearing that he offered her the money, Hilda immediately opened her cellphone and saw a
message from the bank. Although it was only ten million dollars, plus her deposit money, she was able
to start a company and build a few teams!

"Yes!" She was so happy that she shouted in the room, "brother! Thank you so much! I love you! "

In the garden, when Angela was absorbed in what she was doing, a man's voice interrupted her.

"Excuse me, are you here alone? "

The man had fine features and looked quite refined. Angela hastily turned off the phone and stood up
politely. She smiled and said, "Hello, I come here with Hilda. "

Then she started to guess why this man had found her.

"Come here with Hilda? I haven't seen you before. " The man asked curiously.

"Okay!" She wanted to say that she was her roommate, but when she thought of the humiliation of the
two girls just now, she changed the topic by saying, "I just knew Hilda. "

"Okay," The man suddenly realized and said politely, "Well! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is
Danny Jiang, a classmate of Hilda from the University. "

Angela hastily stretched out her hand and politely said, "my name is Angela Xu."

Danny shook hands with her and chatted with her for a while. Suddenly, his phone rang. He walked
away and answered the call for one or two minutes. Then, he came back and handed her a gift box

which was in his left hand. "I have something to deal with in the company, so I have to go back to the
company. Since you are Hilda's friend, can you help me take this gift to her and tell her it's from me? "

Before Angela could react, he put the gift box in her hand and hurried to leave, saying, "this is a little
expensive. Miss Xu, please give it to Hilda personally! "

When she realized it, he had already run away. The only thing she could do now was to go through the
crowd and get into Hilda's room. Helen came over and asked, "are you looking for Hilda? "

"Oh! Mr. Jiang asked me to give it to her. " She gave a lift of the small bag in her hand.

Helen thought for a while and said, Hilda is in the backyard, "let me take you there. "

Angela had no choice but to follow her to the backyard, which was seen by Edward and Hilda on the
second floor. Hilda saw Angela from the moment she came in, but she was stopped before she want to
come downstairs and pick Angela up. They observed Helen and Angela for a while, find that they
talked a few words and then went to the backyard one by one.

With curiosity, Hilda asked, "brother, don't you know lip language? What did they say? "

"Nothing special." Then he went downstairs and walked into the backyard as well. Hilda was about to
go after him, but she was entangled by some of her other friends.

The backyard was a little dark. Besides the sound of music from foreyard, there were only some trees
left. The more they walked, the more desolate it became. "Well Is she really here? "

Helen turned around and said, "the necklace in your hand Is worth 300000. "

After a moment's hesitation, Angela looked down at the gift box barely with no weight and was
astonished, "three, three hundred thousand? "

"Yes!" Helen nodded and said, "Fifty thousand for each of us. How about that? "

what? 'Fifteen thousand dollars for each of us?' Did she mean that we've stolen Hilda's gift

"Aren't you her friend?" Why would you do such a thing?

"Don't you rent a house with her because you are short of money? "

Indeed, she was kicked out by her family and didn't have much money with her, so she went out for a
rental. But she didn't have to do such a shady thing!

"You don't have to worry about it. Hilda has so many friends. She won't find any spare present in a
room. And the gift isn't expensive. "

It was Not expensive? It could even buy a single apartment in the third-tier city.

Her eyes twitched.

But she waited for a long time before receive any reply from Angela. Helen thought Angela was
hesitating. She took out a wad of cash and said, "well, I have fifty thousand in cash. Take it first and I
will transfer the rest to you through mobile phone. Just give me that necklace. "

Then she took the necklace from Angela's hand and searched for her purse again.

"Please give it back to me!" said Angela as she reached out her hand.

She would never be such a snob!

Seeing that Helen has no intention to return her the gift bag, Angela had to grab the bag back and
glared at her angrily before she left.

Looking at the receding figure, Helen frowned and sank into deep thought. At this moment, a figure
came out from the shadow and said to her, "you failed."

She glanced at Danny and smiled, "I don't think so. After all, Hilda hasn't got your present yet, hasn't
she? "

"Will Hilda believe you? "

"I've known her for seven years. They just know each other for one day. Who do you think she will
believe in? "

When she walked back, she found that she was gazing at the wrong direction. Several trees were in
front of her and she touched her head. She was right. The front yard was on the other side of these
trees. She didn't bother to walk back, so she wanted to pass through the bushes. But she missed the
step when she just took one step forward.

Instead of falling to the floor as she had expected, she only felt that her arm was pulled and then
crashed into someone's strong chest.

"There is no way out. Why are you still walking there? "

The familiar voice made her stunned and relaxed. She saw that the man was indeed the man at that
night. With a little vigilant, she asked: "Why are you here?"

"Of course I'm here for the party." Said Edward.

What a small world!