Keep you in my arms

Chapter 9 Two Million As Compensation

Although it wasn't all his fault, Angela didn't want to see him again. Because the moment she saw him,
she remembered what had happened that night and was very agitated. She was going to leave without
saying anything more.

"Two million."

The man behind her suddenly said lightly. Seeing that she paused, he continued, "I will give you two
million as compensation for what happened that night. Then we will be even, okay? "

What lousy luck! She met these so-called rich men and they always humiliated her with money. In an
hour, she was insulted by this man again. First she was taken as a man who coveted money. Enough!

Angela took a deep breath to regulate her emotions. Then she opened her bag, took out two hundred
and fifty dollars and turned to Edward. She took his hand and put the money in it and said with a cold
smile, "I remember that I entered your room and had sex with you the other night. But with your
service, I can only offer this price! "

Then she turned around and left.

Edward didn't expect that she would behave like this. He was stunned for a while and didn't respond
until she went far away. He opened his palm and it was 250. What

His face was getting darker and darker.

This woman... Was there something wrong with her brain? She was so poor that she had to make
lunch for Hilda to rent the apartment. Why didn't she accept two million dollars?

The next second, he thought of another possibility.

Was she greedier?

"Ha-ha..." He wanted to see how ambitious she was!

When Angela went back to the front yard, she saw that all the people were surrounding Hilda. Hilda
came out and cut the birthday cake with everyone's blessing. After she finished the symbolic cutting,
the performance began. It was a popular male singer who sung the main song for the birthday girl.
Although Angela didn't know much about the outside world, she was still impressed by the singer and
she was shocked.

"I didn't expect that Hilda is so rich." She just sighed and tried to walk through the crowd to give the
present to Hilda. At the same time, Helen had walked to the side of Hilda and whispered in her ear.

Hilda didn't care a dump, "How could that be? She doesn't look like a bad person. "

Angela walked over and handed the gift with a smile on her face, "Hilda, there was a Mr. Danny. He
asked me to give the gift to you."

"Thank you!" Hilda took the bag and opened the box. It was empty and she frowned.

"What's wrong?" Angela felt something was wrong.

Helen gave her a disdainful look and sneered. Hilda covered the box and smiled, "nothing! The
atmosphere is good today. Have a good time! "

Danny handed the necklace over to Angela. Now it was gone. How could Helen give up? She grabbed
the empty brocade box from Hilda's hand, opened it and showed it to the people around her to confirm
that there was nothing in it.

"How could it be? !" Angela was stunned.

"I didn't expect your tricks to be brilliant. Did you want to say that you accidentally lost it, so that you
could act bitterly? " Helen's words were aggressive. Indeed, Hilda was the one who planned the party

tonight. Although she had tried to stop her in a low voice, it was too late. All of them gathered around.

"I..." Angela's face turned red but could not say a word.

How could this be? When did it happen?

"You are tempted by the money. I heard that this necklace worth hundreds of thousands. You want to
sell it, don't you? !" Helen's eyes and the surrounding evil words were like a knife stabbing into her

Angela was ashamed into anger, but she couldn't defend herself, so she had to keep her mouth shut.

"What are you talking about?! Angela must have forgotten where to put it, right?" Staring at her, Hilda
also had some doubts in her eyes.

Did what Hilda said mean that she had taken the stuff?

"No, I didn't! Since I got this bag, I haven't opened it at all. I went to the backyard just now, and I don't
know if I lost it! " She kept a straight face to calm herself down and stared at Helen meaningfully.

"Do you mean that Danny Jiang give an empty bag to Hilda? " Helen quipped.

"I didn't mean that. I really haven't checked the thing inside!"

"Huh! Then what are you going to do in the backyard? It's not a place for party. "

"I..." Before Angela was about to explain, she suddenly understood something. Apparently, Helen was
setting her up! She had taken the bag too. Was it replaced?

"Hilda! I should have told you not to get too close to these poor people. They have never seen these
expensive things in their lives. They are prone to evil thoughts! " Helen said, seem that she was
concerned about Hilda.

Angela didn't understand why Helen did this to her since they just met each other for the first time?

"Look at what she's wearing! She even has the guts to attend a party like this! If I were her, I would
seek a hole in the ground to hide!"

"What's wrong with the clothes? It's better than those who wear expensive clothes but have no
morality! " While speaking, she didn't take her eyes off Helen.

Helen sneered, "Do you mean that the people in our houses, who wear more expensively than you, are
all ungrateful?"

It had to be said that Helen was really good at playing tricks. By saying so, people would
misunderstand that Angela was only saying the harsh words because she hated the rich? So they all
would agree with Helen.

Edward moved his body and was about to walk out of the crowd to help Angela out. Unexpectedly,
Angela didn't lose. She sneered, "Did your PE teacher teach you language? Do you know what 'those'
words mean? It extra refer to someone like you, Miss Helen! "

"You!" Helen didn't get good grades since she was a child, and she was pointed by Sheryl's words,
which made her panic.

Several girls who had contradiction with her could not help sneering at her, so that she had a long face.

"Miss Helen, I think there is something wrong with your logic, isn't it? Is there any connection between
a person's morality and what clothes he wears? Something is missing. There are many possibilities:
losing, being taken away, and... It was stealthily substituted! Besides, Miss Helen just asked me to go
to the backyard, didn't you? "

The people present were not idiots. Angela was righteous, but Helen obviously felt flustered. So they
began to suspect the latter.

Helen got a little worried when she heard this. "What do you mean?! When did I make an appointment
with you in the backyard? "

Just now, Hilda saw them go to the backyard one by one. Now that Helen denied it, she couldn't help

After looking around, Angela found that there was monitoring equipment in every corner of the house.
She said, "Let's go to the backyard and have a look at the monitor."

This time, it was Angela's turn to rebuke, "What? Are you afraid? " While speaking, she glanced at
Helen's handbag and said, "Or you can open your handbag to prove that you are innocent."

"You! ——"Panic stricken, Helen said, "Please don't listen to her, Hilda. She's talking