Keep you in my arms

Chapter 10 About That Night

"I believe there must be some misunderstanding! Or maybe Danny was muddleheaded to forget to put
it in. I'll call him and ask him later! !" Clair Zhang was the daughter of the CEO of the Kang's group. If
she failed to steal anything from her handbag, she would definitely make a scene and even displease
Paul. Then no one would dare to come to the party she organized, which was not good for her

"We can't accuse Helen unjustly! How about we call Danny right now? Then Helen can be proved
innocent! "

"Yes! We can't wrong a person, no matter how expensive or cheap clothes he or she wears. Or we will
be said that we look down upon him or her! In other words, we can't tell right from wrong! "

"Yes! We call him now! "

There were a lot of people here waiting to see a good show.

Hilda was in a dilemma. She didn't know what to do.

At this time, a man's voice broke the public opinion. "Has the thing been returned?"

The same confused as others, Angela looked up and saw Edward striding over. The night breeze
ruffled his elegant hair. He had an expressionless face and a serious and handsome face, which made
people unable to take their eyes off him. He ignored other people and walked to Angela, "Didn't you
say that you would wait for me in the backyard?"

"? ? ?" Angela was dumbfounded.

The people around him were shocked speechless. He pretended to look at the gift box casually and
frowned. "Oh! Since you have already given her the gift, can we go back and continue? "

Then he led her away in a hurry.

Angela was so shocked that she couldn't react, and the people present felt unbelievable. Seeing their
retreating figures, the crowd was boiling with rage!

"Oh my God! Isn't that the CEO of the DC Capital Group, Edward? "

"It is said that Mr. Edward is always cold to women."

"It's him! The day before yesterday, there was news that he drank with several male relations. Why
today... "

"Could it be that He likes both men and women?"

"Just now, Edward said let's continue. What are they going to continue? What a surprise! Ha-ha-ha... "

"Is there something wrong with the aesthetic of Mr. Edward? That woman also doesn't look pretty... "

"Isn't it to deceive the public?"

"What do you mean?"

"He wants to have a mistress and proves that he is a normal man to retrieve the image of the company.
In fact, he still liked men! Is it right, Hilda? "

Before junior high school, Hilda didn't hide the fact that Edward was her brother, but she couldn't stand
that every friend getting along well with her consciously or unconsciously ended up taking advantage of
her to pursue her brother because of her outstanding brother. Even her best friends broke with her
because of it.

Although Hilda didn't like others to speak ill of her brother, she also suspected that her brother might
have an affair in that aspect. Hearing her friend's question, she smiled awkwardly, "Well, maybe."

"By the way, Hilda, why did Edward come here?"

Hilda touched her nose with a guilty conscience and pretended to be confused. "Yes, you are right!
Why is he here? "

"If that woman called Angela was extra Edward's mistress, how could she care about a necklace just
worth 300 thousand?"

"I heard that the background of the DC Capital Group is not simple. A few days ago, I got the news that
actually, the DC Capital Group is also invested by Jonson Yan. Edward Yan, Jonson Yan, and could it
be said that Edward is an illegitimate son of Jonson Yan? "

"In just seven years, Edward made the DC Capital Group become the most important real estate
company in S City and even the country. I don't think his background is that simple! If he was indeed
the son of Jonson Yan, it made sense! If so, Edward was not simply a talented young man, an MBA.
He would turn nose up at even a necklace worth 3 million, let alone one just cost 300 thousand. "

Outside the villa, Angela broke away from Edward, "What's wrong with you! Don't you know that if you
take me out like this, they will think that I am afraid of being found out to escape my punishment! "

Somehow, Angela knew that the man was not the one to be blamed for every trouble, but he was really
unlucky. Every time he met her bad luck, it made her couldn't help losing her temper.

Edward simply didn't want it becoming a big deal, so as to ruin Hilda's business circle. Seeing that she
wanted to turn back, he hurriedly pulled her back. "You think too much. They won't notice who you are.

But he was afraid that she would be famous for his action!

"Do you know? If Hilda misunderstood that I stole her necklace, I wouldn't even have a place to live! "
She spluttered, "Why do you add insult to injury every time I encounter bad things?"

"That's it. So why did you enter my room in the first place?" he asked coldly.

"Is, is that... Because..." He was so handsome! She blushed and didn't know what to say.

"If it is just because of the residence, you don't have to go inside. Hilda won't get you wrong. "

"How do you know?"

"She is smarter than you."

After hearing what he said, Angela's face darkened and she really wanted to take off her shoes and
throw them on his head!

How could I have met such a weirdo? Couldn't he just talk nicely?

At this moment, her phone rang. It was from Hilda. She answered it at once.

"Angela, I'm so sorry. I didn't expect such a terrible thing would happen. I've planned to invite you here
to have fun! By the way, you have nothing to do with the necklace. It's about careless Danny. He forgot
to put it back. We all know it. So you don't need to worry about that. " Hilda Chen said with regret.

Angela didn't care whether other people misunderstood or not. She only worried that Hilda might not
rent the house because of this. "Can I still sleep in your apartment?" She asked in a low voice

"Of course! We have signed a contract! You can't run away! "

Hearing her words, Angela was relieved.

"Angela! How did you know Edward? " Before Hilda could finish her question, Angela heard someone
calling Hilda's name on the other end of the line. Then, Hilda said, "I have something to do here. By the
way, I won't go back to sleep tonight. If you are tired, you can go home first. Don't wait for me!"

Then, Hilda hung up the phone hastily.

After hanging up the phone, Angela took a deep breath and then glared at Edward, "You are lucky, or I
will surely die with you!"

As soon as she finished saying that, she was about to leave. However, she was stopped by him. "We
haven't finished our talk yet. As for that night..."

At the mention of that night, Angela's face darkened.

She wanted to forget, but he kept reminding her. She could not help but roar, "Have you finished?! I
have paid you. What do you want? !"

After roaring, she found that she didn't know when there was another person beside her.

The man asked, "That night?"

He glanced at Edward again and asked, "Did you accept her money?"

Edward was in a bad mood. Angela escaped from him and ran away while he didn't notice.

The less people knew about it, the better it would be. Even the man who suddenly appeared, had
heard about it. How embarrassing it was? Besides, he looked so gentle and elegant!

After running for a long distance, she stopped and looked at Aaron!

He had a good-looking face, slender figure and the thin windbreaker blew in the wind. Just like an
ancient scholar, he looked very gentle and graceful, which made Angela's heart pound with excitement.

Aaron looked at her curiously and smiled while finding that she was looking at him.

The smile... It was so gentle and so beautiful!

She was stunned.

Edward was stung by her anthomaniac expression and hummed coldly.

After a short while, Angela come to her sense, her face darkened and she shouted at him, "You'd better
not let me see you again!"

So many people were desperate to see him. This woman was so arrogant!

His eyes twitched again.

"What did you do to her?" Asked Aaron.

Edward clenched his fists vigorously, "She didn't want to see me. I guess she will be disappointed! "