Keep you in my arms

Chapter 12 Being A Mistress

"If you don't want to be known what happened that night, you'd better ask your friend to wait outside."

Just now he whispered in her ear in a casual way. Perhaps it was because of what happened that night
that Angela's heart couldn't help but beating hardly.

In fact, she had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend. And this kind of intimate behavior was not
uncommon in her life. However, she had no heartbeat back then, and now her heart was bouncing as if
it were her first love. This feeling was really strange.

And Edward already sat up straight and play with the phone like nothing happened.

Hilda was wondering what he had said to her when she saw her blushing face. Suddenly, Angela said
shyly, "well Hilda, could you please wait for me outside?"

Of course, Hilda didn't agree. At this time, her phone buzzed and a message from Lucas came in. It
read, "Mr. Edward intended to sponsor you, but it will be assumed that you give it up voluntarily if you
can't reach the appointed place at eleven o'clock."!

It was obvious that he did it on purpose!

Although she was curious about them, she thought setting up a company was more important!

Without saying anything else, Hilda stood up and said, "okay! I'll wait outside. You can have a good

He went to lock the door as soon as she went out.

Upon hearing this, Angela was shocked and flustered.

Locked the door? Why did he lock the door?

Edward curled up his lips and approached her step by step.

Thinking of that night and his words just now, Angela was a little vigilant and she unconsciously pulled
her collar.

All her little moves fell into his eyes.

Did she really think that he was a hunger finds no fault with the cookery? If he had not been drugged
that night, how could he have touched her? This woman, was really thinking too much!

He walked to her, sat down, took out the necklace and handed it to her. "I found it in the backyard."

"You..." She wanted to question him why he hadn't taken out the necklace to prove her innocence and
gave it to her in front of Hilda last night?

He explained first, "I didn't find it until you left."

After explanation, even himself was confused. Why should he explain?

On a second thought, probably, the necklace was dropped when she almost fell down and pulled up by

No matter what the fact was, he had found the necklace. It was better to save trouble.

"Are you suspecting me?" He figured out the reason why she didn't speak.

"I just don't understand why you didn't show it in front of Hilda."

He looked at her and said, "because what matters is not the necklace, but the subsequent negotiation."

Negotiation? What kind of negotiation do they have?

He took out an agreement and put it in front of her and said: "what happened that night was not my
intention, but it hurt you anyway, so as long as you sign this guarantee, no matter how much the price
is, I will pay you."

He didn't like to owe anyone anything.

Glancing at the agreement, it roughly said, "I accidentally went into Edward's room and have no
alternative but to have sex with him. Before that happened, I promised not to hold him accountable and
I will fulfill this promise for the rest of my life.".

What did he mean by saying that she had made a promise? It was because she was drugged and had
no choice but to have sex with him. But things happened was because he was drugged! How absurd!

"Don't you think you are shameless? Although I went into your room that night, I had sex with you
because you were drugged, ok? If I was drugged, of course I would not hold you accountable!"
Thinking of that night, she was in a cold water! Besides, she had no intention of looking into it for the

When she was angry, her big eyes rolled. She looked quite lovely in that way.

Today, she wore a long sleeved black dress, which made her neck slender and fair, very elegant. What
happened that night flashed through Edward's mind. He gave a tremble.

Besides, you have been badgering me since the beginning. When did I mean to blackmail you? Are
you worrying too much?!" Thinking that the man was so childish, Angela stood up with the necklace
and was about to leave.

He was in a trance and did not hear what she said. Seeing that she was leaving, he also stood up and
pressed her back to the chair. He put one hand on the table and the other on the back of her chair,
trying to trap her.

With the long sleeves, he looked even more handsome in the hand-made suit. The sun outside the
window outlined his impeccable features, setting off his innate strong aura and outstanding

He bent over, and his face gradually approached her. She leaned back to avoid him. But when he got
closer and closer to her, his breath swept across her nose and once again made her heart beat wildly.

"What... What are you doing?"

Her pink lips moved slightly, which reminded him of that night's tenderness.

Obviously, this woman was not very beautiful, but her temperament was elegant, smart, naughty and
lovely. He had to admit that the woman in front of him was somewhat seductive that he could not resist.

His Adam's apple rolled as he swallowed. He reached out his hand slowly and touched her flawless

As if she had got an electric shock, and had a sex drive. Fortunately, she still had her senses, so she
nervously tried to push him away.

She panicked and tried to run away, but was pulled back by him and pressed against the wall.

It hurt...

Her back hit hard against the hard wall. She narrowed her eyes in pain and said, "you..."

Edward gripped her wrist, locked his eyes on her face and said, "I don't mind changing an agreement,
be my girlfriend for three months..."


They just slept for one night. How could he make her his girlfriend? Wait. Three months...

He wants me to be his mistress?

Seeing that she was gradually unhappy, he added, "you can set the price at will. How about it? "

Angela was boiling with anger. She tried her best not to curse him.

Seeing that she was glaring at him, Edward showed an tempting smile and said, "Or I'll give you a
house as a gift so that you don't have to cook for the sake of renting a house for others. "

Her anger eventually erupted, and she pushed him away. Gritting her teeth, she said, "get out!"

It never occurred to Edward that he would be refused. He was refused!

"Please make it clear! I don't cook for others for rent, as long as I eat I will cook for my roommate as

At the time she lived with Christa, when she came back early she cooked for her.

Angela turned around and took two steps. Then she couldn't help but come back. She took out her pen
and signed on the promise. She said to him coldly, "then you can rest assured! I won't ask you to be
responsible for me! So, please don't ever appear in front of me, and disturb my life!"

Watching her open and close the door, Edward sat on the chair very irritably. He unbuttoned the top
two buttons and felt very uncomfortable.

After calming down for a while, he realized that his impulse just now had made him lose his reason. It
was so abnormal!

However, at this time, the image of that night, the pitiful look when she was imprisoned under his body,
trying to escape, but unable to escape appeared in his mind. He admitted that his mother was right

about the affairs between a man and a woman.

But he had no interest in other women except her. Was it because of what had happened? Or maybe it
had been too long for him to have sex with a woman?

He felt hot and dry in his throat.

"Damn it!" He picked up the cup and wanted to have some tea, but it was empty.

Just as he was pouring the tea, the door was opened.