Keep you in my arms

Chapter 13 We Had Broken Up

He thought it must be Angela coming back, so he looked up suddenly. But when he saw Aaron, his
eyes became dim and he asked, "Why are you here?"

"What? Are you disappointed to see me?" After taking his seat, Aaron glanced at the promise letter on
the table and the signature of Angela.

It was said that people were like words he writes, and the signature of Angela looked exactly like her
own, which had not been shocked at the first glance, but had a lasting charm.

Edward glanced at the signature with a face of indifferently.

It was a surprise that he saw that Edward got angry twice in just three days.

"I didn't expect Miss Chili to be so good at pissing you off," Aaron remarked with a smile.

When Aaron went to the toilet, he met Hilda who was in a hurry. So after chatting with her for a while,
he knew that Edward was in the room. Not long after Hilda left, Angela came out with a red and dark
face. He was really curious about what had happened between them.

"Miss Chili?" Edward frowned.

"The chili pepper, bright and beautiful in appearance. Tasting practically, first you would feel spicy, but it
tasted delicious in future long time! Don't you have the same feelings towards that lady? Ha-ha..."

This was indeed an accurate description!

Edward was stunned, and then smiled. As soon as he thought of the fact that she didn't want any
money from him, he frowned again and said: "She doesn't accept my compensation."

"It's good, isn't it? She has signed her promise to you. So you don't have to worry about her threatening
you to marry her. On the contrary, it will help you save some money." Aaron knew that he was upset,
but he still made fun of him on purpose.

"Huh!" He thought of every time she was angry, and suddenly felt funny.

He laughed from the bottom of his heart. Aaron was stunned to see that. Edward seemed not to laugh
from the bottom of his heart since that incident. Only when he was a teenager did he have such a
sinister smile.

Suddenly, something occurred to Edward. He asked meaningfully, "Why did you like the magic eggs
when you were a kid?"

Like Edward, Aaron also liked to buy the magic eggs when he was a child. They didn't like the eggshell
chocolate, but the toys inside.

"Why do you mention the magic egg all of a sudden? Weren't all your toys throw away by my brother-
in-law? " Edward is getting more and more unpredictable.

However, the loss of the toy was not a good memory. At the sight of Edward's face turning a little
heavy, Aaron shrugged and answered, "I was just curious about the toy in the egg. I bought so many
magic eggs. And the toys inside were all the same. So I naturally didn't buy any other magic eggs."

"So... As long as the temptation is strong enough, even if you don't like the magic eggs, you will still
buy it, right? " Edward's eyes twinkled with excitement.

Aaron agreed with a nod.

Edward looked far into the distance and smiled interestedly as if he was about to get what he wanted.

It seemed that he didn't tempt her enough.

Days at work were like flowing water, and a time flied for two months.

The sky was beautiful in May and the day was growing longer. It was rare to see the sky not turning
black after leaving the company building recently. However, Angela's good mood was destroyed by
Greg Fan appearing in front of her.

He stubbed out the cigarette and said to her with a frown, "Let's talk!"

He wasn't asking her, instead she must have a talk with him.

Seeing this, her colleagues downstairs all said to her, "We leave first, Angela."

"I'll go with you!" Angela ignored Greg Fang and wanted to leave with them.

Greg Fang pulled her back, suppressed his anger and said, "Why do you hide from me?"

Since her colleagues had gone away, Angela couldn't bear it anymore. She shook him off and said,
"Enough! What's wrong with you? We've broken up! Is it interesting to wait outside my company
everyday? Talk? I have nothing to talk about with you. Do you want me to marry you, cook for you,
wash the dishes and become an ugly woman? Greg, you know clearly I can't do that. "

She met Greg Fang when they were at the university. They had been in a love relationship for three
years. In the past three months, they had been going to get married, but the conditions proposed by the
Fang Family were really hard for her to accept!

She couldn't work after marriage, so she could only look after children at home. Because Greg Fang
was the only boy in his family, she needed to bore at least two sons. The Fang Family was not rich at
all. If he worked alone and had several children, how could they live on?

"What's so good about work? Isn't it good that you stay at home and I afford you? You needn't to take
care of the baby alone and my mother will help you. Isn't this what most women want? "

Angela was a girl of self-respect, and was conservative about things between men and women.
Because she was very pure, Greg Fang liked her and endured not having sex with her before marriage.
But he had made it, why couldn't she give him a little sacrifice?

Other women might be moved by his words "I afford you", but she was not. If she really married him,
even if both of they went out to work and her life quality was not as good as before, she was still willing
to sacrifice these. But what he wanted was to deprive her of everything and to let her sacrifice without
reservation. She really couldn't do it!

"Huh! You feed me What I've been dreaming of... " She sneered, but didn't say that "how selfish you
are". "Have you ever considered what I want? Greg, you are not the only one who has a dream, so do
I! I'm sorry, I don't deserve to be your Fang Family daughter-in-law. So, you'd better find someone else!

What she said hurt him, but at the same time made her heart ache.

She brushed past him, and with tears in his eyes, he said in a low voice, "As a matter of fact, it is
because you don't love me enough, or... It's always my wishful thinking... "

She couldn't help stiffened. Tears welled up, but she choked back. She tried to be calm and said, "Just
as what think about it!"

She left without hesitation and strode away. She could feel the passion in his eyes. After walking for a
while, she began to run. She was afraid, afraid that he would see her weakness. He would find out that
she still wanted to be with him.

But she was so disappointed!

She could accept the fact that he was from a poor family, but she could not accept the selfish and
rotten marriage mode of him. She didn't want herself to be in an awkward situation, let her children live
a hard life in the future, and let the love between them disappear because of trivial family things

While she was running in the crowd, she didn't realize that she was heading in the opposite direction of
the subway station. Her mind was in a mess. She walked on the sidewalk in a trance for a long time.
Then she felt weak all over, so she squatted down.

She had an empty stomach and her heart was trembling. It was so painful that she held her knees and

Not far away, the man standing behind the tree took a step, but he didn't walk over.

Everyone had a soft side. Even if she always had thorns, she would be injured. She didn't even accept
the money, so she must have strong self-esteem. She didn't want him to see such a beauty.

Suddenly, his phone buzzed in the pocket, breaking his thoughts.

"Mr. Edward, where have you been? Mr. Ye has arrived. "