Keep you in my arms

Chapter 14 Edward's Concern

"Tell him that I'll be there in thirty minutes." He then dialed Hilda's number, but he didn't dare to look
away from Angela for fear that she would do something stupid.

"Brother? Are you looking for me? "

"Are you busy now?"

"I am in a meeting."

"I need you to come here for something important!"

His tone was serious and anxious. It seemed to be a very tricky thing. "That's all for today's meeting.
We'll discuss the allocation tomorrow," she said, as she hurried to stand up

She reached the door of the meeting room.

"Send me the address. I'll be there soon."

"Yes! And bring me some food. "


"Yes! Snacks are okay. "

Still in the tense atmosphere, Hilda had to return to her office and left with a box of chocolate and

With the fastest speed, Hilda arrived at the position he sent to her. When she saw him standing by the
roadside, she ran over to him and said, "brother..."

He covered her mouth with his hand, and then looked at Angela's direction, indicating her to keep

Angela was still squatting there crying, her shoulders trembling.

"Angela? What happened to her? "

Edward didn't have time to explain. He whispered to her, "don't let her know about our relationship."

Hilda nodded in surprise. He got in the car in a hurry and then stepped on the gas and left.

She turned to look at Angela, and suddenly felt speechless about her brother.

Just one week ago, their mother has appendicitis, he was also not in a hurry It was said that
appendicitis was a small problem. Cutting it was okay, as long as the doctor was here. His tone just
now showed that something serious had happened! But she didn't expect that it was because of her

On the other side of the phone, Lucas heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Mr. Edward coming in a

Mr. Edward had finished his work two hours ago. Before he came to the restaurant, he said that he
would go to a place and then he would be there soon. Mr. Edward asked him to go there in advance.
He had been waiting for two hours, even Manager Ye arrived earlier than Mr. Edward. As Manager Ye
was one of the most trusted customers, the DC Capital Group always thought highly of long-term
cooperation with him. Naturally, he treated Manager Ye with special respect. It was the first time to let
such an important customer wait! He didn't know where he had gone?

But Lucas didn't dare to ask anything. He only said, "Manager Ye has been waiting for more than
twenty minutes!"

Edward walked quickly but said calmly, "well, thank you."

In the Glory City International Garden

Angela sat on the sofa with empty eyes. After a long while, she came to her senses from the sadness
and asked, "why did you appear there?"

She didn't see Hilda's company there!

"I I'm going to have lunch with a client. I passed by and came across you. "

"Okay," But why would she bring snacks with her? However, it was normal for girls to have snacks in
their bags.

Seeing that Angela totally believed what she had said, Hilda breathed a sigh of relief.

Unlike a soft hearted girl, Angela must have been hurt badly since she could cry so sadly?

"What's wrong with you?" Asked Hilda carefully

At the mention of this, she couldn't help but feel depressed.

Saw she has an embarrassed look, Hilda squeezed out a smile and said, "huh! I'm so hungry! How
about we order a take out! What do you want to eat, Angela? "

"Did you have a crush on a person? " Angela stared at the coffee table and averted her eyes, "I
intended to marry him, but I really can't do it! He doesn't allow me to work and stays at home only to
keep the children company or do housework everyday. They said it was the fate of every woman. But...
" She sobbed, "why is fate like this?"

"Who says it's the destiny of a girl?! They lived in the modern society now? Why do they still enslave
women like this? "


From the very beginning, the two families had been optimistic about their marriage. Although the Fang
Family was not as wealthy as the Xu Family, Angela's parents had believed that as long as they were
good to Angela, the economy problem would not affected their relationship. Until Greg's mother
informed them that they wanted Angela to quit the job, stay at home to cook meals, give birth to a child,
take care of the child

She really didn't have the courage to accept the life that could outlook the end at one glance.

However, her mother replied, "it's not a big deal. It was not easy for a girl to go out and work. What's
wrong with Greg being willing to support you? "

They didn't understand her at all. They asked her to quit her job and go back to marry with Greg. Then
she escaped to look for a job. Angela's mother thought that she was too self-indulgent and cut off her
economy. She just got a job and hadn't got her salary yet. How could she have money? It was clear
that her mother was forcing her to come back and get married. But even so, she still didn't want to give
up her dream.

Hearing what she said, Hilda couldn't help but think of her own experience. With anger and sad tears in
her eyes, she said, "in fact So am I. My mother forced me to go on a blind date. She said that a girl
would marry someone after all. The idea that she wants to start her own business is incomprehensible
to her mother. That's why I moved out.

But she didn't expect that they could be so congenial. Although there's a massive financial gap
between their families, they were of the same kind.

They didn't want to be shackled by the fate of girls because of their dreams.

Hilda said, "but the Fang Family is really rotten. Who will care to give birth to a male baby to carry on
the family line in this era? If she keep giving birth to girls, does she has to keep having the baby? "

Angela wiped her tears away and nodded, "That's what Greg's mother mean, and..."

What's more, she overheard the conversation between Greg and his mother unintentionally the other

"But you can have B-mode ultrasound, can't you? If it is a girl, just have an abortion! Then get her
pregnant again. I'm telling you, you must meet all those requirements! "

Even though Greg was very impatient, he still pushed his mother and said, "Okay, okay. I will discuss it
with Angela!"

Huh! She would get an abortion and then get pregnant

They had totally not treated her as a human being!

She didn't dare to tell anyone about it, because she was afraid that her parents wouldn't allow her to be
with Greg.

She liked Greg but couldn't accept his mother's request. So she was caught in a dilemma.

They had been together for more than two years. She had a bad temper, and Greg would tolerate her
and take good care of her. Except for the request made by the Fang family, she really couldn't find any
fault with him. But Greg didn't contradict his mother, which made her feel disappointed. That was why
she avoided seeing him.

"I don't want to sacrifice anything for our marriage. Probably, it is me too selfish."

"That's a bullshit! I think you'd better not marry into this freak family. Then Greg can't be a good man.
He is a phoenix man! He can't even afford my handbag with a month's salary. How dare he say that he
would support you! You can lead a free life by work. Why do you sacrifice for such a bastard? They just
wanted a nanny or someone who could warm the bed rather than a wife! "What do they mean by must

give birth to two boys? Only two is allowed to be born under the current policy. If she gives birth to a
girl, she will have an abortion. They were not treat a woman as a person!" Hilda exclaimed. She was so
angry that she wanted to beat Greg up.

Angela tried to understand them. She understood that they wanted a boy, but she couldn't do that.

Even if she had a crush on Greg, she would not be so crazy as to kill her daughter to give birth to a
boy. There was no way she would marry him!

From the conservative thought to the freedom of women, she felt better after chatting with Hilda for a
whole night.

When she was about to go to bed after taking a bath, her phone rang. It was a stranger.

"Hello? How are you? "

"It's me."

Hearing it was Edward, she pulled a long face and was about to hang up. At the moment, Edward
asked again, "are you okay?"

Angela had an illusion and felt that she heard it wrong.

What did he mean by asking her this?

She didn't respond for a long time.

"Angela? !"

Edward asked anxiously from the other end of the line.

"What? I'm fine. " She answered still, though her eyes dimmed.

"Okay, then go to bed early."

Then he hung up the phone.

'Edward? Why does he care so much about me? ' Did she call the wrong number? What a weird

Angela got baffled as she glanced at the phone. But she was too tired to think about it. She turned off
the light and was about to sleep.

At this time, Greg called her.

She thought for a while and finally answered the phone.

"Did we Let's talk. "

It's better to cut the Gordian knot than to be so painful. She endured the pain in the heart and said,
"okay. At ten o'clock tomorrow morning, in XL Café. "

"Yes!" At the other end of the phone, Greg put out the cigarette, with unwillingness and hatred flashing
in his eyes.

My dear, don't blame me for...