Keep you in my arms

Chapter 15 I Will Be Gentle

Angela was used to having breakfast, and even got up early on weekends.

Just as Hilda walked out of her room, she saw the fried Spencer on the table. Angela smiled and said,
"good morning! Let's have breakfast together! "

"Wow! You can cook Western food? " Hilda was an idiot in the kitchen. Her eyes were full of worship
when she saw the shiny Spencer.

"Generally, I will learn to do whatever I like. "

With the fork in her hand, Hilda has already started to eat. With a juicy Spencer in her mouth, she said,
"well done!"

This was the best compliment!

"My parents don't allow me to eat the food outside so I have to learn to cook it myself," replied Angela

"Yes, yes! My home too! I once bought a hot dog to eat and my mother found it. She yelled at me,
"Hilda! Have you no shame! What's the point of living in the world and not eating what you want? "

Probably because they were keeping away from junk food, both of them had fair skin, as smooth as

"You know what? My mom is a freak. If she saw me talking to you with something in my mouth, she
would definitely scold me! "

The Xu Family was strict with their children too, but it didn't go that far.

"That's why you are behaving decently and politely!" I mean it. It was just because of Hilda's good
manners that Angela liked very much.

"You are such a sweet talker!"

They both laughed loudly.

They had a good time. After breakfast, Angela washed her face and put on a sunscreen and the
isolation. Thinking that it was the last time she met with Greg, she took out the lipstick she hadn't
touched for a while and applied a thin layer, which makes her look better.

When she was going out, Hilda noticed that she was wearing lipstick. She couldn't help but asking:
"where are you going? "

"Alas! You were right last night. It's better to have short sharp pains than long dull pains. I'll go to end it!

"Are you going to meet Greg? "

"Yes! This might be the last time we meet. "

"Okay. Be careful. Call me if you need anything. "

"Yes!" Feeling warm in her heart, Angela was about to go out, but she turned around and hugged her
again, "thank you, Hilda."

Thank you, for giving me a room when I was in difficulty; thank you for understanding me and solving
the depression with me when I was suffering a loss of love.

"What? Then you make a curry for me tonight! "


When Angela arrived at the Café, Greg was already sitting there. The seat was beside the window at
the innermost space, it was her favorite.

He shaved his stubble, and his hair was very stylish. He looked very handsome in the plaid shirt that
she gave him.

She couldn't help but feel hurt in her heart and took a deep breath.

"I'm afraid it's too hot, so I ordered to cool it down. "

She knew he was talking about coffee. It was their way of having a date.

"Thank you." She sat down and took a sip of the coffee. For the first time, she felt it was not smooth,
but bitter.

"I I'm sorry..."

She was shocked that Greg, a man with strong self-esteem, apologized to her with such a sad and
regretful expression in his eyes.

Angela didn't know how to answer him. She just ate the coffee, putting on a forced smile.

"Can you forgive me?" He stared at her and asked.

She stopped and put back the cup on the table. "I have thought about it for a long time. Greg, I can't
give up my dream. "

He had never begged anyone before. He was so humble to apologize, but she refused in return.

"Even if you pass a postgraduate entrance exam, so what? "

"Do what I want to do." Seeing the ridicule in his eyes, she looked firm with tears in her eyes.

Why can't you understand me?

But these words were uttered out of his mouth, "why can't you understand me? You know how much I
need your encouragement and support. It's not that I don't want to wait for you. My parents are old now
and want me to get married and have children. They wish to enjoy their old age in peace. We'll get
married sooner or later. Why can't we get married earlier? "

Since she knew the request of the Fang Family, she dismissed the idea of getting married. She just
didn't want him to leave.

His eyes were so passionate that she was unwilling to look at them. So she picked up the cup and took
another sip of coffee.

Love is most afraid of being consumed. She mustered up her courage and said, "Greg, we are not
meant for each other. Let's stop here. You will find the wife you want. "

Although her heart twitched, she tried to stand up, suddenly something in front of her blurred and her
feet were unable to stand firmly.

Greg had already prepared for it. He walked to her and held her in his arms.

"What's wrong?" What happened?

Before Angela could say anything, Greg's guilty face came into view.

In a daze, a pair of passionate hands seemed to swim on her thighs. Her head was heavy, but she had
regained some consciousness. Her eyelids were heavy, so she could only half open her eyes.

Greg was sitting on her and taking off his plaid shirt. How could Angela didn't know what had

She had always thought that Greg was a good man since he could accept the sexual refusal before
marriage. But she didn't expect that he would make her in a coma and want to...

"What are you doing? "

After all, he was afraid of hurting her. The dosage was not enough, just to make her weak.

He bent over and touched her delicate face, "Angela, you are really beautiful. From the inside out, I
really like you. "

With tears in his eyes, he said, "I can't let you leave me. You can rest assured that I will be responsible
for you all my life. "

'like? That's why he used such a dirty trick? He knew that in such a traditional family like the Xu Family,
if they had a relationship, their parents would definitely marry her to the Fang Family.

"Let me go!" She felt powerless and fought against the blow like eggs.

She had nowhere to escape under his heavy body. "I'll be gentle. Don't worry..." he murmured.

While speaking, his hand slid from her shoulder to the wrist.

He finally got her after more than two years, so he got a little anxious.

"Please don't Greg..."

His image of being a gentleman and responsible man collapsed in her heart.

"If you dare touch me, I'll hate you for the rest of my life! "

"You won't." He held her face and kissed her on the forehead, "I believe that you really like me. "

He really liked her, but that didn't mean he had no bottom line!

Angela had an innocent and pure face, and now her eyes were wet, which made her feel more pitiful.
Her skin was as white as snow, so flawless that he wanted to take a bite. In the past three years, He
has repeatedly resisted the desire to have sex with her. Today he finally could have her. With a lust in
his eyes, he swallowed.


He tore her clothes. Her chest was showing in front of him. She struggled and shouted, but was
pressed tightly.

His blazing breath made her collapse and cried more fiercely.