Keep you in my arms

Chapter 16 She Was My Girlfriend

"Bang -" The door was open.

Before Angela could react, the man on her had been kicked away. She didn't know who grabbed her
wrist, but she thought the person was Greg, so she struggled and cried.

The man hugged her and said, "It's Okay."

The familiar deep voice calmed her down gradually.

Greg was kicked off the bed, in a panic. When he stood up again, he saw a tall and handsome man
holding Angela.

How could he not be angry when his girlfriend was held by another man? Moreover, he had taken off
Angela's coat just now, and now the man's hand was on her fair and flawless back to comfort her.

Edward sensed the hostility from Greg and cast a cold glance at him. The murderous look in his eyes
frightened Greg.

Seeing that Greg was staring at Angela's back, Edward was unhappy. He quickly took off his coat and
put it on her, and asked, "Can you go?"

Until then, Angela came to herself and nodded.

Edward helped her quickly put on her shoes and held her shoulder, trying to take her away.

Greg had endured for almost three years and now he tried to have sex with her at all costs, even at the
cost of image destruction. He couldn't bear that the opportunity was spoiled by someone else. He stood
in front of them, grabbed Angela's wrist and shouted to Edward with his eyes full of anger and
provocation, "She is my girlfriend!"

Thirty minutes ago, Edward had a video meeting with the shareholders in the office of DC Building.
Hilda's phone kept ringing, as if she was being chased by death. He was afraid that something bad
would happen to his dear sister, so he answered the phone. When he heard that Angela was in a coma
and taken to the hotel by Greg, without thinking, he was so anxious that he rushed out without leaving
any words, even Lucas couldn't stop him.

Hilda was rather smart. Before he arrived, she had contacted the hotel manager and asked for a spare
room card as a shareholder. As soon as Edward broke in, he saw the man on top of her, and she was
crying and struggling desperately.

It was the last thing that Edward wanted to see that a woman was bullied. Besides, Angela had once
slept with him, he couldn't bear that now she was bullied. It was very merciful of him to just kick Greg
away instead of ruining his reputation. How dare Greg still do this? He was bring about his own

Enraged by Greg, Edward raised his eyebrows and said, "What? Really? "

Greg was an impulsive man. Seeing his girlfriend was in someone else's arms, he couldn't suppress
his anger and tried to punch in Edward's face. Edward stood still, stopped Greg's fist and flung fist
towards his face quickly.

In this ages, those of high status were more afraid of bad reputation. With his gorgeous appearance, he
must be a big shot. "You hit me?" Greg threatened, "This image has been caught by the camera in the
corridor. If you dare to take her away, I will prosecute you for beating! "

Edward sneered, "It's in self-defense!"

Indeed, it's Greg who firstly wanted to hit Edward. But he could ask someone else to edit the video. He
said, "So what? As long as I edited the video, who knows it is me who hit first? If you dare to take her
away, I'll call the police at once! "

"Huh!" Was Edward afraid of being threatened, wasn't he? Besides, this hotel was under the charge of
DC Capital Group. How could he not get the complete video?

He sneered, took Angela's hand and said, "Let's go!"

When she passed by Greg, she suddenly stopped.

He thought that she had made up her mind, so he said excitedly, "Angela..."

"Greg! I didn't expect that you are such a despicable person! I was wrong in the past! "

He wanted to rape her and to use despicable means to slander Edward. Before that, she was a little
reluctant to leave Greg. But now everything was gone!

Angela gave him a resentful look with her reddened eyes. Edward took her away after she finished

When they got out of the hotel, Angela was disheveled. Edward said to her, "Get on the car. I'll drive
you home."

Last time when they met, he had said arrogantly that he would give her money and asked her to be his
girlfriend for three months. She used to hate him, but because of what happened today, she suddenly
didn't hate him anymore.

"No, thanks. I can go back myself! " He had done her a big favor, and she could not thank him enough.
How could she bother him again?

He frowned and looked at her body wrapped in a coat. "Are you sure? Could you go back like this? "

Her clothes were torn up to shreds, and her body were covered up only by his coat.

It was in the daytime now. Taking taxi dressed like this, she might draw much bad attention! Let alone
the subway...

"Get in the car!" He opened the car door for her.

After she heard what Peter said, Judy blushed at once. She thought that she was in a difficult position,
so she had to get in the car.

After getting on the car, Edward leaned over her suddenly.

"What are you doing?" She was frightened and leaned back out of habit.

Paying no attention to her, Edward stretch out his hand behind her head, pulled down the safety belt,
buckled it for her and explained, "If you don't do it, I'll be buckled and it's not safe either."

Although he could buy points and deduct them instead of his own, he had always been strict with

"Oh!! Oh! I was thinking about something else and forgot to do it. Thank you. "

It was the first time they talked to each other peacefully and it occurred incredibly after they had been
through such an awkward situation. Angela was a little embarrassed. She felt better while Edward's
cellphone rang constantly. Phone calls came one after another. People on the other side all seemed to
be blaming him for leaving suddenly.

Edward explained to them, "I'm sorry. Something urgent happened just now."

But although he was making an apology and explanation, He looked so cold with no expression on his
face. Thinking of the scene that he protected her just now, Angela's heart could not stop beating.

Greg was surely a good looking boy, but Edward was much more handsome than him.

Except for his good features and figure, Edward has a noble temperament and looked like a king in
every movement. When he fastened the seat belt for her, his eyes were clear and he didn't mean to
lewd her by the way. He was a gentleman, which made him more graceful.

It reminded Angela of that night what he said angrily, "You better be awake by the time I come back or
else I'll wheel you right out!"

She remembered that, at the very beginning, it was she who broke into his room, and he did nothing.
But later, he was also drugged.

In fact, he is not a bad man, isn't he?

Angela made up her mind that she would forget what had happened that night and would not vent her
anger on him.

Thinking of this, she even felt happier!

It was rare to hear that Edward apologized to them, and those shareholders didn't dare to embarrass
him anymore. Finally, he arrived at Glory City International Garden and his call stopped until the car
was parked in the underground parking lot below her building.

She was embarrassed, but she also thanked him. She said, "Thank you for what happened today."


"Then I'll go back first."


She opened the car door and walked out, watching Edward leave. She always felt that something was

Until she returned home in a trance, she came to herself. Then she put the key on the table and
suddenly realized, 'How did he know that I am in the hotel at that time?'

'How did he know I live here?' Linda thought in surprise.