Keep you in my arms

Chapter 17 Her Salary Was Deducted Without Reason

Edward... He was so horrible! Did he ask someone to follow her?

The thought of him giving money to her and asking her to be his girlfriend for three months made her
hair stand on end.

If he regarded her as a prey, it was possible for him to ask someone to keep an eye on her.

She suspiciously looked out from the spy hole on the door, and felt relieved when she didn't see any
suspicious person in the corridor for a long time.

From Edward's dressing and the car he just drove, he should be very rich. And objectively speaking, he
looked good. There was no denying that Edward was both handsome and rich, so he must be very
popular. Angela was confused about why such a man was interested in her. And why did he make such
an absurd request?

She remembered that, at the night she was drugged, he would rather cold her with water than touch

Was it that? The more he couldn't get her, the more he wanted her

Isn't it the sense of conquest?

If it was true, this man was not as upright as she thought!

As for Edward's puzzling behavior, she thought it was very funny, "What a weirdo!"

A month later, in the tea room of YR Media Limited Company.

Angela gave herself a glass of lemonade silently while Mrs. Zhang and Mrs. Wen chatted.

Mrs. Zhang said, "Have you heard about it? The new employee, Miss Chloe, had lunch with our
manager Mr. Baron yesterday. "

Mrs. Wen was surprised, "Really? She has only been here for a week. How could they have lunch in
such a short time? She must be the fastest one who was tempted to become mistress by Manager
Baron! "

Mrs. Zhang chuckled, "Ha-ha... Mr. Baron has always been eager to do so! How could he tolerate not
touching these little fairy girls who just came out of school? "

"Speaking of this, Angela is the unique pure one in our office. Haven't you had dinner with Mr. Baron
yet since you worked here for almost five months, right?" Mrs. Wen made fun of Angela and cast a
glance at her.

Thinking of this, Angela felt aggrieved.

She didn't expect that the manager Baron Lin was such a person when she came to this company for
the first time. He even harassed all the younger staff in the company.

Among these staff, Angela was over the average of beauty. Although she often wore casual clothes, it
was not hard to find that she was in a good shape. How could Baron Lin let her escape?

But her refusal was obvious. Last week, during the gathering and singing activity of the company,
Baron Lin sat beside her and even deliberately molested her. Angela raised her voice on purpose and
replied politely, "Mr. Baron, I have no place to stay now. How about letting you sit here alone? "

Everyone in the company knew what kind of person Baron Lin was? As soon as Angela finished her
words, she left the room, not care about Baron Lin at all. Several old employees tittered at him, which
made Baron Lin embarrassed.

Because she was against with Baron Lin, there were two months when her salary was deducted
inexplicably by 1500.

Thinking of that, Angela felt upset. She raised her cup and took a sip of lemonade. Then she sighed,
"Stop joking on me. If it goes on like this, I will starve to death."

Having a beautiful face, Angela was neither arrogant nor rash and she was very polite. At work, she
wouldn't trouble others if she was able to finish it herself. Mrs. Zhang liked such colleagues. She
laughed, "If you were at my age, he wouldn't notice you at all."

"Is it blame that I am too young?" Angela shrugged her shoulders.

All of them couldn't help laughing, "Ha-ha-ha..."

At this time, the payroll was settled, and the three of them quickly returned to their seats. At the sight of
her payroll, Angela's face darkened.

3800? Baron Lin deducted her salary inexplicably again!

Angela felt that she was going to explode. She took the cup to the tea room to pour water because she
was afraid that she would be irritated.

At this time, a colleague in the tea room gossiped, "Do you know? I just saw Chloe's payroll. It is six
thousand. She is not yet a regular employee. It seems that Manager Baron has got it. "

"Hush! Shush! " The other colleague seeing Angela here stopped the talk immediately, afraid to be
listened by her.

"Alas!" Angela could guess the reason easily. Because she was lofty and didn't accept the hidden rules,
she was caught in the trouble.

After drinking water, she took the application form which had been prepared in advance and went to
see Baron Lin. She stood at the door of the office and knocked on it, and didn't open it until she heard a
"Please come in" from the other side. Coincidentally, she met Chloe Chen, who was Miss Chloe they
just talked about.

Chloe Chen's cheeks were flushed and her eyes were flickering. Seeing that, Angela guessed what
had happened. 'He even doesn't care about working hours!' she scorned in her heart! Who knew when
Baron Lin became impatient, would he force her to have a sex? It seemed that she couldn't stay here
for long.

She put her emotions in order and went over to put the payroll in front of Baron Lin. She smiled and
asked, "Mr. Baron, I have been on duty everyday this month, and I have never been late!"

"What? So what? " With a malevolent smile, Baron Lin asked while knowing the answer.

Did he mean that there was no reason and he just wanted to punish her by deducting her salary?!

Even though she was a little annoyed, she tried her best to suppress her anger and explained, "In the
first month, you said that my planning book was not good enough, and it was after Mrs. Zhang's
revision that it satisfied the customers. My salary was deducted by 1500 for this. And I asked for leave
in April, because of the insufficient procedures, my behavior was seen as absenteeism. I was asked for
a punishment of 1500 dollars. But what about last month? You need to give me a reason at least, right?

As for the planning book in the first month of, although Mrs. Zhang had revised it, the main body of it
was written by her. The reason why customers liked is that it was very novel. Baron Lin also seized the
chance to put forward his demand. If she was willing to have dinner with him, he would give her a
promotion and let her be the leader of the group. Angela turned down indirectly. So Baron Lin said the

project plan wasn't good and asked Mrs. Zhang to make some adjustments. He just wanted to put her
in a dilemma deliberately!

Last month, she asked for leave for a few days because of Rachel. Hiram had approved her leave, but
she refused to sign her name after a long time. At last, she skipped work and her salary was deducted
by several times.

Baron Lin purposely made things difficult for her and made it hot for her. Angela knew that but she just
restrained her anger.

However, she decided not to bear it!

Seeing her pale face, Sandra was not anxious at all. She stood up and walked to her, with desires in
her eyes. He put his fat hand on her shoulder and said, "you are the smartest one among these people.
How can you not know the reason?"

Just as what she thought! Baron Lin is such a disgusting person. It is obvious that he tries to cow her
into submission! He wanted to force her to compromise!

As soon as his hand touched her shoulder, she avoided. Angela smiled angrily, "Mr. Baron, although
I'm just a recent graduate and I can't do any astounding plans, you know clearly whether I have made
the company profit! I come here just for work. If Mr. Baron cannot put up with me, then I have nothing to
say! "

Then, she took out her resignation form and put it on his desk. With a straight face, she said, "Mr.
Baron, YC Media is a good company. I hope it can get better and I also hope to make a difference
here. But your requirements for hiring are quite bizarre!"

In the end, she sneered.

She mocked Baron Lin's behavior of using the latent rules to decide the employees staying and to
decide their salary. Her attitude undoubtedly touched Baron Lin's bottom line.

He was so angry that he slapped on the table, "Angela! Don't be so stubborn! You are just a new
graduate! Don't you want to work here? "

Angela stared at him without fear. She wasn't going to argue with him and she said flatly, "Mr. Baron,
thank for your taking care of me these days. I have handed in my resignation letter. I won't come to
work from tomorrow. "

"Have I approved your proposal?! I haven't approved it. How dare you not to come to work? That will
be absenteeism if you don't come to work! You will be punished by three times your salary. Think it
over! " Having been a manager for so many years, Baron Lin's old employees all obedient and dreaded
him. It was the first time that he was scolded by a young employee. He was furious now.