Keep you in my arms

Chapter 18 Is It Because Of That Man

"Manager Baron, have you forgotten something? I haven't become a regular employee yet, haven't I? "

When she was employed, she was agreed to be a regular one for three months. It had been almost five
months since then, but the company hasn't turned her into a regular. She had asked the personnel
department about it. They said that it was Manager Baron who asked her to take an examination, and
that the so called examination was about as soon as she agreed to have dinner with him, she could be

All in all, she wouldn't yield to him. He bullied her in every possible way and tried to force her to

He was aware that Angela was like a thorny rose, which made him more interested and wanted to
conquer her. However, he didn't expect her to be so bold as to quarrel with him and even ask to resign.

Furiously, he thumped on the table and shouted angrily, "you don't want to be in this city and this
industry anymore, do you? "

Huh? Did he threaten her with his power in S City?

Angela stopped not because she was afraid of him, but she felt more disgusted with such a disgusting
villain like him.

Looking at her back, Baron thought she was bluffed. Then he piled up a smile on his fat face, "actually,
as long as you are as obedient as Chloe, you get as much money as she does! "

Before he finished his words, Angela turned around and threw cold water on him, "then I'll change my
business. There are so many industries in the world. Why should I waste my time on one tree? "

"You..." Baron was so angry that his face turned black and white, and Angela left without looking back.

When she went back to her seat, Baron sent her a message, his words were full of anger, "don't you
want this month's salary anymore? "

He was so mean that he even threatened her with her salary! She was always open to persuasion but
not to coercion. How could she be threatened by him?

She was typing wildly and replied, "the Labor Bureau is not a furnishing. Of course, I believe that
Manager Baron was just angry for a while. "

"Are you threatening me with the Labor Bureau? " Very good! I will make you regret to step out of
Shirley one day!

Over the past four months, Angela had always shown respect to him and referred to these conflicts in
an indirect way. However, Baron wanted to be the king. In order to force Angela to compromise, he
deliberately give her tight shoes to wear and set traps for her and so on.

At first, she thought he would let her go if she refused him a few more times. Now it seemed that he
wouldn't let her go easy, so there was no need to negotiate with him. After all, she had had enough!

The thought that she would soon be free from this kind of situation made her feel relaxed as if she got
rid of the shackles.

She would hand over her work with Chloe this afternoon.

Many employees in the company heard the quarrel between them in the morning, and they were talking
about it.

After work, there were only Chloe and she in the company.

Chloe was a sweet but timid girl. She asked carefully, "Angela, what's your plan? "

"Find another job! "

"I heard that Manager Baron is powerful in S City. Are you really okay? "

"In such an era now. Can he do everything he wants? She shrugged her shoulders and say
indifferently. Even if he was powerful, it was impossible for all the enterprises in S City to obey him! If it
doesn't work, I can change the city! "

Her relaxed answer made Chloe very envious, because she did not have the courage to be...

"Angela, I wish I could be as brave as you! "

"It's everyone's choice! People like me are easy to get into trouble, aren't they? " She said so because
she knew that Chloe was obsequious. It must be Baron who scared her and forced her then got her.

At the thought of this, she couldn't help but feel sorry for Chloe. Thus, she added, "you've worked very
hard too! And you are also very careful. I am not as good as you in many aspects! "

"Do you really think so? " There had been a lot of rumors in the company these days. Some said that
Chloe was the well paid intern because she hooked up with Baron. Some even said that she had been
isolated and she had taken away the salary which was supposed to be given to Angela.

She thought that Angela would hate her.

Of course, Angela also knew that. That salary was indeed given to her, but it was wrong to Baron, and
Chloe was also innocent. She did not dislike her, so she smiled sincerely, "Yes! I'm just telling the truth!

"No wonder Race and other women all praise you. It's really comfortable talking to you. "

Angela smiled and said, "Shirley is a nice company. Race and other colleagues are all very good and
there are not many seniors willing to teach the new comers. Come on, Chloe! "


Chloe nodded. She admired Angela from the bottom of her heart. She was paid little because of her,
but she spoke for her. The company was so unfair to her, but she still said good things about the
company. If she were her, she really couldn't do it!

It was an unpleasant day already. The moment Angela walked out of the door, she was stopped by

"Angela, let's talk! "

She was in a bad mood, but when she saw someone she didn't want to see, her face instantly
darkened. She sneered, "I have nothing to talk to you! "

"Angela! Is it because of that man? " He then came to her front and grabbed her by the arm. "You
would never treat me like this before! Was it because of that man? He's not a good man. He's just
playing with you! "

The more he said, the more he went too far. With a straight face, she said angrily: "let go of me! "

Although Angela was not good tempered, she couldn't lose her temper for no reason. She wouldn't
forgive anyone who had touched her bottom line.

It was the first time that she gave him such cold shoulder, which made his heart tremble. He didn't want
to let go of her arm because he had a vague feeling that once he let it go, he could no longer hold it!

"Greg! I don't want to lose my temper over you, not because I respect you, but because I don't want to
ruin my image for a scumbag like you!" She felt heartbroken, but still made up her mind to completely
break up with him!

He let go of her with tears in his eyes: "so, is it because of him? "

After he let go of her, Angela was about to leave. He questioned her with disappointment and hatred,
making her turn around, "what answer do you want? If I say it's because of him, will you let me go? If
that's the case, you can say that he is the reason. "

She was calm and collected when she said these words, and there was no sign of childishness on her
face as before.

This must be Angela! In the past, she could be willful and act like a spoiled child in front of him. But
once she decided to break up with him, she would be alienated as if they had never be in love!

Seeing her receding figure, Greg's heart ached.

But he didn't know that her face was covered with tears when she walked straight ahead.

Angela didn't understand why he still didn't know her after being with him for such a long time? It was
clear that he did something wrong, but he doubted her change of heart and even aggressively
questioned her. She could not find any reason to forgive him, could she?