Keep you in my arms

Chapter 19 The Wicked Manager

She wondered what had happened between her and Greg The memory of nearly three years, and the
shallow fate, were gone!

Almost in tears, Angela went back home. She stood at the door, wiped her tears and adjusted herself
for a long time before she came into the room.

Seeing that Hilda was at home, she smiled as usual and asked, "why did you come back so early
today? "

Angela held the big carton which were filled with the stuff of the company, and her eyes were red and
swollen. Upon seeing her, Hilda got nervous. "What's wrong? Did the people in your company bully
you? "

"No, I quit the job." She said in a feigned relaxed tone.

"Is it because of that rogue Manager Baron? " Indeed, Angela once mentioned those things to her, so
she was guessed totally right. Noticing that she didn't deny it, Hilda said angrily, "these men deserve to
be castrated! "

"I don't think leaving is a bad thing! A loss may turn out to be a gain! "

YR Media Limited Company was a medium-sized business which was still enjoy a little well-known in S
City. The price was not high, but the service was as good as the leading enterprise. Over the past two
years, they had occasionally received activities from big companies. Edward even proposed that the
opening ceremony of her company should be assigned to Shirley.

As for Baron, she heard that the reason why Shirley could be on the right track was because of his
advice. In other words, he enjoys some reputations in the industry, but he could not went too far
because of his bad character!

Now he felt offended by Angela, there's no way he was not put her in an awkward position. She was a
little worried about Angela and asked, "what's your plan? Are you still working for this industry? "

"I had considered finding a non-profit agency with leisure work. It'll helpful with my examination
preparation, but..."

The salary dropped a little. She had promised her friend that she would pay off her debt next month,
and now she had quit the job. She had to pay also for the vacant window. She might not be pass
through with a low pay.

Hilda was too kind. If Hilda heard that she was in trouble, she must want to help her. So Angela
decided not to tell her the truth.

"But what? "

"But I still need time to think it over. Planning is a tough job, but there is a good chance! " With a smile,
she asked, "didn't you say that you want to have pineapple fried rice I've been dying to eat for a long
time. Let's start cooking now! "

After putting the stuff into her room, Angela went to the kitchen. Hilda cut the pineapple in a rusty way,
and then said: "since I lived with you, my knife skills have become better and better! "

Taking a glance at Hilda's pineapple, which was not of the same size, Angela raised her eyebrows and
said, "you Are you sure? "

Hilda looked down and smiled guiltily, "ha-ha! Although she has made progress, is there still a lot of
room for her? Let me heat up the pot first. "

She was still a little scared at the thought of the smoky kitchen made by her for Egg-Fried Rice.

"Please don't! " Afraid that she would burn the kitchen, Angela said, "wait outside. I'll cook dinner for

"Alas! I'll clean it up first! "

The fried rice with pineapple was really good in color, aroma and taste. After dinner, Hilda laid down on
the sofa, touched her belly and said, "Angela, if I were a man, I must marry you! No wonder my

Angela was pleased by what she said, but then she felt a little puzzle by her sudden panic expression.
With a quick turn in her head, Hilda pretended to burp and said: "huh I'm so full! No wonder I've gained
so much weight! "

After taking her last bite, Angela was told to leave the bowl there and wait for the part-time maid to
cleared it up.

"Okay! I will go back to my room and pack up my stuff. " Of course she wouldn't refuse someone's help!

After returning to her room, Hilda made a phone call furtively. Then she reported everything to Edward
in details.

Edward frowned on the other side of the phone, "Baron? "

After a pause, he added, "I'll arrange it later. "

In the past few months, Edward asked her about Angela occasionally. She had thought that her icy
brother had fallen in love with her, but if he did, why didn't he pursue her? This was not like her brother!
Hilda got more confused and couldn't help but ask, "brother, to be honest, do you have a crush on her?

"No, he didn't." He said in an indifferent tone without hesitation.

"Then why do you always ask about her? "

"Really?" He asked.

ok She admitted that he had asked her once or twice in the beginning, but it was her who reported on
her own initiative afterwards. She was used to reporting everything to him, but at least he wasn't
disgusted and would listen attentively, wasn't he? As her brother, Edward was always too busy to go
home! Time is precious for him.

But she didn't want to give up!

"Then why do you make arrangement for her?" He didn't help others casually!

"Don't you want me to help her by telling me these? " Said Edward lightly.

"…" Hilda admitted that she really wanted to help Angela this time. But it sounds like a trap.

No matter what, as long as the goal has been achieved. She said, "by the way, brother, how about
going back to our home party the day after tomorrow! Kay got a fright when she heard Daddy lost his
temper on mommy. "

Although their father was dissolute, he was not angry with women. Even Edward felt strange. Why did
he suddenly lose his temper at his mother? Well... Does it have anything to do with me?

"Yes! Got it."

On the first day of her resignation, Angela was about to wake up naturally when her phone rang.

"Excuse me, are you Miss Angela?" She was asked politely.

"Well Yes! Who are you?" She replied politely although she felt a little grumpy after getting up.

"This is DC Capital Group Limited. We have read your resume on the Internet and found that it fits the
position of secretary of our company very much. May I ask if you have time to come over for an
interview? "

"The DC Capital Group? " She was shocked. It was the largest real estate company in S City. Half of
the buildings in the city center were owned by DC Capital Group, and there were also their houses in
the richest district outside the border. Actually, it was a famous real estate company not only in S City
but also the entire country. Let alone the benefits, if she worked here, she might have a good chance to
find another job in the future!

"Yes! When? "

"I've sent an invitation to your email, which contains a job description, phone number, time and address
of the interview. Please check it."

"Okay! Thank you!"

Angela got up immediately, she turned on the computer and searched for the information in the
mailbox. Although it was not her favorite job to do the secretarial work, she got a good salary and
benefits. If she really got this job, she would be able to pay off all the debts next month!

After thinking for a while, she decided to try her best to get this job! After all, she was well paid. If she
could save some money next year, she could resign and prepare for the exam wholeheartedly!

At half past two, she came to the door of the building. Looking at the tall building, she felt a little

Angela didn't think too much. She acted very serious in the interview and it went well.

"Well, when can you start to work? " Asked Corrine.

"Whatever! She hoped the sooner the better. After all, she was lack of money!

"Okay! Tomorrow? "

"Okay! Thank you, Miss Corrine."