Keep you in my arms

Chapter 20 Help In Secret

After seeing Angela off, the personnel department got into a heated discussion.

"Who is that girl? Why did she let Manager Corrine take an interview in person? "

"It's so weird! No management personnel resigned recently."

The reason why they said so was that Corrine Liu was only responsible for the interview above the
management level, and she only acts as a supervisor in other interviews.

However, this matter was not enough to cause a storm, so they didn't pay much attention to it. Only
Christa didn't recover from the shock.

At the same time, her colleague, Anne Ye said, "Christa, Manager Corrine wants to see you in her

In the Personnel Department deputy manager's office, Corrine Liu saw her come in, put down the
coffee cup and said, "Sit down."

Christa had known that Corrine Liu didn't like her since the first day she worked here. Fortunately,
Corrine hadn't made things difficult for her since Christa worked here for more than two months. But
Christa was still very cautious.

"Since you entered the Personnel Department of DC Capital Group, we have been all families. You
don't have to be too nervous." While saying, Corrine took out another folder, put it on the table, pushed
it in front of Christa and said, "You're going to be a full member next month, so I want to talk with you."

Seeing that Corrine signaled her to open the folder, Christa opened it. Her face turned pale when she
saw the resume.

"Although our Personnel Department is a big family, we have our own rules. You put in the resume of
your cousin without permission. Carl hasn't known about it, so I will just take it as nothing has
happened. But I don't want to see it happen again! " Although Corrine Liu was not angry, she looked

Relied on Carl Yan, Christa took the position of DC Capital Group. She had planned to arrange some
trusted subordinates. But she didn't except that the resume which she secretly put in was discovered
and now she was frightened. Hearing Corrine saying that she would take it as nothing happened,
Christa apologized immediately, "I'm sorry! Miss Corrine, I'm so sorry that I did it out of sympathy at that
time. I promise that I won't make such a mistake! "

"Okay! Remember what you just said. The graduation season is coming and we will be busy with the
recruit. Get out to work! "

"Yes! Thank you, Miss Corrine. "

After Christa left, Corrine shook her head and thought, 'What an idiot Carl Yan is! Why did he always
get all these stupid people into the company? Though Christa was not a capable person, she was full
of bad thoughts. It was quite stupid of her to want to cultivate power before she became a full member
of the company. But fortunately, it was easier to deal with such kind of people.'

Corrine had always been very cautious, so she called Lucas Lu to report the situation.

Thirty minutes later, in the CEO office.

Lucas reported to Edward, "This time, Carl arranged two people in company. One person is Becky An
in the Financial Department, and the other is Christa Yang in the Personnel Department. Becky didn't
do anything, but Christa from the Personnel Department wants to introduce his cousin to company. "

Standing in front of the bookshelf, Edward took out the book, which was about war tactics, and said
indifferently, "Perhaps they are just bluffing."

"Right! Maybe we are too sensitive. " Lucas Lu thought that the stupid Carl couldn't raise any waves at
all. Maybe he gave the girl a position simply because of hooking with her.

"He is not a trouble. I am afraid of..." Edward raised his head and glanced at Charles without saying the

Carl Yan is the cousin of Edward Yan. Although the DC Capital Group was founded by Edward and
didn't have much to do with Carl's father, Carl thought they should own a part of company shares. But
he was refused by Edward again and again. Since then, there were always rumors about the Yan
Family interior affairs in the company, which made Edward very angry.

Lucas thought that Mr. Edward would fire them directly, but he didn't expect that Mr. Edward let them
stay. During the past seven years he had been working for Mr. Edward, Mr. Edward seldom behaved in
a usual way and was alwayd out of his expectation. Edward was indeed a horrible man so that such a
big company could be managed by him.

"Keep them staying temporarily." Edward was used to not say too much.

"Ok!" Lucas didn't dare to ask any more questions. He said, "Angela has already taken an interview
and will come to work tomorrow."

"Okay!" He walked to the sofa with the book and sat down, turning a page.

The book was thickly dotted with obscure language, which made Lucas terrified. He knew that Mr.
Edward didn't like others to disturb him, so he quietly went out and closed the door.

Lucas returned to his office and then found there were a lot of documents, which let him quite strange.

In the past few years, Edward had assistants and secretaries, but they were replaced frequently. He
remembered that one girl of them knelt down in front of Mr. Edward, begging him to let her stay. He
didn't know how she had irritated Mr. Edward or Mr. Edward wouldn't have a tender heart to a woman.
He directly ordered, "Lucas, take her to the Personnel Department and pay her an extra three months'
salary. I don't want to see her again tomorrow!"

After that, Edward hadn't had any assistants, and he had played multiple roles since then. Because of
the existence of Carl Yan, Mr. Edward had a very strong aversion to those who entered company
depending on connections. But this woman, Angela, had actually made him treat her in such a different
way. It was truly hard to tell what kind of person she was!

Lucas was curious and suddenly felt a little pleased looking at the piles of documents, because from
tomorrow on, someone would share the burden for him! So, no matter who Angela was, as long as she
could help him with the work, it was enough to make him look forward to her!

When Hilda just finished a business deal, she received a message from Angela, which full of excited in
words, "Hilda! I have found a job! It's secretary to the DC Capital Group! The DC Capital Group! I was
so lucky! By the way, I have transferred the rent for this month to your account."

Although her brother Edward had promised to help Angela, but Hilda hadn't expected that she would
be allowed to enter the DC Capital Group directly! Hilda knew clearly that her brother hated the
connection most!

This made her feel inconceivable.

Soon, she received a notice that the money had been to her account.

Hilda was frustrated, but delighted. She was frustrated about that, although she had told Angela many
times that she didn't need to pay the rent, Angela insisted that it was a respect for both sides and she

must give her the money. What pleased her was that she met a friend who didn't take advantage of her
without guilty because she was rich.

She really liked what kind of person Angela was.

With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, she replied, "Congratulations! Let's go out for dinner
tonight to celebrate your finding a good job!"

The Old Story was a high-class western restaurant. Angela hadn't been there before, so she only
thought that it would cost her five to six hundred to one meal. When she saw the menu, she was
stunned. She could afford the food in the restaurant, but it would cost about one to two thousand to one
meal. She thought that she shouldn't have been so wayward based on her salary!

"You usually cook for me and I always want to invite you to dinner, but I'm too busy, so this meal is my
treat!" Said Hilda.

Angela stopped tangling. She decided to invite Hilda for a meal after she got her salary.

"Hilda? I haven't seen you for a long time. I thought my dishes have loose temptation to you! " A
French man, wearing a chef hat, came over. He was handsome and gentle, and spoke fluent local
language, which made Angela a little stunned.

"Bruce! This is my roommate, Angela. "

"Angela, this is Bruce. He is from France and he is good at cooking."

"Hello, beautiful girl!" Bruce bowed to her gentlemanly. Angela stood up in a hurry and reached out her
hand. "Hello, nice to meet you."

What Bruce didn't expect was that she just wanted to shake hands with him. He took her hand and
kissed her on the back of hand. Instantly, Angela's face got red.

Luckily, Hilda was a chatterbox and she chatted with him excitedly.

Suddenly, Bruce asked, "Your brother didn't come here for some time. Was he very busy?"

Brother? It seemed that Angela had never heard of Hilda's family before, so she got curious about it.

Hilda Chen suddenly got nervous and said, "Oh! Bruce, I'm so starving! I haven't eaten your cooking for
a long time. Please go and make it for me! "