Keep you in my arms

Chapter 21 The Video Was Exposed

Bruce was obsessed with cooking. Unaware of the strangeness on her face, he replied, "I'll cook soon.
I've recently developed two new dishes and want you to try them for me!"

"You must be very good at cooking! thank you! Bruce!"

After he left, Hilda borrowed an excuse to go to the bathroom. She then called Bruce in the bathroom
and told him not to mention anything about her brother in front of Angela. Although he thought it was
strange, he still agreed to go with her because she was a tricky woman.

Waiting aside, Angela was so boring.

Then two well-dressed and delicately made up girls came over. After they finished ordering, they began
to talk.

One of the girls wore a chiffon dress with yellow Chiffon floral pattern, which was the most popular
elements this year. The dress has a good texture. It must be expensive. She asked her friend
meaningfully, "have you heard of the DC Capital Group's anniversary celebration this month?"

The other one wore a T-shirt dress, simple but elegant. The girl didn't care at all and replied lightly, "I
heard it. The tenth anniversary is a grand ceremony!"

Angela was not gossipy at all, but when she heard the words "DC Capital Group", she couldn't help but

The girl in chiffon skirt chuckled and said, "do you really think it's a simple anniversary? I heard that this
anniversary is to find the CEO's a wife."

The girl in the T-shirt dress was surprised and asked, "where did you get the news?"

"My mom! My mom is a classmate of the mother of the CEO of the DC Capital Group. A few days ago,
his mother said that she would like to choose a daughter-in-law in the banquet. "

"Really?" Hearing that, the girl's eyes lit up. She thought of something and muttered, "no wonder my
father asked me not to go to Dubai at the end of this month. He said that I was going to attend the

At this time, Hilda came back. Those two girls change the topic of the coming anniversary ceremony to
what hairdo they want to do and what clothes they should wear.

Since Hilda was back, she stopped listening.

But she didn't expect that the topic that seemed to have nothing to do with her, but actually influenced
her whole life!

It was the first day, so Angela got up very early, but she didn't expect that the elevator was so crowded.
One of the colleagues said that today holds the shareholders meeting, and all the people happened to
come at this time. After all, the CEO didn't like others to be late.

She worked on the 27th floor, which was straight elevator and led to many people, including some
senior executives or shareholders. So she took the elevator which could reach the 22nd floor and then
went to the 27th floor by stairs.

Arriving at the 22nd floor, she stepped out of the elevator. As soon as she pushed the door of the
staircase open, she heard the chaos breaths of two people. She glanced, and sure enough, a man and
a woman were kissing at the foot of the stairs.

She immediately stepped back. When she was about to turn back, she heard a familiar voice.

The woman gasped, "no! Carl, it's the morning rush. People will see us. "

The man teased, "honey, why are you still so shy? It's indeed not a good place. So don't be late


Then the man left. After the man left, Christa took a deep breath.

All of a sudden, she saw a person hiding under the stairs. She was so nervous that she stretched her
body and asked, "who is it?"

What Angela didn't expect was that Christa had entered the DC Capital Group and made a new

His name is Carl?

She decided not to hide even if she was caught. But when she saw it was Angela, her face instantly
turned pale.

What bad luck! How could she find it! But fortunately it was her. She had Angela's secret so she didn't
worry that Angela would expose her.

As she thought so, and suddenly did not worry any more. She sneered and turned away.

At the very beginning, she had drugged her and driven her away. But Angela really didn't know what
she had done wrong? She was not the one who spoke first. It should be Christa.

So she kept silent. She didn't go upstairs until Christa left.

Lucas came earlier than her. Before the meeting started, he told her the arrangements this morning,
"read those papers first. The later shareholders meeting will end at about eleven o'clock. Then you get

the CEO a cup of coffee in an appropriate time. This is the CEO's habit. By the way, don't touch the red
glass on the CEO's desk! "

While Lucas ordered, someone called him to prepare the files for the meeting. So Angela went back to
her seat and read those documents intently.

Edward stated the work performance in the first half of the year and the plan with expectation for the
next half of the year.

Among the shareholders, there were many people who were covetous of the position of CEO. They
were afraid of the ability of Edward and had endured hardships until now. It had been ten years since
he founded DC Capital Group. In the early years, he had been put in a difficult situation a lot. However,
he had always been indifferent, and then fortunately he was out of danger. Now, he had already had a
firm foothold in the company, and could be angry without infuriation.

Generally speaking, the shareholders were divided into two factions: the Yan group and the Dong
group. And according to Edward, William was somehow a competitor.

He held 30 percent of the shares, seven percent less than Edward. He was as shrewd as a fox, and
was a ruthless character. He was supposed to get in Edward's way at the board meeting, but today he
was sitting there calmly. He wasn't in a hurry to embarrass Edward.

It was quite unusual!

Just when Lucas was about to end the meeting, a video popped up on everyone's screen. They clicked
it, and were shocked by the content. They took a look at Edward, who was sitting firmly on the main
chair and dared not say anything. All of them were absent-minded and started murmuring.

Edward looked at the screen of the computer and saw a video. He clicked the play button. It was the
scene that he took Angela away from the hotel and punched Greg with anger. The title of the video was
that some rich people took advantage of their power to bully others, even being the lover of others.

The other two were blurred except for Edward.

Although he felt a little surprised, he didn't panic. He frowned, with no overreaction.

William couldn't hold his temper any more. He blamed, "Mr. Edward, as the CEO of the DC Capital
Group, shouldn't you pay attention to your image? After all, Mr. Edward is such an unusual man!"

"Yes! This will influence our stock market!"

"Such a video is really destructive!"

"I will hold a press conference to explain this matter." After saying these words, Edward stood up and

It was his usual way dealing with affairs. They would wait and see.

William didn't like him very much. He snorted and said, "the bidding project of the H Administrative
Zone will be opened in two months. You can really pike the time! I don't know if it's because he have
too many industries to care less about the DC Capital Group."

"That sounds too much."

"As the saying goes, those who are in high position will be proud!"

Outside the conference room, Edward didn't go far, just heard these words. Without stopping, he
continued to walk towards his office.