Keep you in my arms

Chapter 22 I Am Lying It On The Bed

Ten minutes ago, not only the shareholders, but also the whole S City, and even the whole country's
phones popped up on the news.

In a rage, Angela called Greg in the staircase to interrogate him, but she had already forgotten what
Lucas had told her.

"Greg! How can you be so despicable? You post the video that turn things upside down online, have
you ever thought about the consequences?"

She thought he was blinded at that moment. She didn't expect him to be impenitent and repeat his

"I don't want you to be cheated by him." If it was not because she avoided him, he would not be so

"He didn't lie to me!"

She and Edward were not what he thought at all.

"Angela, you know I'm worried about you. Among all the men out there, no one really loved you. I'm
afraid that you'll be hurt!"

"Huh! hurt? What qualifications do you have to say that? "

In this world, anyone could set her up, but he couldn't. Even if Christa had schemed against her, she
had never been so angry and sad. Greg who had hurt her most deeply had the nerve to say that he
was worried about her being hurt. It was ridiculous!

Greg still wanted to say something, but Angela had already hung up the phone.

It took her a long time to adjust her emotions with red eyes. When she went back to her office, her
colleague Yvonne came over. "Angela, where have you been? Manager Lucas asked you to get Mr.
Edward a cup of coffee."

A moment ago, Mr. Edward came back from the meeting room with a sullen face, and even Yvonne
was worried about her!

It was until then that Angela remembered what Lucas told her to do. She immediately went to the tea
room to get him a cup of coffee.

Yvonne looked at her back and frowned.

Although Mr. Edward was a handsome man, he was as cold as mountain, and regards women as
dangerous flood and do not hesitate to avoid them. She had been here for three years. She had seen
many women thrown on him. Those women were beautiful, but ended up with tragedy. It was known to
all that Mr. Edward had a prejudice against women. The whole office was jittery about this severe thing.
They wondered whether he would take it out on Angela.

Angela held the coffee cup carefully and knocked on the door.

After a while, Lucas opened the door and reminded her in a low voice, "Mr. Edward is in a bad mood.
You can leave after bringing him the coffee."

She shivered at his warning. She could feel the low pressure in the office. She was so careful that she
didn't even dare to raise her head. She stared at the coffee, slowly walked over and gently put it down.

Edward had been bowing his head to deal with the files. As soon as the coffee came, he reached out
his hand and took the coffee, but his eyes were fixed on the papers.

Angela never thought that he would suddenly reach for the coffee cup. Her hand was shocked by his
touch. Then, the coffee spilt on both of her hands and flowed along the documents to his clothes. He
hurriedly stood up, but failed to escape.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry... "

Horrible! On her first day at work and the first time she brought coffee to him, she made trouble.

Angela was so frightened that she trembled!

He was in a bad mood already and now the document was destroyed. He was about to get angry, but
when he saw it was her, he didn't scold her.

Lucas had already come over, passed Mr. Edward a tissue, and took a tissue to wipe coffee and mend
the files.

Edward wiped the coffee spilt on him but said nothing.

Angela thought he would give her a good scolding, but he didn't say anything. And why did she feel
that someone was staring at her?

"Are you okay, Mr. Edward?" Lucas was very worried about her, but he still stood there in fear.

"It's okay. You go out first."

Edward's cold tone further worsened Lucas' worried about Angela.

What? The voice sounds familiar?

Thinking that he wanted her to go out, Angela wanted to turn around and leave. But all of a sudden, he
said, "it's not you. Lucas, could you please go out for a moment?"

"What? Oh!" Before Lucas could react, he thought that Mr. Edward was going to let her out.

It seemed that he was going to get even with her!

When she heard Lucas close the door, Angela's heart sank. She even lost the last life-saving straw.
Her heart trembled even more.

All the time, the women he saw with his eyes were aggressive, just like what Aaron said. She was
charming and led to him endless aftertaste, but tasted thrilled like chili!

A few times ago, she said something rude to him, but now, seeing her so timid, she suddenly lost her
courage? He suddenly found it interesting.

However, he didn't show his emotion on his face. Although he was smiling in his heart, he still wore an
indifferent expression on his face and said, "what are you waiting for? Come here."

Angela thought she was wrong to listen and raised her head, however, that familiar face came into her
sight vividly.

How could it be him? 'Edward? Mr. Edward? No wonder his voice was so familiar. She was not nice to
him before, but now she had fallen into his hands. It seemed that she was really going to doomed!

Said Edward, taking off his shirt.

She rolled her eyes. She was surprised with her eyes open even wider!

He had seen her angry, shyness, begging for mercy. This was the first time he had seen her fear and
despair. He was even more intrigued.

He pointed to the cabinet behind the sofa, and said calmly, "pick up a suit of clothes as you like."

After saying that, he entered the room without waiting for her response. Then she heard him taking off
his clothes.

Like an eggplant which had been hit by frost, Angela was in a state of trance.

It seemed that her job was going to be wasted

Edward came out of the bathroom quickly. After coming out, he didn't take the clothes in. He asked
outside, "have you found them?"

Angela felt that she was still in a dream, and when she heard his urging, she became nervous. "Oh! oh
Take it."

She was shocked when she opened the closet hastily.

Isn't this the CEO's office so inconvenient? It was inlaid and difficult to tell whether it was a wardrobe or
not, but it had a large capacity of space. The shirt, the suit pants, the tie, the shoes With complete

She casually picked one, stood at the door, stopped while feeling the wet and hot breath after the bath.
Because she was not sure if Edward was dressed.

Her face was burning.

"Why haven't you come in?" Said Edward in an unpleasant voice.

If it were in the past, she would have asked impatiently, "won't you come out to take it?"

But now he was the boss! Even if she wanted him to open the door and took the clothes by himself,
she didn't have the courage to do so but brace herself to go in.

Edward, who was wrapped in a bath towel, was drying his hair with a hair dryer with his back to her.

She had seen his body before, but she was annoyed when she saw it because it reminded her of what
happened that night.

"I, I am lying on the bed."

Then she ran away.

There were many water drops on the ground. She slipped because of the hurry and fell back on the
bed with a scream.

Hearing the noise, he turned off the hair dryer and came over. Angela also hurriedly stood up and
bumped into his strong chest.

"I thought you were vigorous and effectively, but acted imprudence!"

Edward's tone was indifferent, but Angela thought he was looking down on her working ability.

Afraid of losing the job, she stepped back and waved her hand. "No, I'm not like this. I'm working very

So please don't fire me just because of this!

"She isn't like this?" Staring at her, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, he asked, "then why are
you acting like this now?"