Keep you in my arms

Chapter 23 Did He Have A Normal Sexual Preference

"Be...because..." 'Just because I had had sex with you!' It was her first time, and now she was in such
an awkward atmosphere, how could she not feel embarrassed?

Angela had to admire this man for his calmness!

Her face was as red as the evening glow. She was shy and embarrassed, but she had to bite the bullet,
which looked more interesting than when she was angry!

However, he concealed his chuckle and approached her with an expressionless face. "Because what?"

Perhaps it was because he was too cold at ordinary times that he asked such a question casually, but it
sounded like an interrogation. Angela was a little disappointed. She lowered her head and said, "It's my
first day at work. I'm so nervous..."

She said the last sentence in a quite low voice, but he heard it.

Nervous? So would she also be nervous?

It was good to be frightened, because this was beneficial to his following negotiation.

He walked towards her barefoot.

His body with wet breath was getting closer and she panicked. However, before she could react, he
had already pushed her against the wall, leaving her nowhere to escape.

"What are you going to do?" Again, Angela remembered Edward's demands of that she should be his
girlfriend for three months.

She was suddenly scared.

How could he only think about that thing? How did he become the CEO of the DC Capital Group?

"Be my girlfriend. Time limit and price are up to you!"

Sure enough, he was still thinking about it!

Angela was speechless. When she was about to say something, Edward kissed her on her lips.


He held her shoulders with one hand and clasped the back of her head with the other, leaving her
nowhere to escape. Angela struggled, from resisting to being conquered, and gradually became soft.

It was a long and deep kiss before he let her go. She finally could breathe again and she gasped

"I don't either visit prostitutes or gamble and I have a strict lifestyle. The price I can offered to you is at
least several times higher than your current salary. So, you won't lose anything if you agree to be my
girlfriend. "

Apart from the expense he offered, if it had been three years ago, she would have been seduced by his
appearance. She was even contented after only a month, let alone three months! But now, Angela
didn't want to have a love relationship with any man. She would rather spend more time on tests and
realize her dream than waste her time in fruitless love and let her heart hurt deeply.

What's more, his so-called girlfriend was not an ordinary lover, or more precisely, kept a mistress,
which was disrespectful! Besides, for a man requesting so, was it possible to lead a conservative life?

She glared at him angrily, "Let go of me first!"

This time, he didn't embarrass her and let go of her.

Angela took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. She said, "Mr. Edward, you have a good
condition. If I agree to be your girlfriend, it will surely benefit me more. But we don't fit each other. So,
Mr. Edward, please don't make such a request again. "

This kind of Absurd request.

While saying that, her eyes had turned red. Fearing that she would cry because of grievance, she said,
"I go out to work."

He looked at her back and frowned. He got used to talking business with others and forgot that he
couldn't take it as the business style.

It could be seen that she was serious in love. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so sad about what
had happened between her and Greg.

He didn't know why he felt a little annoyed every time he thought of that Greg always blocked her at the
door of her company and made her cry so sadly. And, currently, he could only come up with a way to
explain the matter about the video. And for this matter, Angela had to cooperate. At the thought of this,
he walked out and grabbed her. He slightly lifted her chin and made her look at him. "Why do you say
we don't match?"

Angela was stunned and stared at his cold face blankly.

Why? Which aspects is he suitable for her in? No matter in family background, appearance or ability,
they were all in different levels. Wasn't that enough?

At this moment, the door was opened.

"Mr. Edward, online..." Lucas came in with Yvonne Wei. Some people online had found that the rich
person in the video were Mr. Edward. As a result, the stock market of the DC Capital Group was

affected. Given the severity of the matter, he was so anxious that he forgot to knock at the door.

They happened to see this intimate scene.

Lucas got stunned while Wei even covered her mouth with her hand in surprise, "Oh my God!"

"I'm sorry!" Lucas took by the arm and they hurried out of the room. After the door was closed, both of
they were still in a daze.

Yvonne asked in a shock, "Is Mr. Edward who is lifting Angela's chin? Did he have a normal sexual
orientation? "

"It seems that it is normal." Lucas nodded.

In the CEO Office, Angela was almost mad. She pushed him away and said, "If you continue like this, I
will lose my job!"

Edward frowned. Had she become stupid? He had the final say here! There were so many people who
wanted to be close to him so as to seek greater benefits.

When Angela was about to go out, she suddenly remembered something.

God! She was too nervous to remember that he was the big boss here. Whether it would work or not,
she had to apologize.

So she turned around and bowed to him, "Sorry, I... I didn't mean it. I just... Alas... Anyway, I'm sorry
that I got your clothes dirty. "

Oh? Was she so polite? She had been very unfriendly when she met him a few times before!

It seemed that the days in the future would not be so boring. With a hint of banter appearing in his
eyes, Edward peacefully said, "You don't have to refuse what I said to you so quickly. The reason why I

stipulate three months is just because I want to have a try to get along with you. You can consider it
carefully and give me a reply again."

Angela wanted to refuse directly, but on second thought, she couldn't lose her job now, so she said
respectfully, "OK, I will think about it."

Unnecessary to think about! She would never be his mistress!

"Just tell me your time limit and treatment." He said while putting on his shirt in the bedroom.

Angela replied, "Okay! I'll go back to my work. "

Then she ran away as fast as she could.

When she went out, she found that there was a large group of colleagues outside the office smiling at
her in a sportive way. Angela felt very embarrassed and smiled, then she lowered her head and went
back to her seat.

Yvonne gave her a cup of tea and said, "Are you all right, Angela? I've brought you a cup of black tea
to calm you down. "

Angela took the tea and said, "Nothing. Thank you!"

"Your lipstick..." Yvonne pointed at her own lips.

It occurred to Angela that her lipstick must have been smudged because of Edward's kiss.

She quickly took out the small mirror and found that it surely was smudged. At the thought that
everyone had seen it just now, she was going crazy. She was so ashamed that she wanted to find a
hole in the ground and hide herself.

"It's not so obvious. Only did I see it when I got close to you."

But Yvonne's consolation only made Angela more collapsed. If Yvonne had seen it, how could other
colleagues in company not know?

As expected, half an hour later, even Lucas got the news that Mr. Edward and Angela kissed in the

Ten minutes later, in CEO Office, Edward sat on the chair while Lucas stood aside and worked for him

"You want her to be my secretary?"

Mr. Edward had said that he didn't want any secretaries, especially women.

"Yes! Didn't you say that it's simply up to me?" Lucas's forehead was covered with sweat and he felt a
little relieved about that it turned out that Mr. Edward didn't ask he about the kiss.

"Well. Truly I have told you that. " Said Edward, who leaned back in his chair and was lost in