Keep you in my arms

Chapter 24 Being Impotent Ha-ha

After a while, he asked, "are you very busy with your work recently?"

His words brought him back to his senses, and he answered honestly, "yes, I'm busy."

"Then ask her to stay and help. Cut half of your bonus and put it into her salary."

"Pre... President..."

He was in a housing loan! If he lost his salary, his life will become very difficult!

Edward raised his head and asked, "What? Are you not satisfied?"

As soon as he saw his cold face, how could Lucas dare to say that he was dissatisfied? He quickly
replied, "No. It's good to have less work.

The first day of work, she just wanted to get familiar with the working environment, time flies.

Hilda said she won't eat back at home tonight. And since there was a dining hall in the company. So
after work, she decided to stay in the office and read books after dinner.

At about half past seven, a middle-aged man rushed directly into Edward's office with rage. Fortunately,
the man was busy walking forward and did not notice her.

The door was slammed heavily, but after a while, the noise inside disturbed her reading.

The office door was fairly soundproof. She could only hear faint voices of disputes, but couldn't hear
exactly what they were saying.

Thirty minutes ago, he finished the business but had no intention of going home for the family dinner
tonight. He let Hilda pass the words by said that he would not go back to the company because he was
too busy.

Ten minutes later, as Jonson barged into his office, he happened to see him making tea leisurely.

Today, they had an appointment with Fang Family. They planned to arrange a blind date for Edward
and Selina. Edward must have heard the news and refused to see her. Jonson had also asked him
about the video, but Edward said that the anniversary party would be held to explain it. As his father,
should he know about him through the media just like the public?

The moment Jonson stepped into his office, instead of going back to the party, he was enjoying the tea.
Jonson was enraged. He picked up a golf club next to him and hit him.

Edward dodged quickly and it hit on the table. The cup was broken into pieces.

"How dare you?"

"What, should I stand still and wait for your beat ?" He angrily but said in a calm tone.

"You unfilial son! How dare you retort!"

Edward stood aside. Although he looked calm, but actually in a cold sweat. 'this is the first time that his
father beat him. It seems that he is really in furious, ' Edward thought.

"Aren't you having dinner with someone from Fang Family?"

"Dinner? Am I still able to eat? !" Frightened by the atmosphere, Jonson shivered and walked towards
him with the club in his hand!

Edward glanced at the club in his hand, but he didn't dodge this time.

Jonson hit him hardly with the club and said angrily, "there is only one baby daughter in Fang Family.
She is the apple of their eyes. Look at you, you use work as an excuse and refused casually. The
friendship between your Uncle Fang and I for decades is almost destroyed by you!"

Edward could not keep calm any more when it came to the Fang Family. He was fearless and retorted,
"it's not right for Selina to be my wife."

The two families has been enjoying a friendship from the last generation. Although Selina was well
behaved, she was too well behaved. She had neither judge correctly nor her own idea. Although she
had obtained high marks only because she had been diligent, it didn't mean that she was capable. He
didn't mean to belittle her. He just didn't like weak girls like her.

"The Fang Family and the Yan Family are a perfect match. Selina is well behaved and highly-educated.
How could she not deserve you?! The Fang Family is not worried about your impoliteness, but you
dislike others!"


How could he belittle his own son like that?

Edward's face darkened and he said stubbornly, "if you like Selina, you can marry one more. Anyway,
the more, the better."

"Unfilial son! What are you talking about?" Although he was a playboy, he never flirted with women.

How could he have such a son? He used to be cold and indifferent. He didn't like women and now he
was impotent!

The noise in the office was too loud for Angela to concentrated on studying. At the thought of that man,
she believed that he was here to take revenge. Fearing that something might happen to him, she
sneaked over, pressed her ear against the door and listened carefully. She thought that if something
really happened to him, she could call the police. She didn't expect to hear such shocking news.

He is a man with no mood. She didn't expect anyone to scare him His father had a bad temper. But
when she heard Jonson, she couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Clear laughter passed through the door of the office and reached their ears. Hearing the laughter of the
woman, Jonson sensibly walked to open the door.

He opened it and saw that Angela was laughing wildly, "impotent Haha..."

With an innocent face, she looked pure and obedient. She was exactly the style like Jonson's

He was looking her up and down.

Angela didn't expect that it would alarm them, so she had been quiet for a long time. But when she was
scanned by him, she was flustered.

Of course, Edward knew what kind of person his father was. He immediately stepped forward, stood
between them and asked with a cold face, "Why are you still here? I thought you already got off work."

"I..." She didn't dare to tell him that she was reading here. So she replied, "I have nothing to do back
home, so I want to get familiar with the work."

"Get off work now!" He ordered anxiously.

'is there a boss who doesn't like the staff to work overtime?' she wondered?

But he knew his son didn't mean to offend the woman. Although he was a dissolute man, he would not
sleep with any woman.

Edward disguised with him for finding women outside and despised those women. But he never
meddled in their affairs. It was the first time that Edward protected a woman so nervous.

He wondered if his son had an affair but was unwilling to make it public? He would never touch his
son's woman. At this moment, Jonson knows everything.

All of a sudden, Jonson put on a big smile on his face, and gently asked, "are you working here?"

The man in front of her was the father of the president, who might be the big boss here. She answered
respectfully, "yes, Mr. Jonson."

"What's your name?"


"Still at work!" Edward shouted anxiously and glared at her coldly.

After a while, he said to Jonson, "haven't the people from Fang Family been waiting for us? Will us go

Speaking of the Fang Family, Jonson became more and more angry. But when he heard that he was
willing to go back, he said nothing more, threw the club aside and snorted before leaving.

On the way back home, Jonson didn't say anything and took a few glances at his son secretly. He was
looking out of the window and his brows were full of disobedience and unruly.

Jonson had only one son. It had been ten years since that woman was driven away. In the past ten
years, there had been no woman by his side. Jonson had sent all kinds of women to seduce him. At the
beginning, he thought it was a good thing because his son could wear Joseph's coat, but no women
had been able to trigger his lust for ten years. He could think of no other reason except that he was