Keep you in my arms

Chapter 26 He Wanted Her To Be Responsible For Him

However, he said lightly, "I support your business under the risk of breaking up with our parents. Isn't it
enough for my love to you?"

Hilda felt uninterested, "That's not the same! Alas... It seems that I don't have the chance to be an aunt.

Edward frowned but was not angry. He was thinking about getting married seriously.

In the past, he didn't keep "the tendency of not getting married". He just focused on his work and had
good restraint on the relationship between men and women. A few years ago, his family began to
arrange blind dates for him. At the beginning, he wasn't averse to it and he also met several girls

Most women got close to him because he was the heir of the moo clan and the CEO of the imperial
capital, but they didn't want to marry him because of him.

Some girls were excellent, and some even loved him out of genuine heart. But he didn't know why he
felt there was a big gap between them even though he was sitting in front of them.

It would be better to live alone than to lock up the rest of her life in a hypocritical marriage.

At this time, the car had arrived at the underground parking lot and stopped. Hilda said before getting
out of the car, "I just asked you two questions. Have you thought of someone while hearing that? If you
think of someone, then he or she will be your Mr. Right. "

She had seen clearly that he was deep in thought just now, which meant that he must have thought of
someone, but he was unwilling to tell her. She was afraid that her brother would be indulged in working
all day long and was not concerned about love relationship at all, even not realizing who he liked, so
she gave him a reminder.

When Edward got over his shock, Hilda was already far away.


In fact, she was just a trouble!

He rubbed his temples anxiously.

The next day, in the CEO Office on the 27th floor of the DC Building.

After Lucas brought Angela in, he took a suspicious look at the calm president and went out, closing
the door of the office.

Although these colleagues were sitting in their seats, they looked around curiously. Someone finally
plucked up the courage to ask, "Isn't it that Mr. Edward don't like women?"

"Are you too leisure lately? How about staying and working overnight here? " Said Lucas flatly.

Everyone was busy working as they were threatened that they would have to work overtime. They
called and sorted out materials, which was a busy look.

In the office, after waiting for a long time, Edward still didn't speak to Angela.

He just stared at her coldly with a poker face, which made her more nervous.

Finally, Edward asked, "Now you are an employee of the DC Capital Group. Should you maintain the
image of our company?"

"What?" Although Angela felt inexplicable, for fear of losing her job, she raised her head and said, "Oh!
Ye...yes! "

"So... Please sign this agreement! " Edward pushed the documents in front of her.

Doubtfully, Angela took a glance at it and read it carefully under his cold eyes.

At the beginning of the agreement, it said, "Patty A Edward Yan, Party B Angela Xu, become a lover
relationship according to this agreement."

The following was generally about her becoming his girlfriend and her duty of cooperation with him to
attend public occasions. However, the time limit of this relationship and the salary he would pay her
had not been filled yet.

"You decide the price and time limit."

Angela held the agreement, squeezing hardly, and her knuckles turned white.

However, she told herself not to be impulsive, because offending the person in front of her would lose
her job.

She took a deep breath and said calmly, "What does this have to do with the DC Capital Group?"

"In order to save you, I had a conflict with Greg. You are the reason why the video was exposed. You
should be responsible, shouldn't you? "

It made sense seemingly...

"This video has influenced the stock market of the DC Capital Group. Maybe it can be made up by
exposing our relationship. " He gently tapped on the handle of the chair with his slender fingers.

Speaking of this, she felt a little guilty. But before that, he had been scheming to make her his girlfriend
for three months. There was a good chance that he could kill two birds with one stone!

After thinking for a while, she said: "This matter really started because of me, but in that video, Greg
and I were both blurred. Mr. Edward, could you find a substitute?"

There were so many women who were so desperate to have anything to do with him. Why wasn't this
woman willing to have anything to do with him?

Displeasure could be seen in Edward's eyes. He replied shrewdly, "I have also thought about this way.
If the opponent exposed the complete video, the DC Capital Group would be doomed eternally."

After his girlfriend in the video being made public, if the video was played in a complete one and the
heroine of the video couldn't be counted as who was made public, wouldn't it be seen as that he lied to
the public? How could Edward set a trap for himself?

That was true.

"Is there no other way?" She frowned.

"If you can tell me, why not have a try?"

"Release the whole video to the public and make it clear?" asked Angela, frowning.

"Now that Greg has taken the video, he must has destroyed the hotel one. I have asked Lucas to
confirm it. Otherwise, I won't do such thing."

Edward wasn't flustered while lying to her, even not blinking his eyes. Angela gave him a suspicious
look. But she was deceived by his indifference.

If the original video was in Greg's hand, she thought she still had a chance. Although she didn't want to
have anything to do with Greg anymore, she didn't want to sign such an absurd agreement for such a

"If I get the original video to prove your innocence, does it mean that I don't need to sign this

According to Greg's character, it was impossible for him to destroy the original video so fast, so he
must have the backup.

"That would be even better." Edward stared at her motionlessly. When he saw a glimmer of hope on
her face, he continued, "But I can only give you three days."

Three days was a little short! But it's better than signing that stupid agreement with him!

She gritted her teeth, "Okay!"

She must get the original video!

After Angela went out, Edward asked Lucas to come in and said, "Prepare a copy of the complete
video, and don't leak it. Make sure that hotel one has been eliminated absolutely. In addition, hack into
Greg's computer and mobile phone to damage the original video in his hand."

They had the original video all the time. If they played the original video to public, the CEO would be
proved innocent. Lucas was confused by his unusual tricky again, but he did as Edward ordered.

"Yes, Mr. Edward."

"And don't tell anyone about this."

"Yes, sir!" The reason why Lucas could stay with him for such a long time was that he naturally knew
what to say and what not to say.

Edward said with a hint of interest in his eyes.

Everything was in control. If Angela could sign this agreement, it would not only help to handle those
shareholders, but also he wouldn't be arranged to go on blind dates any more by his family.

Seeing the weird smile on his face, Lucas was suddenly terrified. But he had never thought that their
CEO, who had put a lot of effort in this, just wanted to escape from family's arranged blind date.

Although it was difficult for Angela to summon up all her courage, she still made an appointment with

After all, this happened because of her, and she should be responsible for it.

When she came back to her desk and sat down, she thought it was still a problem. Edward wanted to
make a ridiculous request by this chance, so he must have been well prepared. Even if the video
wasn't damaged, he would probably ruin it to achieve his goal.

He hadn't chosen a girlfriend among so many outstanding and beautiful women in the DC Capital
Group, so the possibility was very low unless he was blind!