Keep you in my arms

Chapter 27 Sleep With Me Once

After work, she made an appointment with Greg at a music restaurant.

It was already dark outside, and light was dim in the restaurant, accompanied by soothing music. It was
very romantic.

Greg ordered drinks for her as before. But she didn't drink it this time.

Noticing her vigilance, an unpleasant feeling flew through Greg's heart. Without any expression of
anger on his face, he asked her as gentle as before, "what do you want to eat?"

"I've eaten in the canteen of the company. You can order your own food." She tried to be calm.

His eyes turned from hope to disappointment when he looked at her. Feeling embarrassed, Greg finally
ordered the food for Angela on his own initiative.

The waiter served the dishes and Greg said unwittingly, "I heard that the water park in East is very
interesting. I'll take you there this weekend!"

He wanted to hold her hands as before.

Angela was stunned and dodged. Greg didn't grab her hand. He was embarrassed, but had to take his
hand back.

At this moment, on the road outside the restaurant, inside the car, Edward was worried and almost rush

But the next moment, he calmed down.

Why was he so nervous?

Lucas noticed the strange expression on Edward's face, and a thought came to his mind. Did their
CEO fall in love with Angela?

It was already very strange that Mr. Edward secretly follow Angela to the date! Now that the man
wanted to touch Angela's hand, and Mr. Edward looked nervous. There was no better explanation for it
besides that the CEO liked Angela.

Edward was totally unaware that there was Lucas sitting next to him. He looked at them with
concentration, and cursed in his heart, "Damn it!"

'didn't she come here for the video?' Couldn't she just find a random place? What are you doing here,
in such a romance restaurant?

Suddenly, a panic flashed through Edward's eyes.

Will she forgive him?

Edward didn't know how angry he was when he stared at Greg!

Lucas held his breath, worried about the man in the dining room.

Although the atmosphere of the restaurant was really good, Angela was not in the mood to enjoy it.
She just wanted to get the video as soon as possible.

"Greg, the video..." After a pause, she asked with courage, "can you give me the original version of that

Hearing that she asked about the video, Greg pulled a long face and asked, "if it was not for the video,
would you not come out to see me?"

Indeed, if it were not for the video, she would never come out to see him again. 'well, she's done with
him and don't want to waste time on him, no matter how painful she feel!

After a pause, she said, "Greg, we broke up."

"I haven't agreed yet!" He suddenly stood up excitedly.

His behavior attracted the attention of the people around. Angela also stood up and whispered, "don't
behave like this. There are so many people watching us!"

Instead of replying her, Greg grabbed her wrist and strode out of the restaurant. After being dragged
out by him for a long distance, they finally stopped in an empty alley.

"Angela, don't be so unreasonable, okay? We've been together for such a long time and there's still a
long future ahead of us. Let the unpleasant memories go, okay?" Tears welled up in his eyes, which
made her heart ache.

All decisions were made after deep consideration. Yet he thought she was just being childish.

"Greg, don't behave like this."

"Behave like what? You left with that man the other day. Have you ever cared about my feelings? I am
your boyfriend!" Looking at her calm expression, Greg felt faintly what losing was, and couldn't help but
said excitedly.

Originally, she was in a calm mood, but when it came to that day, she was angry. He didn't apologize to
her for what he had done to her all along. Instead, he put all the blames on her.

"What about you! She burst into a rage as she originally got a bad temper. You drugged my coffee and
took me to the hotel! What do you think I should do? Stand aside and allow you do whatever you

"I..." Greg felt a little guilty, but soon he held her shoulder and said naturally, "we will do that sooner or
later, right?"

What does that mean?!

Once, she kept the beautiful things, trying to leave unforgettable memories on their wedding night. He
knew and understood all of these. But what was he like now?

"Is that your dirty excuse? Greg! When did you become like this?" She angrily pushed him away.

He admitted that he had gone too far on this matter. But how about her?

"Dirty tricks? And what about you? You repeatedly say that you don't want to have sex with me before
marriage, which is the tradition of your family. Are you dare to say that you are still a virgin?"

When Yang gave him the photo, he was really crazy. He hated Angela so much that he wanted to kill
both her and the man who had touched her. He still hoped that she could explain, even lie to him.

But she didn't. She was just so pale that she opened her mouth slightly and tears fell down silently.

Angela was not a good liar. He knew it very well that her expression told him the truth.

She pursed her lips, closed her eyes sadly and took a deep breath.

Greg had already lit a cigarette, trying to calm himself down with nicotine.

He tried hard not to break down and yelling. He exhaled a smoke and said, "don't you want to have the
video? One night with me, and I'll give it to you."

If she was heartbroken when she lost her precious first night after she was framed by her best friend,
what Greg did would cut her heart directly, pulled it out mercilessly and filled it with salt.

They had thought that they would get married, get older and lead a happy life. She had been devoting
herself to him for nearly three years. Unexpectedly, he just wanted to sleep with her for one night.

The love that she had been so determined for the past two years It's so ridiculous!

"Haha..." She burst into laughter, with tears and sarcasm.

She stepped back, laughing, but said nothing. At this moment, even quarrels between them are

She wanted to turn around and leave, but was pulled back by Greg.

"Let me go!" "Angela completely lost her mind and shouted!".

The wind at the alley blew her hair all over her face, but it couldn't hide the anger on her face.

She had slept with other men and cheated on him, but she pretended to be innocent and hide it from
him. This was the most unacceptable thing for Greg! Having been pushed away, Greg clenched his
fists and glared at Angela.

On the other hand, Angela's face was as pale as a piece of paper. Though she felt a little wobbly, she
tried her best to go forward.

A man was standing in the corner saw everything clearly. When she passed the corner and caught a
glimpse of him, she stopped, but smiled with tears, "sorry, I didn't get the original video back."

She felt that she was pushed into a hopeless situation. She didn't want to accept neither Greg's request
nor Edward's agreement. She is in a dilemma now.

"You haven't had dinner yet, right?" Edward asked with a poker face.