Keep you in my arms

Chapter 28 His Heart Ached

She couldn't get the original video, and he finally got what he wanted.

She thought he would smile complacently, but she didn't expected that he asked her coldly if she hadn't
had dinner.

She dazed for a while and then nodded, "yes."

She was in such a hurry to ask the video back that she was totally not in the mood to have dinner. She
didn't want to waste more time, so she lied to Greg that she had ate already.

She had hypoglycemia; after a loud quarrel with Greg, her vital energy was impaired. Now all her
strengths seemed to be drained away.

Seeing her trembling and shaking, he almost reached out his hand from his pocket, but he held it back
with his fist tightly.

He shouldn't have extra affection for her. However, people, in the most fragile moment, are the most
easy to break through.

"Mr. Edward, is there any other way?" There was still a glimmer of hope flickering in her desperate

She was both desperate and firm.

How long had he not seen such eyes?

Edward was a little wavering, but at last he insisted on his own plan, shaking his head.

His response was the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

She pressed her lips tightly and lost her last spiritual support. Then, she fell into a coma.

She didn't look well. Edward had already prepared for this. He just held out his hand and steadied her
before she fell to the ground.

And this scene, just fell in the eyes of Greg who ran over.

Greg admitted that he was angry, but because he cared too much about her. Knowing she had an affair
with another man, he was desperate and painful, but he couldn't let her go. He said that in a fit of anger
and deliberately insulted her, but apart from that, what else could he do to vent his inner pain? He
wanted to grow old with her and live the rest of his life with her so desperately.

In a twinkling, she was in that man's arms.

Anger, jealousy and anger engulfed him.

Maybe Christa was right. Angela was not as simple as he thought. Thinking of the silent look on
Angela's face when she spoke, Greg suddenly realized that it was just his wishful thinking...

Greg didn't know that he had trusted others over and over again. Over and over again, he had watched
others take away Angela. After every turn around and leave, eventually, those things would become a
qualitative change. He thought they were having a quarrel, but the truth was that it was irreversible.

An hour later, in the hospital.

Lucas was asked to bought some porridge and put it on the table.

Seeing him come back, Edward looked away from Angela and said with a frown, "Lucas, deal with the
videos. Don't expose their identities. Just tell others that I hit for saving people."

Although the original video was blurred, it could be vaguely presented. The person Edward rescued
was Secretary Angela, and the other man must be the person that Secretary Angela met in the
restaurant tonight!

His boss was too shrewd to be fathomable. It was obvious that he was protecting Angela, because
once Angela was found in the video, she would be involved in a huge whirlpool.

"Yes, Mr. Edward."

He couldn't help but take a look at Edward, wanting to see some emotions from his eyes. But his eyes
were clear, as usual, even deeper after rational judgment. It seemed that he had no interest in Angela.

In these days, he also knew what kind of person Angela was. In her character, she would definitely take
the consequences of this, because she was a responsible person. Now, she was forced into a corner,
and according to her character, she could not promise Greg.

That was to say, as long as he insisted, she would definitely sign the agreement, but he regretted it.

At the beginning, he was truly attracted by her beauty and thought about using money to lure her to
meet his desires. But her repeated rejection made him think that he didn't tempt her enough, which
made her angry from embarrassment.

Dirty tricks? And what about you? You repeatedly say that you don't want to have sex with me before
marriage, which is the tradition of your family. Are you dare to say that you are still a virgin? ——

Don't you want the video? You can sleep with me for one night, and I'll give it to you. ——

He had humiliated her, and she was furious. But when Greg said that, she was more sad, painful and
even breakdown.

She loved Greg so much that she would argue with him hysterically and burst into tears.

He knew better than anyone that Angela lost her virginity not only because of someone else's trick on
her, but also because of him. He knew better than anyone else that she was not as dissolute as Greg
said. Her virginity had been taken by him.

It must be painful to be misunderstood by the one you love.

But why would he feel lost when he knew that she loved Greg?

Edward looked at the woman in bed, but he had already seen a lot of past things through her. When
Angela woke up, he was still in a daze.

"Mr.Edward? Mr.Edward?"


She called his name for several times. When he came to his senses, he looked at the porridge on the
bedside table and said: "are you hungry? Have some porridge first! "

Porridge? For her?

But since she was really hungry, she didn't refused and said "thank you" and then ate the porridge.

Both of them were speechless. Seeing that he had been waiting there, Angela also sped up to drink it.

After paying for the bill, Edward took her to the parking lot. She was totally shocked when Lucas said
hello to her.

"Manager Lucas, why are you here?"

"Mr. Edward asked me to drive the car. Secretary Angela, are you okay?"

"Nothing, I'm fine. I just have hypoglycemia. "Did they all hear what happened between her and Greg?

No one spoke on the way.

She tossed and turned in bed that night.

Not to mention admitting his mistake, Greg was reluctant to make a concession. She couldn't agree to
his request. She couldn't get the original video, but it seemed that she had to sign an agreement with

She recalled what had happened with Greg from the beginning to the end. There was happiness,
conflict, sadness, and pain, but in the end, it was all fallen into the word 'fate'.

The next morning, she planned to ask for forgiveness and sign the agreement. She knocked on the
door and then came in after hearing "come in".

She was disappointed, but she had to say, "Mr. Edward, I didn't get the original video."

Yesterday she even vowed to get the original video. Today she really felt that she was useless!

"Oh! The original video of the hotel has been repaired. "Edward didn't look up and said lightly.

What? Did it mean that she didn't need to sign the agreement?

Manager Lucas explained, "the video has been uploaded on the company's official Microblog. Don't

Taking a glance at Edward, she saw that he was busy with the files without any expression on his face.

Since the problem had been solved, then she had nothing to worry about.

"Last night Thank you. If there is nothing else, I will go back to work."


Edward replied in a calm voice, which made her feel relieved.