Keep you in my arms

Chapter 29 National Husband

After the original video on the Internet was released, a storm of public opinion rose in the DC Capital
Group, S City and even the whole country.

In the video, the unconscious woman was taken to the hotel by the man, and then Edward walked to
the door of the room calmly and opened it with the room card. He kicked the man away from the bed
without a word, clean and efficient, angry and cold, very handsome.

It was said that their CEO liked men, but he saved a woman! They didn't know who was so lucky to be
chosen by their superior president.

"Mr. Edward was really awesome!"

"Mr. Edward is a person of integrity. I don't think he is the third party. Obviously, he wants to save the

"How happy she was How could she be saved by Mr. Edward. I'm really curious what does she look
like? "

"Why is that man's face obscured too? Shouldn't we expose this kind of bastard and then cyber
manhunt him? "

All of a sudden, the third party turned out to be the righteous man, and even the charity businesses that
Edward had done early were dug out. What's worse, some self media accounts even got the news that
they helped an old lady to be blackmailed. Edward's image is getting better in a flash. His fans on the
DC Capital Group's official Microblog account kept growing, and he had also become a national
husband that hundreds of millions of girls admired. His fans asked to update more news about him.
The image of the DC Capital Group had not only been redeemed, but the stock market had also been
promoted greatly.

In No. 23 villa of LH Garden, looking at the video on her phone, Anna said proudly and gratifyingly, "my
son is so handsome! Kay, do you think so? "

"Moo moo is a kind boy. He always defending the poor and kind."

The Yan Family always put greatest emphasis on bringing up people. Even the housekeeper at home
would received respect. Seeing this, Kay smiled from her heart.

She knew her son's character of being a gentleman, but he had always been disgusted with women.
How could he save a woman. Suddenly, it occurred to Anna what Edward had said in the study room.
She wondered if this woman was his son's lover?

Anna had been waiting for this for more than ten years, finally there were some signs, how could she
not excited? She hurried upstairs and called Cassie.

After a short while, Cassie arrived here but she didn't hesitate to tell Anna the truth. "Anna, have you
made up your mind? If you investigate Moo moo, he will not only fall out with you, but also gives me the
cold shoulder, "

"He is my son. How can I investigate him? I do care about him! "

"Fine! Anyway, he is my nephew. He hasn't got married for so many years, I am also worried about
him. I will be a villain once! " Cassie who sat opposite Anna took the tea that Kay poured and said,
"thank you."

Anna couldn't wait any longer, "all right! I knew it was because of moo moo's temperament that I
decided to stop the investigation. I dare not to see who on earth that woman is! I haven't slept well for
the past few months! "

When Edward was drugged, he never had sex with the woman she sent. Anna had wanted to
investigate it, but she was afraid that her son would hate her, so she didn't dare. She just asked
whether it was a girl or a boy that had sex with her son and got a reply from Cassie, "a girl." Anna was
relieved, but she didn't dare to ask any more.

Cassie said, "the woman was not who you sent. It seems that she threw herself at Moo moo."

The surveillance video in the hotel was dim. Since there was no sound, it was difficult to tell what had
happened. Anna was confused, "don't you feel strange? At the beginning, when this woman entered
Alvin's room, he had already driven her out. I don't know what she said that pulled her back to her room
and made Alvin so angry. "

"From the affectionate looks of those girls who watched the fun, I can see that they did say something
that attracted people's attention. The girls passing by in the corridor took pictures, didn't they? "

Anna nodded, "this woman is really something."

They could only see the picture of the corridor and the open door, so they couldn't know what
happened in the room.

Ten minutes later, Edward got changed and went out of the room.

"In ten minutes The speed of moo moo Isn't the time too short? "

Anna was very disappointed. She put her hand on her forehead and said, "Alas! I really doubt if he is
my biological son... "

Half an hour later, Edward came back. And during this period, the woman did not leave the room, which
made them feel shocked.

How could his son allow a woman to stay in his room for so long!

Edward came back with an odd look. But they know that's because he was drugged.

Cassie also fixed her eyes on the phone screen and said, "I have to admit that moo moo is very
patient. He could still hold himself to not have sex with that woman in such a situation."

If he had not had sex with that woman later, they would have thought he was impotent!

At last, Edward was dragged into the room by that woman. The door was opened once before, but it
was not fully opened.

All kinds of phenomenon were somewhat strange.

"Who do you think she is? Why didn't she get thrown out of the room by Moo moo? " Anna was

"Actually, I'm curious about one thing. Said Cassie. Did he touch that woman? "

They had always regarded Edward as a normal man, of course, they thought there was impossible that
nothing had happened between Edward and that girl. But think about it calmly. Moo moo is different
from other men. Maybe they have done nothing intimate with each other?

"Alas! Everything has gone back to the beginning point and I can't watch this video anymore! " Anna

"Not necessarily. At least it can prove that a woman has entered his room and if moo moo is unwilling
to talk, then maybe that woman is willing to tell us! " Suddenly, Cassie thought it was interesting.

Her words startled Anna. She clapped her hands and exclaimed excitedly, "sister! you are right! As long
as we find this woman, we will know the truth! "

"Calm down first! Even if you find this woman, don't do it by yourself! If she is pure and kind, Moo moo
can marry her. "

In this world, only women knew women best. Anna had seen the women who liked vanity but only for
profit. She nodded, "you are really thoughtful. But where am I going to find this woman?"

Although the general outline of the person in the video could be figure out, but her face couldn't be
seen clearly.

"You know what? The women around moo moo could be count with one hand! No, she didn't need to
count. There was no woman at all. You will know it as long as you pay more attention to it. "

Speaking of this, Anna was a little upset. Her son moved out since she asked people to drug him.

The next second, she suddenly came up with a solution. She rolled her eyes and smiled, "I know how
to do this."

"Do you have any idea?"

"Yes! If he doesn't want to go home, then I'll go find him! "

"Will he agree you to live in his apartment?" Cassie had seen it personally that Edward changed the
lock of the door in order to avoid his mother from disturbing him.

In her heart, her nephew was not as tender as other men!