Keep you in my arms

Chapter 31 Let Go Of Her

As soon as Angela reached the door of the restroom, someone grabbed her arm.

With red eyes and angry teeth, Greg shouted, "are you so cruel? We've loved each other for almost
three years. Couldn't our relationship compare with other people's stinky money in your eyes?"

He suddenly appeared and grabbed her, which made her startled.

Greg's resentful face made her annoyed. "Are you insane?"

Greg dragged her to the safe passage and pushed her against the wall. "That man is the CEO of the
DC Capital Group. That's why you don't want to marry me, right?"

His action was so fierce that her back bumped into the cold and hard wall, and she squinted in pain.
Before she could react, he had spoken ill of her. Actually, Angela had no good temper at all, but she
was not as irrational as he was. She just gritted her teeth and said angrily, "don't you know why I broke
up with you? Why do you mention others?"

Greg was out of breath by angry. After loosening his tie and the top button, he felt he got back more

She was still in working hours, so she couldn't keep the boss waiting for too long. She wanted to leave
as soon as she finished. Greg wouldn't let her go. He pushed her back against the wall and asked,
"Why are you lying? If not for him, why do you always stay with him?"

Why did she always stay with Edward? If they had appeared together today, nothing would have

"Go to work! I went with him only for work! "

"Work?" He sneered, "considering your education background, will the DC Capital Group hire you?"

"Greg!" She had had enough of it. "What do you mean by that?" she asked

"We were only graduated from the ordinary college. How could we get into such a big company? You
even contacted with the CEO? Angela, how could you sink to such depths?" The last sentence was
uttered through gritted teeth, and his eyes were full of contempt and insult. Angela had never been
looked down upon like this by anyone, and it was by him!

How could he accuse her of relying on some hidden rules to get into a big company?

Angela's tears were almost coming out from her eyes. "Greg! Not everyone is as dirty as you! By hook
or by crook! "

She was so angry that her potential burst out and she pushed him away unexpectedly. She then
sneered and said: "besides, we have broken up. Please don't come to bother me again!"

How could Greg let her to leave? He held her in his arms and wouldn't let her go, no matter how hard
she struggled. He kissed her neck restlessly.

Edward couldn't keep calm as he had been standing behind the door from the beginning. He pushed
the door open and pulled Greg away. Then he stood in front of Angela and said coldly, "she asked you
to let go of her."

If Angela was willing to do that, he had no reason to come in and stop them. But if she struggled, it
meant that she was unwilling and he could also get involved.

"Huh!" Greg sneered, but didn't attack him.

With the disturbance of Greg, Angela's hair and clothes were in a mess.

"Are you all right?" Asked Edward.

Although she had broken up with Greg, she was not so heartless as she appeared to be. She didn't
want to cause any misunderstandings between her and Edward, because she also cared about what
Greg thought.

Noticing that Greg stood still and didn't snap at him anymore, Edward turned around to look at her and
find that she was in a mess. Subconsciously, he wanted to tidy it up for her, but she dodged. Although
the action was not obvious, it fell into his eyes. He stopped his hand in the air and then put it down.

Edward stood between them with his back to Greg. From Greg's point of view, they were very intimate.
His phone rang when he was about to give Edward a punch.

Nobody knew who was calling. After only talking for a while, Greg cooled down gradually. He bumped
Edward and went away.

Angela tried her best to hold back her tears. "if you feel uncomfortable, you can ask Assistant Leo to
send you back, said Edward."

"No need!" Angela smiled at him, "I'm fine, Mr. Edward."

She didn't want her work to be affected by her personal affairs and was fired. After all, she needed this

She suddenly remembered something, opened her briefcase, and checked carefully. After making sure
that the document was all right, she was finally relieved.

All the expressions fell into his eyes, which made him feel a little dazed.

She was almost bullied again, and her hair and clothes were in a mess. Instead of tidying them up, she
began to care about the documents. Even though she was really in a tight corner, this kind of
responsible attitude towards work added some charm to her.

Edward stared at her expressionlessly for a long time. She then realized that she should be in a very
embarrassed situation. She quickly put away the documents and said, "I'm going to the bathroom. I'll
be there soon."

When she went to the toilet and saw herself in the mirror, she was shocked.

Her hair was in a mess, and her clothes were torn in a mess. There were also some red marks on her
neck. She was so embarrassed that she couldn't be more embarrassed. Thinking of that Edward had
just stared at her for such a long time, she felt so embarrassed that she wanted to hide herself in a hole
in the ground.

After dressing up, she went to the bathroom. When she went out, she saw that Edward was waiting her
outside. She was stunned.

He didn't know if Greg was going to make things difficult for her again, so he had to wait for her to meet
President Richard. Besides, he thought it would be more interesting to meet President Richard

Seeing her out, with a smile in his eyes, he said in an indifferent tone, "let's go."

Was he waiting for her?

Before Angela could react, he had already strode away, so she had to hurry up to catch up with him.

When he pushed the door of room 1308, not only did Angela's smile froze, but even Greg stood up with
a pale face.

Edward curled his lips.

Richard Wei, President of the Anson Bank, had already walked up to him. He greeted with a smile, "Mr.
Edward, it's been a long time!"

After hearing that, Edward reached out his hand politely, and Richard quickly took his hand. Then he
winked at Greg who was walking toward them just now.

Greg's face turned livid with rage, and he managed to squeeze out a smile, trembling all over. "Hello,
Mr. Edward."

Edward didn't respond to his words, but took a glance at Angela. She had restrained other emotions
and smiled as usual.

"This is?" Anson Bank had been working with the DC Capital Group for ten years. Apart from two years
ago when he had seen a female assistant around Edward, then it was Lucas who came with him to
negotiate business all along. As one of the most important clients, Richard always paid attention to
everything related to Edward. So it was naturally that he had heard that Edward liked men. He couldn't
help but be curious when he saw Angela.

"This is Secretary Angela." He introduced her lightly and looked at the frightened expression of Greg
with interest.

Angela stretched out her hand and said, "Hello, Mr. Richard."

"Hello! Miss Angela. Being able to work for Mr. Edward, Miss Angela must be very capable!" It was
necessary for him to have a good EQ when he worked at the bank. Even as the President of the bank,
when he was able to make friends with people, he wouldn't offend them. That was also the reason why
he was the General President of Anson Bank.

"You're flattering me. I was very indebted to Mr. Edward for a kindness." Said Angela in a proper

"You are too modest, Miss Angela!" Richard answered with a smile.

After the greetings, Richard invited them to have dinner. While eating, Richard was talking about the
main points of the cooperation. Edward barely spoke, and he would calmly respond whenever there
was a question that needed to be answered.