Keep you in my arms

Chapter 33 The Man Is So Terrifying

Angela hurried to pick up the files and followed him.

While Lucas was driving, Angela pondered for a long time and asked, "Manager Lucas, I heard that this
loan is lower in the interest than the past and the amount is more than before. By all rights, the DC
Capital Group will not refuse it, right?"

"Yes! You're right."

"Then Was Mr. Edward..."

"He don't play the card according to the routine. Get used to it!" Lucas smiled faintly.

After thinking for a while, Angela thought Luca's words made sense. Generally speaking, a man would
never refuse a woman who threw herself to his arms. However, he just threw her out of the door and
then soaked her in the cold water. Indeed An abnormal man!

Thinking of this, she felt relieved. After all, if he delayed the project because of her, she would feel that
she owed him a lot. She wouldn't have so much mental burden if it was just because Greg had
slandered the DC Capital Group.

Although she guessed correctly, she still asked, "does Mr. Edward value the DC Capital Group very

"Of course!" When driving, Lucas looked straight ahead and said proudly, "Mr. Edward was only twenty-
four years old ten years ago, but he had propped up the whole DC Capital Group. At that time, the DC
Capital Group was a small company, during which it had a difficult time in seeking for investment and
entering a bid. It took him only five years to get the DC Capital Group to renowned in the S City! To put
it bluntly, many banks want to cooperate with us now, not only the Anson Bank."

Actually he was only telling the truth. A lot of banks were looking forward to cooperating with the DC
Capital Group, and those entrepreneurs that were not willing to invest in money in earlier years felt
regretful when they saw that the DC Capital Group had earned a great deal of money.

In Angela's origin impression of Edward, he was the man who seemed to be impotent but made her
exhausted to get up. He had said many times that he wanted her to be his mistress, which made her
feel that he was a capitalist who took advantage of his power to bully others.

But afterwards, he helped her a lot. These days, he was so busy that he even had to sacrifice his lunch
break. And when she heard Lucas talk about his ability, her opinion of him changed a little.

"I didn't expect him to be so powerful..." She sighed.

The secretaries and assistants before would adore him when they heard things about Edward. On the
contrary, Secretary Angela was much more composed, and no one could see any intention of merit or
profit from her expression. Even the group of rotten girls in the office would be suspicious of him with
gossip eyes. But her eyes were clear, and deeper, where he could not see clearly.

'is that enough to make Mr. Edward believe that she's trustworthy?

When they arrived at the restaurant, Lucas received a message from Edward, which read, "this
cooperation shall be decided by Angela.".

Decided by Secretary Angela? How strange it was?

Angela had already opened the glass door, but Lucas was still standing there, frowned. She reminded,
"Manager Lucas?"

"I'm coming!" Lucas hurriedly replied. Then he replying the message while he was walking.

Greg had been waiting for them for a long time. When he saw them, he stood up quickly and greeted
with a smile, "Hello, Manager Lucas. Hello, Secretary Angela."

Seeing that Greg treated her as a stranger, Angela had to go along with him and nodded to greet him.

Lucas shook hands with him and said, "let's start."

Angela and Greg exchanged a knowing look with each other. After they all sat down, Greg spoke briefly
about the cooperation this time.

"I have gone too far today. Fortunately, Mr. Edward is so generous. I'm so sorry!" They were sent here
by the DC Capital Group, which meant they would have a very good chance of cooperation. Then he
went straight to the point, "so How does Mr. Edward think about it?"

In Angela's impression, Greg was an indomitable man with a confident face, always difficult to reach.
But she had never seen Greg who was now sitting in front of her swallowed his pride in order to get a
cooperation contract. She was in a daze and thought, 'is he still who he used to be?

It was a handsome face and slender body as the same as before. However, he looked more mature
than before.

It made her heart ache to think of him living alone in this stressful place like S City without a strong
family background.

She lowered her head to avoid being caught by the tears in her eyes.

"It depends on Secretary Angela." Lucas smiled faintly.

"What?" Angela didn't expect that they would talk about her, so she was a little surprised and looked
up, just meeting with Greg who was also stunned.

"Mr. Edward said it's all up to Secretory Angela." When he saw the doubtful expression on their faces,
Lucas added.

Let her decide? It was obvious that Edward wanted to embarrass him. Moreover, if Angela had nothing
to do with him, why did he gave vent on her anger?

Greg felt suffocated and clenched his fists.

"Okay," After a long while, Angela finally recovered and answered.

But why would Edward do such an arrangement? Did he want to avenge her?

Both of them stared at her, which made her ill at ease. She hesitated for a while and said, "can I have a
few words with Manager Lucas alone?"

Hearing her words, Greg didn't stay any longer, because he had an excuse to leave the table and
smoke a cigarette.

After he left, she took a deep breath.

"What's wrong?" Of course, Lucas had noticed the weird atmosphere there.

"Nothing." "I heard that the whole project stopped because Mr. Edward didn't sign the contract today.
It's Will that caused losses?"

"Yes! Of course. The project can't be continued because the lack of money."

"How much will be the loss?"

"Hundreds of thousands of dollars Maybe more than a million... "

"Over a million?" She was surprised, "then Mr. Edward was still so naughty?"

Lucas shrugged his shoulders.

"Sign it or not?"

"Mr. Edward told me to let you decide, so it's totally up to you." Lucas was also curious. He wondered
what had caused such a delay on the progress of Mr. Edward work, which was always effective!
Besides, such a postpone will cause a great deal of losses. The most strange thing was that why did he
ask Angela to make the decision?

At first, she believed Edward. She thought he put Anson Bank in a difficult situation because Greg
slandered the DC Capital Group. Now it seemed that he was really trying to avenge her. But she
couldn't figure out why he did that?

"What will happen if we don't sign it all the time?" She asked.

"If the construction can't be carried out for a long time, the loss is more than one hundred million."

Angela was stupefied, and she suddenly thought of a possibility: he wanted to trap her because she
refused him?

She thought it was possible. If she delayed signing the contract because of her private affairs with
Greg, did he want to be blamed on her?

You are an employee of the DC Capital Group. Shouldn't you try to maintain the image of it? ——

Then Please sign this agreement! ——

The thought sent a chill down her spine. She could even imagine that he would say to her like this

You don't take the company seriously because of your personal feelings. Now that it has suffered such
a great loss, I won't hold you accountable if you sign this agreement. Otherwise, you will work for the
DC Capital Group for the rest of your life! Ha ha ha——

This man was so horrible!