Keep you in my arms

Chapter 30 Who Is That Woman

"Who said I wanted to live in his apartment?"

At the same time, in the Dong family's courtyard.

William threw the document to his assistant Eric, "I spent so much money slandering him! Is this the
powerful paid posters you mentioned? "

Edward was conduct himself very strict that William couldn't fault him on anything. Finally, there was an
opportunity for William to spent a lot of money on the scandal which could led to Edward being the third
party. However, he did not expect that it end up a contribution to the hype and image promotion of

Eric had thought that if Edward had the original video, he wouldn't have exposed such negative news
to the public. He didn't expect that what he did eventually would gave Edward a hand.

"Mr. William, is it possible that we have been tricked by Edward from the very beginning?"

Expose the video and wait for William to make a scene. If that was the case, it would be so terrible

William suddenly thought of this possibility and said, "according to his way of doing things, it is not

A few years ago, he also learned the lesson from Edward.

"We've already destroyed the video in the hotel, they can't even repair it. But it only proves one thing,
that is, he has the original video! " Eric analyzed.

With his hands holding the cup more and more tightly, William shouted angrily, "humph! I have
underestimated this guy! "

"The project of the H Administrative Zone is about to start. I've been thinking about it for three years. It
is possible for him to make a big hype at this point."

"Wait a minute! This is not just a commercial speculation! " William knew something about Edward in
the past ten-year's competition. He squinted and asked, "who is that woman?"


"Check the woman in the video."

Although Eric didn't know what he meant, he replied, "yes, Mr. William. I'll look into it right now."

Angela heard that the problem had been solved, so she didn't pay more attention to it. She reported to
Lucas one by one after she finished the work assigned by him.

After Angela finished reported and had been told the following work, Lucas was called to the office by

"Is there any reply from Sheryl?" Asked Edward.

"They called all of a sudden, and said that the amount can be increased by 50%. But they asked for a
new contract and wanted to know when do you available?"

Fifty percent increase? He didn't expect that the clarification video would bring him such benefits, and it
wouldn't be a bad thing if it increased by fifty percent.

But the schedule for this week was tight. Next Monday would be the anniversary. And he had to go to H
city the next day.

He looked at his watch and said, "one o'clock in the afternoon."

Edward had the habit of taking a nap at noon. But he was often very busy on the schedule, and
sometimes he would even sacrifice his rest time. Lucas sighed in his heart and replied, "well! Okay. "

After returning to his office, Lucas called the president of Sheryl. Looking at the files piled up on his
desk, he came up with an idea.

Thinking that maybe it was a good opportunity for Angela to enrich her experience, so he asked
Edward whether he could ask Angela to accompany him or not. Although he was a little nervous,
fortunately, Edward agreed and said, "let her in."

After Angela entered the CEO Office, Edward stopped writing and said, "sort out the files sent by
Sheryl. We will leave at 12:30."

What? Would he ask her to work outside?

She used to read books and rest for half an hour after lunch. If she worked outside, she couldn't read a
book. She was fidgety at the thought that the schedule of her review would be disturbed!

"What? Is there anything wrong with the document? " He asked when he saw her frown.

"No! I'll do it right away. " Angela quickly forced a smile and responded.

Looking at her back, Edward frowned.

The past assistants would fix their make-up and tidy their image excitedly once they heard that they
could go out with him to work. What was her expression? Did she mean that she didn't want to go out
with him?

Edward didn't realize that his heart was jammed.

At half past twelve, Edward walked out of his office and said to her, "we can leave now."

"Okay!" She quickly stood up and followed him with her handbag and file bag.

They entered the elevator one after the other, and both of them didn't notice that there was an unusual
stir in the office.

"Did I see it wrong? Did our CEO ask Secretary Angela to go with him?"

"I doubt it."

Colleagues gathered in the tea room and began to talk about it.

At this moment, Lucas came out. Yvonne asked in disbelief, "Manager Lucas, are you out of favor?"

Lucas rolled his eyes and said, "I was too busy at work, so I asked Angela to do it for me."

But Edward has always been viewing women as super virus and keep a distance with them as long as
possible. Why doesn't he disgusted with Angela? "

"Not only Angela, but also the woman in the video whose hand was held by our CEO tightly! Is this our
CEO? "

"Well What a pity! I thought I would have a chance to witness two men's wedding ceremony, "
Disappointment was written all over her face.

The other female colleagues also sighed, "that is to say, we have been waiting for so many years, but
our CEO is ended up with a woman. It is really disappointing."

Lucas: "...."

These rotten women were so horrible

However, it was exactly because of their mindset that they could stay in this office for so long! If they
are the same as those women who would like to sleep with Mr. Edward and dream to be his wife, then
there would be no woman in his office.

Assistant Leo had already parked the car at the gate and waited for them.

She had been worried that it would be awkward to stay with Edward alone, and she let out a sigh of
relief after she saw Leo.

After the car started, she secretly glanced at Edward beside her. Seeing him close his eyes and
sleeping, she quietly took out her notebook and read it silently.

There were many traffic lights on the way and it was a long time. She focused on it, and did not notice
that he had already opened his eyes and glanced at her notes.

"Buddhist's arrival."

Said Edward all of a sudden. Although he said in a low voice, Angela was startled. She was afraid of
being discovered, so she closed the notebook quickly.

He added, "in a later life novel, there are many ideas of Buddhism. The third cycle of reincarnation is a
process of karma, where good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. The third cycle of
reincarnation does not refer to previous life, this life, and next life, but is a process of rebirth. "

oh Right! His simple explanation made her recall a lot of points that she did not write it down. It seemed
that this notebook was not complete enough!

Angela hurriedly opened the notebook and made some signs on it. After she finished it, she realized
that the big boss had found her notes.

She was doomed! She wondered if he would warn her not to read or the influence on her work. But
how could he know such things clearly?

She felt both terrified and confused.

At this time, the car stopped and Edward got out of the car. She quickly picked up the documents and
followed him.

She followed him and her heart beat so fast.

When they finally reached the floor that they were going to visit, she plucked up her courage and said,
"well, Mr. Edward, I want to go to the bathroom. "

"Oh! Go straight and turn left. That's the restroom. " "We're in room 1308." He reminded

"Okay, thank you, Mr. Edward." Angela thanked him and then went to the bathroom.

Edward looked at her back. When he was about to turn around and leave, he saw a familiar figure
following behind her.

Greg? Why was he here? 'maybe

His eyes flashed a trace of suspicion. Then sank slightly and strode after her.