Keep you in my arms

Chapter 32 How Capricious Mr. Edward Was!

Had worked with Edward for so many years, it was the first time that Richard Wei had seen Mr. Edward
so calm. With his experience in business, he intuitively sensed something wrong with the cooperation.

The dinner was almost over. Despite his uneasy heart, Richard Wei asked with a smile, "Mr. Edward,
do you have any suggestion on the cooperation?"

In these years, about 18% of Anson Bank's work came from the DC Capital Group, and most
importantly, the DC Capital Group had strong strength and had never owed money. Besides, if they
cooperated with the DC Capital Group, it would certainly drive other performance!

Edward smiled faintly, "Originally, Anson Bank and the DC Capital Group had worked together for so
long and I think that we have gained complete trust in each other." But Anson Bank doesn't seem to
think highly of the DC Capital Group. "

While speaking, Edward cast a glimpse at Greg intentionally or unintentionally. Richard was a sly fox in
business, how could he not see that? But he didn't know how Greg offended Mr. Edward. He had no
way but made an introduction, "How bad my memory is! I forgot to introduce him to you. Mr. Edward,
He is Manager Greg in our general bank. He is a rare talent. "

"Really? Rare talent? " Edward smiled and said, "I hope you sight is still as good as before."

After saying that, he stood up and said, "I need to reconsider about this cooperation."

Edward had already stood up and left with Angela. But when he just arrived at the door, he stopped for
a second and turned around, "Oh! By the way, President Richard, the staff of your Anson Bank seemed
to have some misunderstanding about our DC Capital Group. We need to have a strict test to choose
our staff. "

Richard was stunned by his words. Greg knew that Edward's word was pointing at him, He was angry
but he didn't dare to do so.

Edward had long legs. He walked so fast that Angela almost trotted to catch up with him. Angela knew
that Edward did it on purpose to make things difficult for Greg.

In the elevator, when there were only the two of them, she asked, "Mr. Edward... Were you defending
me just now? "

Although the man in front of her was always cold and detached, he was actually warmhearted! Thinking
of that he had helped her several times, she felt happy.

"You think too much. How could he slander the reputation of the DC Capital Group? " Edward glanced
sideways at Angela, and when he saw her slightly raised lips slowly turned down, he smiled slightly in
his heart.

What he meant was that Angela flatter herself. She felt embarrassed.

In the private room, there was no need for Richard to pretend to smile. He put on a long face and
scolded, "The cooperation between Anson Bank and DC Capital Group has always been a usage in
the side. How did you offend him? "

Richard had planned to train resources for Greg so that Greg could replace him as president in the
future. But unexpectedly, he went for wool and came home shorn. He didn't know what had Greg done
made Mr. Edward so angry.

Greg naturally knew that the reason why Richard would be so fond of him was that his daughter, Mary
Wei, liked him. If they knew what happened between him and Angela, his career would be ruined.

Greg's eyes darkened, but he lowered his head and apologized, "Maybe it's when I went to the
bathroom just now. I offended Mr. Edward out of anxiety. Mr. Richard, please don't worry. I'll handle it!"

"I have told you many times that you should never offend people who you can't afford to offend, but you
offended Mr. Edward instead! If you lose this cooperation, you don't have to stay in Anson Bank!
Humph! "

In the section of bank, the most important thing was to get access to resources. Greg's parents were a
peasant and a construction worker in tradition, so they didn't have any resources at all. In the past six
months, Richard transferred his resources to Greg little by little and made him the best business
manager with the best performance in the bank. As long as the contract with DC Capital Group was
signed by him, he could gain a foothold in the bank. Unfortunately, there was a problem at this time.
Richard was angry about what happened today. If his daughter hadn't insisted on marrying him, he
wouldn't have supported a man with such a bad family background.

"Mr. Richard, please rest assured. I will get the cooperation plan with the DC Capital Group." Greg tried
his best to leave that small town and to gain a firm foothold in a first-line city. He didn't want to return to
the slum. If he lost Richard's help, he would no doubt be driven back to the origin.

After they returned to the DC Building, Lucas let Angela in the office and asked, "How do you feel about
your first time to work outside?"

It was her first time to work outside, and the cooperation failed because of her. Angela lowered her
head and didn't say anything, as if a child had done something wrong. "What happened?" He asked.

He thought for a while and felt a little strange. When Mr. Edward came back just now, he smiled, which
was rare in usual! Shouldn't everything be smooth?

"Mr. Edward... He didn't sign it. "

"Didn't? "Why didn't he sign it?" Lucas asked, confused.

"He said he wanted to come back and to think about it again." Angela didn't dare to say that it was all
her fault.

Noticing that Angela looked guilty and terrified, Lucas didn't dare to press her too hard. After all, it was
Mr. Edward who let her enter the DC Capital Group.

He smiled gently, "Oh! it will be OK! You don't have to worry too much. Since Mr. Edward has said that,
he must have his own arrangement. Get back to your work. "

She had suffered a lot in the company since her internship. But since she came to the DC Capital
Group, no matter how busy Lucas was, he would patiently teach her to work. Every time he saw
Edward in a bad mood, he would remind her. She felt lucky to meet such a good boss and her mood
was also relaxed.

After Angela went out, Lucas received a phone call from Anson Bank. President Richard made it in
person to apologize.

Although Lucas didn't know why he had to apologize, he knew what had happened during this period.
Thinking of Angela's expression just now, he believed that it must have something to do with her. He
had no choice but to say in a mild tone, "Please don't worry, Mr. Richard. I will relay your message to
Mr. Edward. "

After he hung up the phone, he detailed to Edward the phone of Richard. "You must be very busy these
days, right?" Asked Edward after hearing it.

Why did Mr. Edward ask about it all of a sudden? It occurred to Lucas that last time Edward had asked
if he had been busy and then his bonus were transferred to Angela. Against his will, Lucas answered,
"Ju... just okay."

"Okay..." Edward frowned and said, "Originally I wanted to let Angela talk about business by herself.
Now that you is not busy, then let you go with her."

"……" Lucas cried in his heart, tears liking a river. He was already very busy, and now he had to
accompany Angela to discuss business. He should have told Mr. Edward the truth! Why did he say that
just okay?! But how dared he go back on his word as long as the president asked? He could only nod
his head in silence.

Looking at the sullen look on Charles's face, Edward couldn't help but chuckle.

The working ability of Lucas was not the best in the DC Capital Group, but he was a noble man with
moral virtue. Because Edward gave him the job when he was in difficulty, he was loyal to Edward and
never complained about it.

But he was a bit too honest. He had been in the DC Capital Group for so many years and had never
asked for extra salary. He actually believed that Edward would cut his bonus at will.

As for the reason why Edward asked Lucas to go with Angela, he didn't know why he was worried that
Angela would be bullied by Greg.

In front of him, Angela was like a little hedgehog, but she was under the control of Greg for several
times. If he didn't let Lucas keep her company, she would be deceived by Greg again.

When Lucas went back to his office, he received a payroll, on which there were 10000 dollars more
than before! The bonus was not decrease at all. He couldn't believe his eyes and he looked over
several times.

Lucas was so moved that he almost cried. He thought to himself, 'Although Mr. Edward is a cold man,
how could he be so warmhearted!' Mr. Edward could see his efforts and it worth for Lucas that he had
devoted all his youth to the DC Capital Group.

But why did the boss tell him all these seriously? Made fun of him? How could Mr. Edward be so

And their boss was getting more and more abnormal recently

In the office, everyone was discussing why the CEO didn't sign the contract.

"Considering? But this fund has not arrived yet, and all the departments have been stagnated! "
Yvonne didn't understand. Since Anson Bank had increased the amount and lowered the interest, how
could Mr. Edward refuse? It was obvious that they were going to have a cooperation. Why did he say
that he would consider it again?

It was until then that Angela knew that the project's progress had been suspended because the fund
didn't arrived. She thought Edward was quite wayward! She sighed heavily. When she was about to
continue her work, Lucas came over to her and said, "Anson Bank contacted us again. You go with