Keep you in my arms

Chapter 34 Would Mr. Edward Also Be Nervous

"Angela? Angela? Angela... "


Lucas saw her terrified face and asked her several times until she came to herself. He asked
concernedly, "What's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well? "

"No, I didn't."

At this time, Lucas's phone rang and it was from Yvonne, saying that the meeting was about to begin in
30 minutes.

"Mr. Lucas, if you are busy, I can handle this." Since Edward asked Angela to make the decision, Lucas
couldn't decide for her whether he was here or not! And he was so busy, and she didn't know how to
deal with it at all. She'd better not delay his work.

Since Lucas was very busy, hearing what she said, he didn't want to refuse anymore. "Okay, I'll go
back first. You can take a taxi to the company later. Keep the tickets and the traffic expenses can be
covered by the company."


After Lucas went out, Angela sent a message to Greg, "Let's have a talk."

After reading the message, Greg put on a long face. He took another draw and stubbed out the
cigarette before coming in.

Now, there were only the two of them, so they didn't need to make a secret of their relationship. The
atmosphere suddenly became depressed.

After sitting down, Greg sneered from the bottom of his heart.

His eyes were still full of contempt, which made Angela feel a little annoyed. Because she knew that he
misunderstood her relationship with Edward again!

Originally, she did not plan to make things difficult for him. They could get along well with each other as
long as possible. But he humiliated her time and again with eyes, and she just couldn't put up with it.
So she deliberately did not show affection, waiting for him to speak first.

"Just tell me, what do you want me to do so that we can sign the contract?"

Such a huge amount of money! It's unbelievable that Edward asked a secretary to make the decision
for it. Who would believe that there were no relationship between them? After all, they had been
through a lot with Greg.

It was obvious that they wanted to deal him a head-on blow!

What Angela couldn't stand most was that he always misunderstood and defamed her in a questioning

"Do you think I'm making trouble for you?"

"Only you know that." If not, why did so many things happen?

She thought it ridiculous. "Don't you think you are wrong? It was you who drugged me. Edward saved
me out of good heart, but you slandered him and uploaded the video on the Internet. He only taught
you a lesson when you offended him. Why do you look at me like that? "

"My job and my future are all up to your words. I can only pretend to be humble now. What else do you
want me to do? " Greg raised his voice because of anger.

At this point, he didn't even realize what mistake he had made. What a fool she was to expect him to
reflect on himself and to correct his mistakes. She really misjudged him.

Angela's eyes were a little blurry, but she held it back. She sneered, "So, everything is my fault, right?"

"I didn't mean that!" Even if Greg thought so, he did not dare to blame her again. Although Angela used
to be kind, nobody knew if she pretended to be kind. After all, she betrayed him, didn't she?

Moreover, Angela had cheated on him and was not willing to go back to his side now. If he lost this
decent job again, she would really look down upon him!

Thinking of this, Greg calmed down. After a moment of silence, he said, "Angela, don't you want to
break up with me? I agreed. As long as you agree to sign the contract, I won't put you in a difficult
position! "

Wasn't she desperate to get rid of him so that she could ride Edward's coattails? Could it make her
agree to sign the contract?

Although Angela had made up her mind to leave, she still couldn't help crying in this condition when
she said the word "break up".

She clenched her fists on her knees and said in a trembling voice, "So... Was it because of this
cooperation that you agreed to break up with me?"

How could their love be used for exchange?

Angela admitted that it was her fault that she couldn't keep her virginity, which made Greg feel
wronged. But she didn't do it on purpose, she was also a victim! What happened next had gone too far,
which had touched her moral bottom line. However, she still hoped that he could realize his mistake,
and as long as he apologized, she would forgive him in fact

But he still thought that he was right. For this cooperation, even if he did not admit that he was wrong,
he would also humble. He even promised to let her go.

"Ha-ha..." Why had she been with a man who doesn't even tell right from wrong so many years? Were
their sweet moments really her wishful thinking?

"Isn't this what you want?" Her sneer made him feel bad.

"What I want..." With tears streaming down her face, she sneered and mumbled, "Yes! Of course. "

While speaking, she took out the document having been sealed and pushed it in front of him, "Greg,
please keep your promise and sign this contract. Then don't bother me anymore!"

When seeing the contract, Greg's eyes finally showed a trace of pleasure. He took over the document
without hesitation and even hurriedly stamped and signed on it.

Then he breathed a sigh of relief.

Angela stared at him coldly and her heart was full of sarcasm. She mocked herself why she fell in love
with such a man.

She even doubted whether she was blinded by the so-called love these years.

After signing the contract, Greg returned one to her. He wanted to say something but hesitated. "You..."

After thinking for a while, he plucked up his courage and asked, "Does he treat you well?"

Angela knew that he had misunderstood her and Edward. Because of his excessive behavior, she did
not want to be looked down upon. Although her heart was like a needle pricking it, she still did not want
him to see her in a embarrassing situation. She tried to calm down. "Very good! At least, he doesn't ask
me to do laundry and cook staying at home. Being with him. I will not be short of anything. "

Greg was born in a poor family, which had always been his inferiority complex.

Angela always knew that, so she would never mention this to him in order to maintain his self-esteem.
His gifts were not as expensive as others'. She had never been unhappy before. On the contrary, she
was very happy and took care of his feelings. She always hugged him happily and said that he was
good to her.

The reason why she relied so is that she knew how hurtful these words would be.

She knew that in his eyes, she had become a woman who abandoned love for money. It was enough to
make him suffer for a while.

Why? Why did he hurt her so much all the time? Angela thought that Greg should also feel her
sadness, shouldn't he?

As thought, Greg pursed his lips and his face turned livid.

Angela didn't want to stay here any longer, so she grabbed her bag, stood up and left.

In the CEO Office of the emperor group, harrow was having a meeting with other department managers
and reporting to Mr. Yan.

Edward listened and said, "Just do as you decided."


"Did Angela give you an answer to the cooperation with Anson Bank?"

"She haven't done it yet before I came back. The contract should be settled now. " Lucas said and
looked at his watch.

"Do you let her stay there alone?" Edward stood up suddenly and said nervously.

Mr. Edward used to be calm. Why did he suddenly become so nervous? Angela was just talking
business. How did it seem that she would be in danger? The boss's reaction... Was it going too far?

"Angela said that... She can handle it. " Lucas didn't know what answer Edward wanted to hear.

That chili, Angela, was as weak as a rabbit every time she met Greg! Greg was not a noble person!
Thinking of what Greg had done several times before, Edward nervously picked up his suit jacket from
the chair and strode to the office door.