Keep you in my arms

Chapter 35 So Soon

Lucas was confused by his reaction, 'why, didn't she just discuss a cooperation with Greg? The boss
looked so serious as if something bad had happened!'

It suddenly occurred to him that!

Just last night, in order to get back the original video, Angela asked a man out! He now remembered
that man was Manager Greg, wasn't he?

So Was the CEO afraid that Secretary Angela would be taken away by him?

That's too bad! He had made a big mistake!

Edward wished he could rush over there immediately, and opened the door vigorously, but find that
Angela was stood outside and about to knock at the door.

With a gloomy face and worried eyes, the CEO scolded in an imposing manner. She asked carefully,
"Mr. Edward, where are you going?"

"Well," Seeing that she came back safe and sound, he felt relaxed.

Looking at her reddish eyes, Edward was overwhelmed with sadness. He thought that she cried again
because of him?

Thinking of this, his face turned cold.

She wanted to hand over her work as soon as possible and then leave as she saw the changes in his

"What? Is Secretary Angela back?" Lucas's greeting broke the embarrassment between them.

"Yes!" After taking a look at the document, Angela asked, "it has been signed. Should I submit it to Mr.
Edward or Manager Lucas?"

Lucas waited for the reply of Edward, but the latter didn't answer directly but asked, "so soon?"

Angela was speechless, "..."

'Shouldn't it be signed quickly, withdraw the money and reduce the loss of the company? Or he was
upset that he didn't get what he wanted?'

Edward signaled her to enter the office. Lucas, however, had already suspected their relationship, so
he left quietly and closed the door.

"Yes. The Anson Bank has raised the amount of loan greatly, and the interest is lower than before. It
seems that there is no reason to not to sign it. Moreover, the loss of the company will be greater if the
problem is delayed for one more day." At the same time, she peeked at his face to see if he had set a
trap for her.

"Just because of this?" His sharp eyes seemed to pierce her heart.

She nodded and asked tentatively, "Mr. Edward, are you going to replace your partner? "

It is entirely possible that Edward asked her to be the black face to turn them down. Because he had
planned to cooperate with another company, but reluctant to refuse them by himself because of the
cooperation between them for many years.

"No, I'm not. Just put the papers here."

After carefully putting down the documents, Angela walked out of the office. After she closed the door,
Edward looked at the door and frowned.

Although Greg was not a man worthy of her to sacrifice, the problems between them was more or less
because he had sex with Angela. He tried every means to make up for her, but she refused. When he
knew that she needed a job, he gave her this one.

Don't you know that it might affect my life! Do you think you can make it up? ——

Dirty tricks? And what about you? You repeatedly say that you don't want to have sex with me before
marriage, which is the tradition of your family. Are you dare to say that you are still a virgin? ——

Just as her initial questioning, as well as Greg's questioning in the alley. What he did was indeed
influence her life.

He was overwhelmed with guilt

In the following days, every employee was working overtime for the anniversary celebration.

There were still three days left before the anniversary. Except for weekend, there was only tomorrow

In the office of the CEO, Edward put down the draft and rubbed his temples, "redo it."

Although Edward was busy, he read books every day and had a high demand of his presentation all the
time. Over the years, he was never satisfied with his presentation. Most of the time, he would adjust his
presentation by himself. The tenth anniversary ceremony was the best time to develop the company's
culture and establish a good image, so the requirements of the presentation were naturally more than
other times!

Lucas thought that this was a high-level presentation, but to his surprise, it was still not quite qualified.
He could only inform a few colleagues with Chinese Majors to stay there and work overtime today and
to make sure to complete the draft.

Although Angela wasn't a Chinese Major, her handwriting was good. She thought for a while and went
to the office of Lucas.

"Oh, it's Angela? What's up?"

"I heard that Mr. Edward is not satisfied with the presentation, isn't he?"

"Yes! Alas!" He got a headache when it came to this.

Strangely, since she signed the contract with the Anson Bank, her workload was reduced greatly.
Manager Lucas was very busy. She once offered to help him work overtime, but Lucas said there's no
need. The whole company was bustling around in circles, except her.

This made her uneasy. She was afraid of being sidelined and fired.

"Well, here is the thing. Although I graduated from Department of management and economics, I also
liked to write things. How about you tell me your requirements? I want to have a try?" She didn't want to
be a hindrance in the company!

After signing the cooperation with the Anson Bank, Mr. Edward asked him to reduce the workload of
Secretary Angela to the minimum. How dared Lucas arrange her to do such a job?


Angela liked writing articles and she wanted to make some value for the company, so she said, "I've
already done my work. How about let me to have a try? Although I'm not sure I can make it an
outstanding one."

If Secretary Angela was indeed Mr. Edward's woman, the future wife of the CEO, he couldn't afford to
offend her. Secretary Angela was so eager. It seemed that he can't refuse her again.

He thought for a while and said, "Okay, I will sent the key points of the draft to your e-mail later. You
can send it to my e-mail after you finish it."

The next day in the afternoon, when she sent the manuscript to his e-mail, Lucas took a look at it and
felt that it was indeed different from the other several articles, but he couldn't tell the details. Print out all
manuscripts and bring them to the CEO's office.

When Edward felt disappointed and impatient after going through all the manuscripts, he was attracted
by one. He picked it up and looked at it.

Different from any other manuscripts that had drawn heavily on the achievements that the DC Capital
Group had made for more than ten years, the short few sentences were summarized. It focused on
other points. The most attractive part of the manuscript was that it had a strong power of persuasion,
merged with the corporate culture of the DC Capital Group.

From talent selection in the Warring Kingdoms Period to the imperial examination system, to the use of
the high salary to prevent corruption, which was prevailing of the Song Dynasty as an approach to
retain of talents and people. It analyzed the corporate concepts, integrity of management, employee
welfare and other aspects and illustrated the reason why the DC Capital Group could achieve such
achievements today.

People's eyes lit up by comparison.

He glanced curiously at the person on the sign, and was a little stunned when he saw it was "Angela

'She wrote this draft?' She laid bared the corporate management concept of Edward and the core
moral qualities of the company. He didn't expect Angela to have such a mindset and literary talent.

Edward didn't realize that the surprise in his eyes turned into appreciation, and the corners of his mouth
involuntarily rose.